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In the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, the Swiss team Young Boys in the native walls will take Manchester United. "Young" - a good and promising team, but Young Boys noticeably inferior in their capabilities to the "devils", so the bookmakers' line for the upcoming fight was not surprising.

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Super League Leaders

Young Boys after 6 played rounds in the Super League are located on the first line, they have a 100% result, i.e. 18 points and 10 points ahead of the nearest pursuer, St. Gallen. Basel loses "young" and does 9 points, i.e. already now we can say that the future hosts have excellent chances for another championship in the domestic championship. It is worth paying attention to the high performance of Young Boys, for example, in a recent home game of the Super League, the leader of Swiss football defeated Xamax with a score of 5: 2.


Many miss

Manchester United are going to Switzerland for the victory, but it is worth noting that while the defense team Mourinho is not very similar to himself the same pattern last season. If before the "devils" acted almost defensively in the defense, now the Sirians regularly pass balls into their own goal. The same Tottenham before a pause on the national team games managed to score in the gate de Hea three unanswered goals. It's clear that the concentration on the Champions League is special, but still.



Manchester United will probably score in Switzerland at least once, but Yang Boys will very likely show his performance in the upcoming game. Our free forecast for this meeting: TB 2.0

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Young Boys, who have already played ten meetings in the new season, having painted only a couple of draws, and having won all other matches, will be clearly underestimated, since the team also shows an interesting, live and productive game in the attack. So, even a fairly impressive defensive mankuniantsev will be able to go, although from this impressiveness in recent years there was only a little. But this is the problem of the English, the Swiss will come with a positive on the game, and if not win, then at least win back Yang Boysu will be very capable here.


Speaking immediately after the defensive Manchester United football, it really is not excellent. For all five games in the new season, the mankunians were missed in four games, where they lost two games at all, and could miss much more. Now Manchester United is no longer the boring team that we saw before, now Manchester United fights are very effective.


Match 1 round of the group stage of the Champions League Young Boys - Manchester United will be held on Wednesday September 19 at 22:00 (MSC) at the stadium Stade de Suisse.

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In this game the favorite is Manchester United, whose chances to win the bookmakers are estimated by the coefficient 1.75. You can bet on winning Young Boys with a quotation of 4.70. Young Boys since 2004 has spent nine home games in the Champions League and won only three of them. In the same number of fights, he played a draw and lost three times. In five of the nine matches, Young Boys scored at least two goals, but he managed to play only twice.


Manchester United won just three of the last nine guest matches in the Champions League, losing four times and twice drawing in a draw. And of the 14 previous matches in a foreign field in the main European Cup, the mankunians managed to win only four with five defeats and five draws. For comparison, before this Manchester United won 12 of the 17 matches of the Champions League in a foreign field. Separately, it should be said that after seven consecutive away matches in the Champions League with goals, Manchester United could not hit the target in the two previous matches on the road. With such statistics, wards Jose Mourinho could well lose points in Switzerland - a draw in this case seems the most likely outcome.

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In four of the last five games, Young Boys in his Champions League, scored less than three goals, although before that in four matches the team in their native walls in succession exceeded three goals. Considering that in four of the last six guest matches of Manchester United in the main European Cup there were not more than two goals scored, it is unlikely that from their face-to-face meeting it is worth waiting for the abundance of goals scored.



draw in the match; total less than 2.5 goals.

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It is somehow offensive that two very mediocre matches of the first round of the group stage of the Champions League are played out at 19:55, and all the grandees play at 22:00 Moscow time. In one of these sparring converges Young Boys against Manchester United. The battle will take place in the Swiss city of Bern at the stadium "Stud de Suisse". In addition to our current heroes, Turin Juventus with Spanish Valencia is still brewed in this basket.


"Devils" will come to a foreign country with the intent to enslave the inhabitants there and turn them into slaves. It is such an anti-utopian proposal that can describe the situation around this event. "Young" sometimes play well and even can rest against the top enemy, but it is hard to believe in their abilities in the near sparring. Let's decide who we are going to bet on.

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Young Boys

"Bees" have already begun to collect honey in the domestic championship. The guys after six played rounds paved the soft point on the throne. In the antiquity, the "yellow-black" has eighteen points. The closest pursuer in the person of Sakt-Gallen falls behind by as much as ten points. The Swiss championship can now be completed and announced the champion.


"Stud de Suisse" surely filled to capacity, after all the grandeeee of world football will come to visit. The "young guys" have a choice of how to play in the future match - continue the attacking line, which the guys profess in the domestic championship, or close in their own arena and try to stop the bus by their own bus. Given the name of the opponent, we are more inclined to the second option.

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Manchester United

"Devils" justify the nickname for their own fans. Residents of Manchester sometimes do not understand what to expect from pets - a good game or a failure. In the domestic arena, the guys have already suffered two crushing defeats - from Tottenham and Brighton. In both cases, the guys missed three goals. However, in the last two matches, the guys corrected and won two victories over Watford and Burnley.


Jose Mourinho now needs to restore the reputation, which the expert slowly begins to lose. Young Boys in normal conditions is not a rival "red", and the field factor here does not matter. "Devils" are obliged to win in the upcoming sparring, but in the infirmary a few couples are not bad performers. Do not play Jones and Ehrrera, well, and Luke Shaw new disease - this time the English defender got a concussion and, probably, will not help the team.

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Forecast for this match

The statuses of the teams are too different, the Swiss in their own arena play sometimes not bad, but this time a visiting opponent, whose motivation literally climbs from the boots, will visit them. In this situation, you can put on a favorite.


Bet is the victory of Manchester United.


In the first round of the Champions League, "Manchester United" will once again come to visit the Swiss champion. This time to the "Young Boys". What forecast do our experts offer for this match?

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Last season, "Young Boys" for the first time in 32 years became the champion of the country, and this Wednesday he will finally play in the group stage of the Champions League. "Yellow-black" many times made their way to this stage through a sieve of qualifications, but constantly failed. Last year, for example, "Young Boys" went Kiev "Dynamo" (2: 0, 1: 3), but flew from CSKA Moscow (0: 1, 0: 2). In this rally in the rank of champion, "Young Boys" broke through this ill-fated barrier. The Swiss beat the playoffs of Zagreb Dynamo (1: 1, 1: 2).

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In the championship "Young Boys" is amazing. The team Seoane won all six matches. But still worry about the instructor of the "yellow-black" stands. This match can miss the main defenders Gregory Wojtyrich and Kevin Mbabu.



To "Manchester United" in one group the Swiss club gets for the second time in a row. Last season, "Red Devils" on the road lost "Basel" - 0: 1. Although this did not prevent the British from taking the first place in their quartet with 15 points.


Now the team of Jose Mourinho is experiencing a certain crisis. Zinedine Zidane also said that he would like to work with the "red devils". This increased the pressure on the scandalous Portuguese. In the first rounds of the championship Manchester United defeated Leicester (2-1), and then lost to Brighton (2: 3) and Tottenham Hotspur (0-3), which caused a huge wave of criticism. But in the previous two games, the "red devils" won "Burnley" (2: 0) and "Watford" (2: 1), which made Mourinho's ill-wishers for a while quiet down.

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Playing Manchester until without Ander Herrera and Marcos Rojo, who almost returned to the field. However, lucky "red devils" with Luke Shaw. He had time to recover in the Champions League. Now, in the infirmary, the mankunians have only Phil Jones.



The unbeaten series of "Young Boys" is equal to ten fights.

The unbeaten home series "Young Boys" reached 21 matches.

In seven of the ten previous official meetings of Young Boys, the home bet was "total more than 2.5".

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"Manchester United" won only two of the previous five fights in the Champions League.

On the road to the Champions League, the "red devils" won only two of the last seven matches.

The rate of "TB 2.5" played in four of the last five meetings of the MJ.



"Young Boys" is now in good shape, so the "red devils" are waiting for the most difficult duel. However, the owners have no experience of fighting with such strong rivals. The strongest clubs with which "Young Boys" played in the last two years, not counting Basel, are Moscow's CSKA and Olympiakos. For four meetings with these clubs, "Young Boys" has achieved only one draw.

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Our forecast is a victory for Manchester United for 1.7

Young Boys

The championship is not a champion's title, but selection is necessary. So, "Young Boys" in the Champions League successfully passed the qualifying match with "Dinamo Zagreb" (1: 1, 2: 1).


Someone will not seem very confident victory, but notice - before this confrontation, "Dynamo Zagreb" was in the lead in the number of goals scored (10 goals for 4 games) and one of the strongest in the number of missed (only 2 goals).

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Team Gerardo Seoane confidently leads the Swiss Super League after six rounds. By the way, the advantage of the "capital" over its opponents is already eight points. After all, "Young Boys" has not lost in the new season.


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What distinguishes the "yellow-black" is the difference in priorities depending on the venue of the match. At home, Seoane's team focuses on quantity, on the road - on quality. After all, on the road, on average, the accuracy of "bees" hits is about 55%, and at home - about 35%.


"Manchester United"

"Mancunians" are under pressure from the beginning of the season. Largely due to his odious mentor. Although he tried to take the whole blow to himself. His words that he is the best in the world even now can be interpreted only as a psychological trick to shift the attention of the press from the players to himself.

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There are, for what to try: in three starting rounds, "Manchester United" suffered two defeats, conceding three goals from Tottenham and Brighton.


However, at the cost of strained efforts, the "devils" were able to win two wins in the last two rounds: they first carried Burnley to the nines (21 blows), but scored only twice (2-0), and then focused on quality (6 hits out of 9 ) and "Watford" and also scored two goals (2: 1).



Making the forecast, willy-nilly you monitor the opinions of other experts. So, how strange it is to read that "Young Boys" will be a "supplier of points" to other teams of the quartet.

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Forecast: "Young Boys will score"


As if it were not "bees" who scored 15 goals in the last four matches of the Swiss championship. The fact that the level is different is understandable. But it is worth paying attention to.


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Moreover, the form of "United" is not so hot. We are waiting for at least one goal of the hosts. Our bet is "Young Boys will score" for 1.52

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On Wednesday evening, one of the matches of the 1st round of the Champions League group stage will take place in Berne, where the local Young Boys will host the English Manchester United.


These teams have not previously crossed, but the favorite in this pair is understandable right away. Nevertheless, in football there is every ...


In the new season, Young Boys has already played for a long time, because the championship of Switzerland started in the middle of July. As a result, wards Gerardo Seoane perfectly prepared for the start of the group stage of the Champions League, having already played 10 matches. It is interesting that during this time the "bees" have never lost, but at home they are also hammered in plenty ...

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But MJ looks pretty hard at the start of the season, although the team wins from time to time. Nevertheless, none of the wins Mourinho wards can not be called "easy" and peremptory. Well, on the road "red devils" manage to miss, which is very strange ...


On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to win MJ, with which it is not necessary to argue. Yes, the "bees" have not yet lost and the houses perform well, but the "red devils" are simply more powerful. Most likely, the guests will lead the meeting, so it's better to bet on them ...


Free forecast for the match Young Boys - Manchester United: "Manchester United victory". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.75.

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On September 19, the first round of the group stage of the championship League will be held, in which "Young Boys" will battle with "Man United". Before this, collectives never crossed, which of course adds interest.


"Bees" have long started performing in the current season, because they took part in the qualifying rounds of the tournament. Thus, footballers Seoane managed to hold ten fights. It's interesting that so far the team has not been defeated, let's see if they can continue their series.

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The "Reds" looked a little heavy at the beginning, but now they are gradually coming to their senses. So far, not a single victory of the Mourinho squad can be called simple, everything is given somehow hard. And if you take departures, then the team also misses a lot.


Forecast for the match "Young Boys" - "Man United", P2. Too much difference in the class will do its job. We put on the victory of the English team.

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