What types of bets

What types of bets

In this part of our guide, we have included some of the most commercial sports as well as the types of bets that are offered to them. Listed below are far from all but basic and most used in most sites, and among terrestrial betting shops and sports bars.


Each bet we added detailed explanation, as we have tried novice you to assimilate it in the most simple and enjoyable way.


types of sports betting in bookmakers

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    Types of bets on football

    Betting on tennis matches

    Types of bets in basketball

    What types of bets occur in volleyball

    Betting martial arts - Boxing / MMA

    Hockey and most common bets in this sport


1. A variety of bets on football matches


End result - it is forecast that there are three varieties - home win, X or away win. Home win usually means by a factor of one, Remy kept namely X and the away win is leading pair. You need to know the exact outcome of the meeting to win.


Double chance - double chance reduces your risk, because actually gives you a 67% chance to guess the outcome of a meeting. In the double chance you can combine two of the options, for example 1 and X bet 1X. Then you have the meeting did not end with a victory of the guest to win. Naturally, here the coefficients are typically much smaller.


To qualify - this bet usually applies in the knockout matches in the group stage, league, etc. Actually bet on whether a team will be ranked ahead of example 2 elimination match in the Champions League, will qualify for the European Championship, will rank first in the group and so on. These are long-term bets and also have lower coefficients and averaged.


Under / over goals - one of the most popular options for customers of online bookmakers. You have to predict under or over how many goals will be introduced in a meeting. There was a standard medium of under and over 2.5 goals, but now has options under / over 0.5 goals over / under 1.5 goals over / under 3.5 goals and so on sometimes until over / under 9.5 goals. This is especially handy in live games, where you can often catch a big factor of this game.


Correct score - this is a game where you have to know exactly how many goals will be scored and how one team will score the other. Or do forecast the meeting ended 0: 0. In these betting odds are great and there are a lot of varieties such as correct score at halftime correct score until a minute and accurate result at any time.

Correct score is played mainly by supporters of strategy games in particular championship, which is approbated time as one of the most successful.


Half Time / Full Time - another hit bet that if you really believe in the success of a team, you can raise your rate. It relies on what will be the sign of the match at halftime and later again the final result. For example, forecast X-2 will mean that the break the game was X, and then became 2. Here you can meet and sometimes ratio above 100 if, for example experiment with success the favorite vacation and loss afterwards. And you can just bet the favorite and leading the break, and at the end.


Both Teams to Score - extremely popular option, which often goes into circulation. Predict that both teams will score a goal from there on you not interested in the end result. It may be 1: 1 may be 10: 1, your bet goes.


Asian Handicap - very gained momentum handicap where we have quarters or halves to lead a team. The aim is to avoid the draw as an option to raise to 50 percent the chance you have to win. There, your bet is divisible by 2, you can earn a full or half profit.


Corners - betting on how many corners there will be in a match. He again has the option above and below. You can try with under / over corners of the break in a certain period of minutes or to a specific minute of the match.


Booked - again similar as corners, betting over / under how many cards will be in a meeting, the first half or at a certain interval.


Next scorer - next scorer and first scorer predicting who will score the next goal of the game or the first, if not inserted so far. The coefficient is often the lowest of the best strikers in the composition of both teams.


Scorer - that you bet a player who will be able to score in all 90 minutes. There are a lot of varieties of this player to score 2 goals or three goals in the game. Odds are excellent.


During the goal - also a slightly risky bet, but with a good return. You have to know when it will drop goal in minute intervals, usually 10. Whichever scored wins. Unless you designate exactly who will score within these 10 minutes.


Goals odd / even - here you just need to know whether the meeting will end with an even or odd number of goals. When you have read X or win an even lead one of the teams. In odd you'll need success with 1 goal difference of one team or odd lead.

2. Betting on tennis


Winner - the standard bet on who will win the game. You have only two options - 1 or 2 as X for betting on tennis, and in the sport itself is not.


Winner of the set - here you need to know exactly who will win the definitions set. Now you need to specify on which set you made a prediction. From there, you do not care outcome.


Bet on each game - you can bet on who will win a particular game and if the bet is on the server, the odds are excellent. It is possible to bet with artificial line in favor of one of the teams.


Bets on points in the game - you can try to guess how many points will the game in different ranges.

3. Betting Basketball


Outright - here again very rarely happen to have a draw. It depends on how you played the game, sometimes the end result includes overtime, where increasingly leads to victory for one team.


Handicap - usually a lot of games are artificial line of points in favor of one team to be more interesting coefficient is more decent.


Over / under number of points - you can bet on how many points there will be in the game for one team, a quarter or any other interval.


Odd / even points - again you can try to guess whether pocketed points in a certain time interval will be odd or even.


Scored points racer - you can predict over how many points will score a particular favorite among the scorers.

4. Bets on volleyball


Bets on the winner - here we have equality, always one team wins 3 to 5 games or sometimes 2 of 3.


Winner of the set - you can bet on a single game and who will win it. Most often there are odds on the first, but it depends now and himself bookmaker.


Bets on over / under points in the game and match - there are plenty of opportunities to bet above or below how many points will be scored in a single game or match.


Points scored by a player - you can try to guess how many points will implement individual athlete.

5. Betting on boxing / martial arts


Outright - here it is possible to reach parity, but it happens very rarely, and the odds are enormous.


In which round will end game - you can predict whether there will be a knockout for either player, will play to the end and so on.


Who how many rounds will win - here you should try to guess how many rounds can win a competitor.

6. Betting Hockey


Outright - betting on who will win the entire match.


Winner of 1st, 2nd or 3rd Period - you have to know just who will win certain your third. If you do not know, you lose your bet.

Division Champions - this is a long term bet in which it must know who will win a certain championship or tournament.


Betting goals - must know above and below how many goals will be introduced in a meeting.


Correct score - you win only if you know the exact score of a match.

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