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With the loss of Brazilian striker Richardson, who left to Liverpool Everton this summer, experts and analysts of English football predicted an inevitable fall to the bottom of the tournament table and further struggle for survival.


But, contrary to all forecasts, in three start rounds of the new season the "hornets Vicarage Road" won three victories in a row over Brighton (2-0), Burnley (3-1) and Crystal Palace (2-1), and with nine points earned in the leaders' quartet. Moreover, the company of the strong middle peasants of the Premier League is exclusively top clubs - Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea.

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And behind Watford are the current champion of England Manchester City, the most titled national football club Manchester United, and another historic grand - the London Arsenal. And instead of the departed Brazilian new scorer of "hornet" was the Argentine attacking midfielder Roberto Pereira, who scored three matches in three matches.



The opponents of the hosts, "Wembley" in the group stage of the Champions League were Spanish Barcelona, ​​the Italian Inter and the Dutch PSV. This is the main news for fans of "spurs".

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And according to the results of three starting rounds of the new English season, the team of Mauricio Pochettino, along with Liverpool, Chelsea and his closest opponent gave 100% result. After all, Tottenham have already won three matches over Newcastle (2-1), Fulham (3-1), and the most significant over Manchester United (3-0), despite the factor of their own or someone else's field. And, the most titled grandee in the history of English football, "spurs" was defeated at "Old Trafford."


In three matches, Mauricio Pochettino's team scored eight goals, and now, according to the overall difference (8: 2), it takes the second line of the standings after Liverpool (7-0). And the best scorer of "spurs" at the start of the new season was the Brazilian winger Lucas Moura (3 goals).


Tournament: the championship of England. Premier League. 4 th round

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Over the past three years, after the return of the "hornets" to the elite of English football, the current rivals held three calendar meetings in Watford, which ended with two victories of the capital club (1: 2 and 1: 4). And in the latest to today's match was a productive draw (1: 1). Of course, now experts give their preference to the guests: P1 - 5.50, P2 - 1.65.



On Monday, September 3, eleven days of vacation in European club football, connected with the holding of two rounds of the League of Nations, begin. Naturally, now the main task of "spurs" is the desire to keep their leadership in the table in the company with Liverpool and Chelsea. But after all, the owners of the "Vicarage Road" are unlikely to stop at what has been achieved ...

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Our forecast - both teams will score (yes) for 1.75.


Another pair will hold their fourth duel in the English championship. This time on the field will converge "Watford" and "Tottenham". In the past season, rivals painted the world on this arena. How will this match end? We'll figure out.


"Hornets" started very powerful, as they extracted 9 points for three rounds. Garcia players defeated 2: 0 "Brighton", after 1: 3 "Burnley", well, "Crystal Palace" in the extreme round of 2: 1. In the last game they met with "Reading" in the Cup, and were able to beat it 0: 2.

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"Spurs" also did not lose points, and so far they are coming with a 100% victory rate. In addition to "Newcastle" and "Fulham", I remember the victory over "Man United", which was defeated 0: 3. The Pochettino comrade acts as one holistic mechanism.


Forecast for the match "Watford" - "Tottenham", TB2.5. Given the aggressive manner of the game from the hosts, it is worth assuming that we are waiting for a fairly fruitful duel. Recall that the "spurs" also do not like to sit out in defense.


In the coming Sunday, the fourth round of the beloved English championship will continue. In the reporting day, we expect a confrontation between Watford and Tottenham. The event will be held in Hertfordshire in the Vicarage Road stadium. The time of collection at the monitors is 18:00, we hope that by this time the chips will be unpacked, and the opener will slide between the fingers of the hand.

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Interesting this match will be for a simple reason - both teams have perfectly started the new season and are ready to please the tellyobyadachnikov with new achievements. The favorite is obvious, the "spurs" claim for the title, so in the battles against the teams not from the great six the guys will be in advantage of the bookmakers. Let's try to find out if the "hornets" can continue their initial success.



Even mothers of "hornet" players did not expect their sons to get off so fast. At the end of three rounds, the "golden boys" have nine points, it is easy to calculate that victory was won in all matches. First under the sight of the "yellow army" came Brighton, who flew 2-0, then went to the tavern Burnley and Crystal Palace with a score of 2: 0 and 2: 1, respectively.


All Free soccer picks this is certainly good and the guys deserve that you now stand up and applaud, but among the above-mentioned rivals even with the 16X sight is difficult to find the top team. The future match will be for Javi Garcia and his child a true baptism of fire. At the moment, the "hornets" keep the fourth line in the standings, but it's hard to believe that the guys will be able to compete for a long time with the big six.

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Tottenham Hotspur

Mauricio Pochettino in the new season comes with old hopes to win the league title and deprive the team of the status of ever-promising. In the starting two rounds, the Argentine specialist created a decent foundation - managed to outplay Newcastle and Fulham with a score of 2: 1 and 3: 1, respectively. It is alarming only that in both matches against not the strongest rivals the defense of "lily-white" gave a crack.


I would like to dwell on the third round match in more detail. "Spurs" came to "Old Trafford", where Londoners have only recently lost. In the first half, the wards of Pochettino shook their knees, but during the break the Argentine specialist managed to fix them and for the second forty-five minutes the guys came out transformed. As a result, three liters of sacred water poured into the gates of the "devils".

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Forecast for this match

"Hornets" in the home arena play active football, the hosts need to give battle to the grandee, maybe a miracle of the name of Lester. Spurs have problems at the beginning of the season with defense. In this situation, you should expect an effective game on both sides.


Bet - both teams will score.

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Well, and closes the 4th round of Watford with Tottenham.


"Hornets", like the "spurs" have 9 points out of 9 possible at the start of the season. Maybe it's time for them to stop?

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The game can not be said. Although in the first half of the last tour with Crystal Palace they did not shine. We played a mediocre time, but then started off powerfully in the second and scored two goals. In general, the game was a draw. "Eagles" after a goal scored had a chance and even the score, but could not. Before that, Watford had defeated Burnley and Brighton. In general, agree, the rivals are so-so. Definitely below 10th position, and yet do not know how to behave Watford, when will yield in the account, and with TTX certainly will. But there is no claim to attack. Watford looks good on this criterion. In the form of Pereira, Good is Holebas, Dini has played.


Tottenham endured the onslaught of M.Yu in the first half, and knocked them out in the second. Like Muhammad Ali, he allowed a lot of rivals, but in the end he prevailed. So with the "devils" showing not the best first half, in the second they scored three unanswered goals. Well, well done. They continue to show the same level.

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In the new season Moura opened, he was good in these games, scored 3 goals 2 of which M.Yu. And while there is no Sona, Lamela, Lucas is booking a place in the base. In general, even without purchases in the summer, spurs have a good reserve. Jannssen, Orie, Llorente, Davis, Vanyama, Lamela. Each of these players could compete for the basis.


According to the forecast, I see a mounted duel here. Watford plays outdoor football at home. Last season with City 0-6, but they continued to bend their line, and did not stop playing open football. With M.Yu 2-4, with TTX 1-1, 2-1 with Leicester, 4-1 with Chelsea, with Arsenal 2-1. Only with Liverpool was 0-1. As you can see, they practically played open football with everybody, they scored themselves, and they allowed it too. "Spurs" is not a grassroots team, if you do not close with them. Watford is unlikely to close.

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In all three games, the "spurs" of TB made their way, and at least two goals were scored by TTX, did not miss only from M.Yu., and that was lucky. As a result, I see an exchange of goals here, and certainly in the end the "spurs" will be stronger. Watford is their client. The last time they lost to them in 1987. Won two of the last three games, last season there was a draw, but the red Sanchez prevented the "spurs" from taking three points.

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