View upcoming race for the title in Premier League

View upcoming race for the title in Premier League
With less than two weeks before the new season in the Premier League. After one of the most shocking seasons in history in general, many teams will try to attack the title, believing that their chances to repeat the feat of Leicester City last campaign are better than ever. After the summer training and numerous transfers remains to understand what will be the teams involved in the title race?
All eyes are riveted Manager current champion Lester Claudio Ranieri. Foxes will try to start a strong campaign in an attempt to prove that they are team won the title by accident. Supporters expect players to be more motivated and concentrated after the unexpected success last season. The ranks of the champions were joined by five new ones need to strengthen the composition. Lester will need width in composition, given the new test called the Champions League, facing, along with the title defense.
The new coach Pep Guardiola Manchester City has spent almost 100 million. Pounds for new recruits so far. Leroy Sanne, Noli and Ilkay Gundogan are only part of the flow of talent that poured into the composition of the citizens. The promising Brazilian striker Gabriel Zhezus is the latest addition to the team. He scored 19 goals in 30 matches for the team of Palmeiras. City paid for him 27 million. Pounds and the reputation of Guardiola, we must have high expectations for the player, but fans of blue sky will need to be recharged with a certain amount of patience.
On Merseyside Jürgen Klopp earned the applause of the audience, despite the low season. Summer transfer window was a good opportunity for the German to get rid of some players and attract new ones that better suit his idea of ​​the team. This season will serve as a yardstick for the progress achieved by Liverpool. Reds need new recruits in a protective plan as this was the area which often playing a bad joke on the team last campaign. However, the lack of matches in European club tournaments will be a plus for the team, as they will have more time to rest between meetings and fewer occasions for distraction.
Chelsea had plenty of time to forget the nightmare past season in which the team finished in 10th position. The new manager of the club Antonio Conte will certainly try to return to the Blues at the top of the standings. For this purpose it needs to be strengthened protection zone game. Michi BAPS striker and defensive midfielder N'Golo Cante most notable new players. Overall Conte will have to extract the most out of some inexperienced but very talented players.

On "Old Trafford" "Special" is haunted by the thought of Manchester United return to the glory years. Potential transfer of French midfielder Paul Pogba 100 million pounds only proves that Mourinho act "untied hands" at the club. The team already has enough power in attack, where can see the names of Ibrahimovic, Mihtaryan, Rashford, Mata and Marcial, who will compete. Whether after Euro 2016, where he played as a midfielder, Wayne Rooney will rediscover their talents to a new position? One thing is certain Red Devils have the potential to dominate.
After depleting championship race with Leicester last year, Tottenham finally finished third. In the club is right to ask, where were wrong and why the team collapsed at the end of the campaign. Mauricio Pochettino team drew Uaneyama Victor and Vincent Jansen in response to weaknesses in the formulation. Whether the meetings in the Champions League will not distract too much attention from Spurs?