US forces will have only a draw against Colombia

US forces will have only a draw against Colombia

On June 4 from 04:30 GMT Stadium Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, we will witness the opening match of the Copa America 2016, which will pit teams of host United States and Colombia. Both teams are part of Group A and are favorites for the top two spots in it, given that the other two teams in the group are Costa Rica and Paraguay.

US coach Jurgen Klinsmann will be able to rely on your best players is expected Clint Dempsey and company to please his supporters with good performance of the domestic scene. States have very experienced players who have proven themselves in the land of the best leagues in Europe. Moreover, the composition of Klinsmann is complemented by more players Fight the local championship, which gained strength and popularity in recent years, and this was thanks to football experts and famous players who contribute to the development of football and local staff in the US.

For its part, Colombia, led by stars Baka Cuadrado and James Rodriguez will try not to repeat the failure of last year's Copa America, when eliminated in the quarterfinals by Argentina after a penalty shootout. Coach Jose Pakerman has a very good performers of each post, and this makes the team of Colombia one of the favorites to win the tournament. With a combination of class and experience, Colombia will fight to win the group, which eventually allotted more pleasant rival in the quarterfinals.

Both teams have played just two games as rivals in official meetings where Colombia beckons. In this game USA will have the advantage of the hosts and Colombia has more class composition. It is clear that both teams are favorites to get out of the group and start a draw seems the most legitimate to here.

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