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The new season Ural began with a home match against the "drowning" Anji and completely disappointed. Dmitriy Parfyonov's team dominated for 90 minutes, but at some point played and missed a counterattack - a defeat with a score of 0: 1. And this despite the fact that during the preparation of "bumblebees" they demonstrated a murderous realization ...


But Krasnodar also started the season with a defeat, and no less annoying. Last weekend Murad Musayev's wards lost 2: 1 to Rubin at the exit, and Smolov brought the second goal to himself. Well, it should be noted that with the effectiveness of the "bulls" frankly, because even in sparring Krasnodar did not score more than 1 goal for the match ...

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On the eve of the match, bookmakers are slightly inclined to the side of Krasnodar, as in general the guests are more powerful. However, the implementation of the "bulls" is not all right, and even "bumblebees" can not come yet, so I would not expect high performance ...


Free forecast for the Ural-Krasnodar match: "Total is less than 2.5". William Hill bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.65.


Saturday will please the game of the second round of the Premier League, in which the "Ural" will fight with "Krasnodar". In the last game year, the teams met twice, and the second team was more successful - 1: 1 and 0: 1.

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"Shmel" started with a home confrontation, in which they jumped from the "Anji". The hosts controlled the course of the meeting all 90 minutes, but at the end they relaxed and missed. On that day, with the implementation of the team Parfyonov did not grow together.


"Bulls" also started the year with a fiasco. Musayev's players rebounded 2: 1 from "Rubin". It is interesting that Smolov brought the second goal. And with the effectiveness of the club now the problem. The team has not achieved more than one goal for a long time.

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Forecast for the match "Ural" - "Krasnodar", TM2.5. Bookmakers on the side of the guests, which is essentially logical. But they are now unstable, so it's best to pay attention to the results.


The Saturday program of the Premier League will begin with the Ural-Krasnodar match, and the duel will be held in the capital of the Urals. Despite the field factor, bookmakers believe that in this pair "bulls" are small favorites, in terms of composition and capabilities, guests are noticeably superior to "bumblebees". But it's important to pay attention to the fact that for Parfenov's team the upcoming game will be the second home game, and the first meeting "black and orange" lost to Anji without scoring. Surely the owners will do everything possible to put in the money box the first points.



Ural throughout the game with Anji had the advantage, the "bumblebees" attacked a lot, often beaten on goal, seven times hit the target, but could not score. But the only blow to the framework of the Dagestanis reached its goal, an insulting defeat of the Urals 0: 1.

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Too with zero

Krasnodar also lost in the first round, however, the rival of the "bulls" was stronger, namely: the Kazan Ruby. The teams played the productive first half, in which Azmun scored twice, and Smolov responded with one of his own ball. Unfortunately, in the second half of the meeting, viewers did not see any more effective actions. It is important to note that Smolov recently got into an accident and broke a very expensive sports car. This incident may adversely affect the mood of Fedor.



Ural could not score Anji, but it is possible to score Krasnodar, because with "bulls" "bumblebees" will play the second number. Krasnodar has not yet impressed, the "black and green" missed two from Rubin, in the defense of the team there are problems. Our free forecast for this meeting:


The individual total of the Urals is more than 0.5 -1.48

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In one of the duels of the second round of the Russian Premier League Ural from Ekaterinburg and Krasnodar will compete. In the last in-person meeting of the teams, which took place in November last year, the victory with a minimum score of 0: 1 was won by the "bulls". I wonder who will be stronger in the upcoming game of opponents?


The Urals in the preparation for the current season played 5 friendly matches. In these meetings, the "hornets" won 4 victories and suffered one defeat. In the first round of the Russian Premier League Dmitry Parfenov's wards with a minimum score of 0: 1 lost to Anji from Makhachkala.

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Krasnodar, coming out of vacation, held 5 control matches. In these confrontations, the "bulls" suffered 2 losses and won 3 wins, and the score of goals scored and conceded in them was 11: 8. In the starting round of the championship guests lost 2: 1 to Kazan Rubin.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Krasnodar, although they give to his victory a very high ratio. However, after the break, the teams only gain momentum and gradually enter the season, so do not expect a lot of goals scored in the duel.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "total less than 2.5" for a coefficient of 1.57



The first season in the elite for the Urals passed perfectly, and the team for a long time claimed for a place in the zone of European cups. But the second championship for the team from Ekaterinburg turned out to be crumpled and included a long struggle for life. In its potential, the modern Urals is no more than a middle peasant in the RPL and is unlikely to qualify for the zone of the League of Europe. Although Ufa's laurels in the past year, none of the middle peasants of Russian football will not be allowed to live peacefully.


In May this year, the Urals was received by Dmitry Parfenov, who left the dying Tosno. The new coach of the Urals has shown himself in Russian football as a competent and tactically flexible specialist, which opens up new prospects for the new Parfenovs to grow. But the transfer work of the Urals is not impressive, and the club intensified only two players of the defensive plan - it's Bryzgalov and Khodjaniyazov.

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This Russian club dreams of playing in the Champions League, but in fact Krasnodar often has problems and with qualifications in the League of Europe. Krasnodar has everything to succeed: a strong financial base, quality composition, loyal fans. The problem with the club is only with the achievement of the set goals, and in the current season they are decided by Murad Musayev. The appointment of this young specialist is considered by many to be a controversial decision.


As for the personnel policy of Krasnodar, it has long been clear to everyone, and the club works exclusively with high-quality football players, ready to benefit from the first matches. So in the summer off-season the composition of Krasnodar was replenished by such players as: Stotsky, Kueva, Spahic, and Katrich. Only the last of them is unlikely to be from the first matches to qualify for a place in the first team.



Both clubs started in the championship with defeats, and in the second round of RPL bookmakers estimate the options for the outcome of the match by the following factors: a victory for the Urals for 3.68, a draw for 3.08, and Krasnodar's victory for 2.37. Thus, we have the status of a favorite in Krasnodar, but the status is far from indisputable. Also traditionally broad lines we have on total-rates: "total more than 2.5" for 2.50, "total less than 2.5" for 1.61.



In matches with the Urals, Krasnodar does not easily happen, and Musayev's wards will have to demonstrate all their strengths. Also, the statistics of the former face-to-face duels of the Urals and Krasnodar speak in favor of Krasnodar, but most of the matches between these teams ended in a draw. Thus, the bet on the success of the guests taking into account the zero handicap will be a good choice for betters. A zero handicap will insure the bet in case of a draw in the match.


Bet: Victory of Krasnodar with a handicap (0) - KF 1.61.

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Victory of Krasnodar with a handicap (0) 1.61

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According to the results of the last draw, the RPL "bumblebees" took the 12th place, ahead of the transition zone by only two points, and from the European Cup sixth line they fell behind by six points.

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Finished the championship-2018 the Urals with two defeats in a row from "Amkar" (0: 2) and "Rostov" (0: 1). In official matches they have a 4-match series without wins.


In the summer transfer window the team was joined by the defender Bryzgalov from Anji, and a number of players left the club (Korobov, Fomin, Arapov, Manucharyan, Stavpetz, Portnyagin, Chernov).


In the starting round, "Ural" minimally lost "Anji" - 0: 1. At the same time, the home team struck 21 shots towards the goal and always had the advantage, but it was not possible to turn it into goals.



"Bulls" last season finished in fourth place. From the third Ligochempionov line they fell behind only by two points.

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In the guest meetings of the last championship, they won nine wins, two games were not revealed by the winner and four games were lost.


Brasilian Ari returned from the lease. From acquisitions we will single out the purchase of Kueva, Katrich and Spaich. We left in the summer transfer window: Laborde, Joãzinho, Granqvist and Podberezkin.


In the starting game of the season Krasnodar met on the road with Rubin and lost 1: 2 - at the 31st minute Smolov scored for the guests, but the hero of the Kazan team was the author of the double Azmun. "Bulls" showed initiative, especially in the second half, but they could not realize their moments and save the game.



In the upcoming match, bookmakers give a slight advantage to the guests: the victory of the "Ural" - 3.40, the victory of "Krasnodar" - 2.33, the draw - 3.05.

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Last season, "Krasnodar" on the road defeated the Urals with a score of 1: 0. Before that, three games ended in a draw with goals scored on both sides. We believe that this time both teams will not leave without a goal.


"Ural" will very much like to please the fans in their native walls, and "Krasnodar" simply has a class to fight for victory and upset a relatively modest opponent. We put on the fact that both teams will score in 2,02.

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Ural will take Krasnodar in the second round of the Russian championship, the match will be held at the stadium "Central" on July 4th at 14:00.


Ural is a pretty good club in its country and shows quality football, which pleases the fans and leadership. Last season, "Shmeli" had obvious problems and managed to take only 12th place in the Russian championship, having an asset of 37 points for 30 rounds. In the attacking line, "Orange-Black" did not look impressive, it turned out to be 31 goals, the position of the defensive line was better, 32 balls were missed. In past matches, Ural lost to Anji 0-1, managed to beat Qatar SK 4-1 and Yenisei 2-0.

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Krasnodar has consistently shown a lot of interesting high-level football for many years. In the last season, "Bulls" confidently took 4th place in the Russian championship, where players scored 54 points for 30 rounds. In the attacking line "Townspeople" impressed with their performance, it turned out to organize 46 goals, the defense also did not fail, conceding 30 goals. In his last matches Krasnodar gave Rubin 1-2, Besiktash 1-3 and managed to beat Orenburg 1-0.

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3 consecutive games Krasnodar does not lose to the Urals. Now at the beginning of the season the team looks rather weak, I think it is not worth waiting for many goals in the face-to-face meeting. The rate: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.09

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