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On October 1, 2018, at 21:00, an international friendly match will be held at the Luigi Ferraris stadium between Ukraine and Italy.


After the failure of the World Championship, the Ukrainian national team noticeably restructured and improved its game. In the framework of the last friendly games, the team did not lose a single standoff, out of five, which are worthy indicators. After that, already in the league of nations, football players show excellent results, beating the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with the advantage of exactly one goal.

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Italy, in the same way, could not reach the World Championship, as its rival, but unlike it, the Blue Team failed to change and it still loses and does not bring results. Over the last five friendly games, football players have been able to win only once, in a duel against Saudi Arabia 2-1. Moreover, even in the league of nations Roberto Mancini waited for disappointment, because the national team did not win in the last two rounds.


Over the last three meetings against each other of these teams, Ukraine has never won against an opponent and missed exactly 2 goals in each match. At the moment, "Yellow-blue” scored a great shape and go unbeaten, and the Mancini team cannot get out of the crisis, so Ukraine will not be at least more than 1 goal. Bet: Ukraine with a handicap - F1 (+1).


Forecast: F1 (1) with a coefficient of 1.68

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Wards Andriy Shevchenko had a great match in the League of the Nation, alternately defeating Czech Republic (2: 1) and Slovakia (1: 0). Having led their group, the Ukrainians gave themselves good chances for overall success in the tournament. Now the wards of Shevchenko will hold a test match against a very strong and star Italian team. Ukraine is now a team with a competent fusion of experience and youth. The side of experienced players is represented by such players as Pyatov, Rakitskiy, Yarmolenko, Konoplyanka, Sidorchuk, Stepanenko, Marlos and Karavayev. The youth of the Ukrainian national team also looks very interesting - Tsygankov, Zinchenko, Yaremchuk, Lunin, Matvienko and Burda. Andriy Shevchenko puts his team in an interesting game style, with ball control, a combinational game and a love for domination on the football field.


The modern Ukrainian team is indeed an interesting team, with good prospects to conduct a successful qualifying round for the European Championship, demonstrating all their best qualities.

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Despite the lack of significant achievements in the international arena in recent years, the Italian national team remains among the top national teams in the international arena. Now the Italian national team took Roberto Mancini, an experienced mentor with a far-reaching ambiguous reputation. The start of Mancini's work in the Italian national team turned out to be a failure at all, because under his leadership the team managed to win only a match with Saudi Arabia (2: 1). In the remaining games, the Italians either conceded to their rivals (Portugal, France), or reduced the game to a world outcome (Netherlands, Poland).


Here you can make a discount on the change of generations of the Italian national team, because on the football field as part of this team there are such players as Donnarumma, Chiesa, Berardi, etc. Another serious problem for the Italian national team is the lack of a clear leader on the football field, and here more everyone is waiting for Jorginho, Bonucci, Verratti (it would be time already) and Immobile. In the match with the national team of Ukraine, we will see regular experiments from Mancini, both in terms of tactics and in terms of personnel decisions.

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Despite the results of the teams in the international arena, Italy is a favorite of the match, the success of which is quoted by leading bookmakers at 1.76. The odds of the Ukrainian team are estimated at 4.94, and a draw at 3.62. As you can see, a clear advantage in terms of the chances of success from online BC has the Italian team. Popular total bets have such numbers from bookmakers: "total is over 2.5” for 2.16, "total is less than 2.5” for 1.77.



Ukraine looked great in the extreme matches, but there were no rivals at the level of Italy (in terms of personnel), Shevchenko’s charges did not yet exist. We are waiting for a very interesting match, filled with wrestling in all areas of the football field. It is unlikely that we will see high performance from the teams, and two goals will be a real celebration for the audience.

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Bet: total less than (2.5) – 1.77.


So it's time to once again pause club football. It is unpleasant to do this, as if it is necessary to interrupt the viewing of the film in order to step back to cope with their carnal needs. A battle between the national teams of Italy and Ukraine will take place on Wednesday. This match can be called interesting at least because it plays the "yellow-blue” squad.


The event will take place in Genoa at the Luigi Ferraris Stadium. Bookmakers do not believe in "Cossacks", the whole line of "all-knowing" is aimed at praising the merits of "pasta", which for a long time can not get out of the psychological abyss. But the "yellow-blue” in the last official matches showed such football that some players were called to defend our Galaxy at the World Championship.

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Not so long ago, the management team invited Mancini. This is a very curious specialist who rarely shows good results, but who always has a decent job. Roberto had long dreamed of leading the country's main team, and now he came to the helm of a sinking ship. For a start, let us recall how in today's two extreme friendly matches our today's heroes lost to France and skated world with Holland.


We now turn to the League of Nations, for which the macaroni is so ardently preparing. In the last two matches, the guys skated world with the Poles and lost to Portugal, which was without the main performer of the penalty spot. Silva at the very beginning of the second half scored a goal from the transfer of Bruma. No matter how hard the wards of Mancini were, the guys never managed to cling to even a draw.

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Who would have thought that we would praise the Ukrainian team against the background of such a bright opponent. Shevchenko team scored a decent shape and now seven games are not losing. The last luz was recorded at the selection stage for the World Championship against Croatia. It is better not to remember the battle in the presence of the Ukrainian, it was too painful to lose because they so wanted to get to the Russian brothers in the Mundial.

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It's time to see how the guys played at the League of Nations. In the two extreme matches, "yellow-blue” only won. First, the Czech team was beaten away on the road, and after three days, the Slovaks with a minimum score of 1: 0 were already beaten up on Batkivshchyna. Shevchenko is building a reliable team that knows how to bite in front. Sparring against the Italians will be an excellent opportunity to test the reliability of the defense.


Prediction for this match

Although the Ukrainian team won in the last couple of matches, the national team is too unstable. In friendly matches against world-class rivals, the yellow-blue are consistently losing.

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Bet - the victory of Italy.


On Wednesday evening in Genoa a friendly match will be held between the national teams of Italy and Ukraine.


The last time these teams met in 2011, when the Italians won with a score of 0: 2. I wonder if Ukrainians will be able to take revenge on the road and after so many years?

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The Italian team is still going through hard times, because the management has clearly invited the wrong coach. As a result, Roberto Mancini can not do anything with the players, and in the League of Nations team failed. At first, "Scuadra Azzurra” played a draw with Poland (1: 1) at home, and then lost to Portugal (1: 0) on the road. It is worth noting that the new coach is constantly experimenting with the composition, which is why the Italians won it only once - 2: 1 with Saudi Arabia.


But the Ukrainian team after the flight over the 2018 World Cup started up and gradually began to gain momentum. In the League of Nations, Shevchenko's wards are still playing without misfires - 2 "minimal" victories. That is, the Ukrainians managed in September to overthrow the Czech Republic (1: 2) and Slovakia (1: 0). And in general, in the course of 2018, the "yellow-blue” had only 6 matches, in which they won 4 times and tied twice.

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On the eve of the fight bookmakers are more inclined to victory in Italy, but is this fair? Yes, on the whole, the Italians are more powerful, but now they are simply disassembled. In addition, Ukrainians are clearly in better shape and will try to surprise, so it is better to put on guests with reinsurance.


Free match prediction Italy-Ukraine: "Ukraine’s victory with a handicap of +1”. The William Hill Hill Book Office offers a coefficient of 1.68 for this outcome.


This Wednesday in Genoa, at the stadium "Luigi Ferraris" a friendly football match will be held between Italy and Ukraine. The bookmakers in this pair are on the side of the future home team, the Italians, which is not surprising. At the same time, it is worth paying attention to the latest results of the rivals, if the Ukrainians in the League of Nations achieved two victories, having shown a fairly good level of football, then Skuadra Azzurra could not confirm her high status with victories.

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Under mancini

Mancini very much wanted to work with the national team, but so far, while the mentor, Squadra achieved only one victory over the Saudi Arabian team with two defeats and two draws. In the League of Nations, the Italians in their field could not beat the Poles, that fight ended in a draw 1: 1, on the road "heavenly” lost to the Portuguese 0: 1.


All is well

But the Ukrainian team has achieved two victories in two starting matches of the League of Nations. At first, the "Cossacks” at a party were stronger than the Czech squad 2: 1, although the Western Slavs were the first to open an account in that match. And in the second round, already in their field, they finished off the Slovaks 1: 0. The only and decisive goal in the match on the account of Yarmolenko, scored from the penalty spot. It is obvious that the Ukrainian team is in a good mood before the match on Wednesday, flies to the south of Europe, at least not to lose.

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The Italian national team is in search of its game, Mancini conducts a heavy rotation, looking for the right combination of players. Shevchenko found everything for himself a long time ago, Ukraine is a played team that can achieve results. Our free forecast for this meeting: Ukraine’s victory with a handicap of +1.5

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