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Three matches are scheduled for the next Monday in the RPL, one of which is the duel between Ufa and the Wings of the Soviets. The bookmakers in this pair on the side of the home team, Ufa, after a bad start, came to their senses, has not lost for more than a month. But Krylya Sovetov with a visit to the coaching bridge Bozovic show a good football, although they lost the last two matches, but they looked good against the leaders of the Russian championship.


No defeat

Ufa in the last four meetings never lost. During this period there are three draws with one victory. Victoria was fixed in the match against Yenisei, they broke up in peace with Arsenal, Ruby and the Urals. In the standings RPL Ufa on the 14th line, 11 points in the asset, only one handicap point from Anji and the relegation zone.

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The Wings of the Soviets and Ufa are neighbors in the standings, Samarans have scored as many points in their piggy bank as Ufims, but the CS has more wins, so they are higher. If Ufa has not lost a month, but the Wings of the Soviets lost in the last two meetings, however, it is worth paying attention to the fact that Zenit was in the national championship and Krasnodar in the Cup. Both the first and the second, the Samarans gave the fight, yielded minimally.

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Matches between outsiders of the RPL are often unsuccessful, each of the teams wants not to lose first of all, taking maximum care of their defense. It is very likely that the upcoming meeting will be from this number, a lot of goals scored from the confrontation of Ufa - Krylya Sovetov should not be expected. Our free game prediction: TM 2.5

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Ufa has not lost in the last five matches, but only one of them was able to finish with a victory. Will the "citizens” be able to beat the "Wings of the Soviets” and get out of the relegation zone? The answer is in our forecast.


"Ufa” failed at the start of the season and in 12 games it was able to score only 11 points, with which it is located in the transition zone. Sergey Tomarov’s team is separated from the 12th place by three points, which the "citizens” will surely try to get in today's match. In the last round, "Ufa” brought a 1: 1 draw from Yekaterinburg, although it could wipe all three points, but "Ural” managed to win back in the second half.



"Wings of the Soviets” could not show their best side in the first third of the championship, stuck in the relegation zone from the first rounds. The team of Miodrag Bozovic has 11 points, which allow him to be on the 13th line in the table. The Samara club is ahead of its current rival only by additional indicators, and 12 points behind Arsenal by three points. Last week, Krylya Sovetov lost 1: 2 to Krasnodar in the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup in extra time, but showed good football.

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"Ufa" twice played with "Wings of the Soviets" at home and won both matches

Ufa has not lost in the last six games - one win and five draws

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In the last four away matches, Krylia Sovetov suffered three defeats.



"Ufa” is gradually getting out of the crisis, but it is still in the zone of transition matches, although the distance to the saving 12th line has already decreased to three points. However, the "citizens" are greatly abused by anyone, due to which it will be difficult to solve their tasks for the season.


Today, Krylya Sovetov arrived in Ufa, who are clearly not in the best shape, and they play very poorly as a guest, which gives Ufa excellent chances to catch up with Arsenal on points.

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In our opinion, guests will be left with nothing. Forecast with insurance - Asian handicap (0) on the "Ufa". In the Betting League, such a bet can be placed with a odds of 1.60

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After a disastrous start, Ufa finally came to its senses and has not lost five games in a row, but won only once - in a home match against an outsider - Yenisei (2: 1), although the game itself shown by Ufimi was, to put it mildly, of no outstanding quality. Ufa spent its last match on the road with the Urals (1: 1). The game was played with a variable advantage, then one team, then another, and a draw became a natural result of the match, although both teams had great moments in the end of the match to win this meeting. In general, the team scores are given with difficulty. It is worth noting that last year's leaders of the club - kr / s Zhivoglyadov and the defender Paurevich are not in the best form of the game and are often on the bench than on the field.


Wings of the Soviets with the arrival of Bozovic began to play better. Within four days, the Samarans in their arena passed the exam to the leaders of the national football - Zenit (0: 1) and Krasnodar (1: 2 in extra time). In both matches, the hosts deserve more. With Zenit, the "wings” in terms of the sharpness of their rival surpassed - 11 (2) in strikes (against the target) against - 3 (1) is eloquent. That's just their lack of composure in the final stages of attacks. Zenit for the match created two points, but this was enough to win. After losing the ball in the middle of the field guests succeeded exemplary counterattack. With Krasnodar in the Cup, the Samara team were leading up to the 76th minute, but they missed the first ball first and the second in extra time. Again, the hosts looked interesting in the attack: on strikes (on target) - 14 (5) vs. 14 (8).

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Four times these rivals met in personal meetings, and in all the victory was recorded with the score 1: 0 - Ufa won three times and Wings once.


The battle of two outsiders, but the "wings" are transformed into strong middle peasants. At least in the last two matches with the 1st and 2nd RPL teams, the Samarans with segments even replayed formidable opponents. Ufa, too, began to play better, but with such strong rivals, as in Krylia, it had not met for a long time, and with equal ones, the team scores points with great difficulty, not to mention victories.

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On Monday evening, Ufa in its field will take the Wings of the Soviets in the 13th round of the Russian Premier League.


The last time these teams met in the season before last, when the "citizens” won twice with a score of 1: 0. I wonder if the "wings” will be able to take revenge in the new season?

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Ufa in the current season is extremely uncertain, but since September the team has played much better. The thing is that Sergey Tomarov’s players got rid of the European Cups and began to spend their strength on the championship. As a result, for 12 rounds, the team managed to get only 11 points, 6 of which were earned in the last 4 meetings. So, for these 4 matches "citizens" have never lost - a victory over the Yenisei (2: 1) and 3 draws.

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But the Wings of the Soviets also have 11 points in their assets, and are also located in the relegation zone. The thing is that in the course of the Russian championship, Andrei Tikhonov's charges won three times, tied 2 times and lost 7 times, and the total score was 5:16. On a visit, the "wings” completely lose to almost everyone ... Well, it should be noted separately that on Thursday they had a difficult cup match against Krasnodar ...


Bookmakers slightly lean towards Ufa, which is quite true. At the moment, "citizens" have gained a good shape, but the "wings" only disappoint, especially at the exit. In addition, the guests will not have time to recover from the cup game, so it is better to bet against them ...

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Free match prediction Ufa - Krylya Sovetov: "Ufa’s victory with a handicap of 0”. The bookmaker pari-match offers a coefficient of 1.49 for such an outcome.


In the 13th round of the Russian Premier League on November 5, 2018, at 16:30, Ufa will receive Krylya Sovetov at the Neftyanik stadium.


In the fourteenth place is Ufa, which has eleven points and the difference of goals is 8:14. The terrible results of this season have the team, which goes to the bottom of the table and so far only got a little better. The club comes with a series of five bouts without defeat, but four of them ended in a draw. In the "Citizens” stadium, for the last seven confrontations, we scored only eight points.

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The thirteenth position in the RPL is occupied by the Wings of the Soviets, who have eleven points in stock and a terrible 5:16 difference of goals. The team is a newcomer to the championship in the season 18/19 and so far nothing is working with the players. They lost seven matches in 12 rounds and only managed to win Victoria in two. Bad results with "Volzhan” at a party, because there they can not win in four consecutive meetings.


For two in the history of the confrontation on his lawn, Ufa defeated the Wings of the Soviets, with the same minimum score of 1-0. There is no doubt that the upcoming match will not be productive, the teams in attack look weak this season, so the total match on Monday will stand. Bet: TM2.

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Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 1.75


Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 13th round of the Russian Championship Ufa - Krylya Sovetov, which will be held at the Oil Worker stadium on Monday, November 5, beginning at 16:30 (Moscow time).



In this game, bookmakers consider Ufa to be the favorite, assessing the probability of her winning just below 50%. After 12 rounds, opponents divide the 13th place with 11 points each. Only one point separates them from the zone of direct departure. In the last round, Ufa tied 1: 1 to the Urals. The only goal in its composition was scored by Pavel Alikin. This was Ufa's third consecutive draw. And she has not lost five matches in a row, gaining seven points in them. Before that, Ufa suffered five defeats in a row. At the same time she won only one of ten previous matches in the championship of Russia. In their field, the Ufa team won only one of the four previous matches in the Premier League and did not score a single goal in four games.

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Wings of the Soviets lost to Zenit at home with a score of 0: 1. This was their fourth defeat in the last six rounds. On the road, Volzhans do not win four games in a row, losing three of them and scoring just two goals. By the way, this season Krylia Sovetov scored only five goals and this is the worst figure in the Premier League.



These teams played each other four times in the Premier League and each match ended with a 1-0 score - Ufa won three times and Krylya Sovetov won once. Two goals were scored in the 6th minute and two more goals after the 78th minute.

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Experts site Bookmakers.rf believe that the match will end in a draw, and the most profitable will be a bet on a total of less than 2 goals. In the bookmaker 1xStavka predict the victory of Ufa with a score of 1: 0 (coefficient 5.50). The second most popular draw is 1: 1 (a factor of 6.00). Bets on a total of less than 2 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.80.



the victory of Ufa - 2.15, a draw - 2.96, the victory of the Wings of the Soviets - 3.74.

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in the last three rounds, Ufa played only in a draw;

for the last seven home games in the Premier League, Ufa has been left without goals five times;

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in the last three matches of Ufa in the championship of Russia less than three goals were scored;

none of the last three matches of the Wings of the Soviets in the Premier League scored more than two goals.


In the 13th round of the championship of Russia will play "Ufa" and "Wings of the Soviets." Bookmakers.RF remind that the beginning of the meeting wards Sergei Tomarov and Miodrag Bozhovich scheduled for November 5 at 16:30 MSK.


In the bookmaker's "League of Stakes" favorites in the upcoming match consider the wards Sergei Tomarov. Bets on winning "Ufa" are accepted with a coefficient of 2.20. The bookmakers have drawn a draw with a coefficient of 3.00, and bets on winning "Krylya Sovetov” are accepted with a factor of 3.95.



Four times the rivals met in the Premier League, and all matches ended with the same score 1: 0 (three wins of "Ufa” and one of "Wings of the Soviets”).


Five goals scored "Wings" in the championship 2018/19 - the least. "Ufa" is also included in the top four teams that have distinguished less than 10 times (8 goals).

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total goals in the match less than 2 with a odds 1.70.


An important match for two teams trying to escape from the danger zone. Usually direct competitors have a lot of struggle and few goals scored.


Large and complex restructuring started right on the march Bozovic. He did not postpone the formulation of his football for winter fees. Already against the "Zenith” his players looked very decent. They went to four, not five defenders, as was the case under Tikhonov. The emphasis has been greatly shifted towards his number one game. And it does not matter that the leader granted a visit. A couple of destructive moments did not realize Kornilenko and Kanunnikov. Habitually kept the ball, beaten, conducted by partners, sharpened Mollo. Unfortunately, he received damage and now will miss about a month. Will this not be the reason for some serious rebuilding, or even for the rejection of a bold game in the attack?

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Ufimtsev this season have lost more than is dictated by logic. Even with the departure of Semak and Tomarov’s inexperience, there could be no such failure. Affected employment in the qualification of the European Cup, and of bad luck, too. Things are slowly going uphill, but not at such a pace, as Ufimtsev probably would have liked. The black band ended with defeats and after one victory a draw went off in a jamb. They are all different in scenario. In Tula, they missed the final whistle, leading the score. With Kazan unrealized their chances. In Yekaterinburg, they missed only one goal, although the hosts could have scored more. So what will be the "Ufa" in the upcoming meeting? She is far from stability.

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