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Napoli correctly responded to the defeat of Juventus and dealt with Sassuolo without any visible problems. Ancelotti's team had a tangible advantage throughout the match and scored the first goal of the match in the second minute (Una excelled). Sassuolo provided enough opportunities for the opponent to increase the score in the match, and by the time the score was supposed to get bigger, but Napoli was disappointed with the implementation. After the break, Napoli still strengthened his advantage, but decided to stop at this. Interestingly, Ancelotti continued to bend his line in terms of rotation - the starting lineup of the Neapolitans was very experimental, and Ancelotti again changed tactics. All this, however, did not prevent to score on duty 3 points.

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Udine became the champion in the last round, and the match went according to a similar scenario - Juventus, as often happens with the Allegri team, had an advantage, scored several goals, played reliably in defense and did not bring the match to defeat. It is difficult to somehow comment on the game Udinese, because Juventus completely controlled the situation, and made a mistake only once, when he missed Lasanya after drawing the standard at his goal. Unfortunately for the fans of Udine, the new striker of the Italian national team failed to hit the ball, and this was one of only two moments when Udine was able to break through from the penalty area.


Napoli, unlike some teams, the break for the games of national teams came in very handy. Despite the fact that Ancelotti conducts a rotation, which so far does not affect the result, it is obvious that one can expect a better result and a game from the main team. Napoli is expected to play again 442, Gamshik, Insigne, Allan and Kalehon will return to the base, and all this does not bode well for Udinese. According to his ideas, Velázquez is trying to build combinational and attacking football in Udine, which can bring us effective football. I think that we can see goals against both teams, but more, obviously, I expect from Napoli - at least two goals and points scored.

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Udinese couldn’t oppose Juventus in the last round, but could Napoli be so easily beaten up? The answer is in our forecast.



"Udinese” looked good in the starting matches, the "zebras” were saved in a duel with "Parma”, they beat not the weakest "Sampdoria”, and they didn’t have any problems with "Chievo”. However, recently the team of Julio Velázquez got into the "black line” - it all started with the match with "Lazio”, lost 1: 2 at home, continued with the game with "Bologna”, where the "zebras” opened the score, but in the end could even hold a draw.

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In the last round, Udinese played at home with Juventus and again was left without glasses. The champion from the first minutes seized the advantage and closed the home team in his own half of the field, as a result of which two Juve goals were scored for four minutes in the middle of the first half. The game was practically made this way, the "old signora” brought the match to victory and did not let the opponent answer even with a prestige goal. Velazquez after the match expressed confidence that these failures are temporary in nature and his team is able to add.



"Napoli" at the start of the season had problems in defense, time after time fleeing for the final minutes of the match. With "Lazio” and "Milan” such tricks passed, but soon "Sampdoria” showed Carlo Ancelotti that he needed to work a lot more on the game of his team, beating them with the score 3: 0 in his field.

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After that, the Neapolitans also lost to the "old signore”, but in general they look good and are now the main pursuer of the champion, giving him six points in the table.


In the final round, the "partyenopians” took home the bold "Sassuolo”, which caused a lot of noise at the start of the championship. However, Ancelotti's team had no problems with an opponent, scoring a goal for him in each half and not conceding in response. Before the game with Udinese, the Napoli mentor shared his plans for the starting lineup with the press - he ruled out on the pitch Lorenzo Insigne, also hinted that before the game with PSG in the Champions League he would rest for several other main players.



This season, Udinese played four games at home and only one of them failed to score

Only in one of the last five home matches with "Napoli" "Udinese" did not score

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In the four away matches of this season, "Napoli" missed eight goals, according to this indicator, he is the fourth from the bottom

In each of the four away matches of this season, "Napoli" missed



"Udinese" shows a very good football, but in the last three matches, suffered three defeats. This situation is unlikely to suit Velázquez, so probably in a fight with "Napoli" he will play more boldly in the attack. "Parthenopeytsev” has enough problems in defense, a dry match with "Sassuolo” is rather an exception to the rule, which certainly increases the chances of "zebras” for success.

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In addition, a number of main players will probably save Ancelotti for the game with PSG, for this segment of the season the Champions League is a priority for Napoli.


In our opinion, the guests will not remain dry. Forecast - individual total "Udinese” more than one goal. In BC Marathon, such an outcome is estimated by a factor of 2.95

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