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On the fourth day, in the eleventh round of the regular Italian soccer championship, Udinese vs Milan will converge. The "black-red” contender for the Champions League zone will come to visit the team, which can already smell the impending departure zone as a fifth point. The event will take place in a spiritual place - Udine at the Dacia Arena stadium. Local fans expect only a positive result.


Guests are the clear favorite, but all the words of praise in the direction of the Milanese sound wary. At the moment, the guys really are in the cohort of the strongest teams in the country, but the Gattuso squad is not yet strong. The coefficient of victory "devils" 1.90. The figure is very tempting, but is it not deceptive? Let's try to understand whether it is necessary to bet on this sweet outcome.



Friuli in bad shape. No need to observe the training process of the team, in order to say that the guys have problems. In the last five official matches, the guys lost. The only draw is in the last round against Genoa. Of course, you can remember the victory over Bravo, but that match was a friendly one. The defeats are from Napoli, Lazio, Juventus and Bologna.

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Head coach Velasquez is not coping with the duties. We won’t be surprised if after a couple of bad results they send SMS, where it will be written "you’re fired”. Martin McFly would faint from such news. In the standings, the guys are located on the sixteenth line. The relegation zone is near - the eighteenth Empoli is only three points behind.



About the "devils" can talk for a long time. This is one of the most mysterious teams of modern football. The club has a rich history, but in recent years only bad news comes from the "black-red” camp. Barely have time to change messengers. Gattuso started something. In the last two matches of the domestic championship, our heroes obtained two strained victories over Sampdoria and Genoa.

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Slowly, unhurried pace "devils" reached the zone of the Champions League. The goal is achieved, but the whole struggle is still ahead. Roman Lazio is second only to additional indicators. Gattuso's appetite is big, and he will try to catch up with Inter, who has jumped four points ahead. On the road with the "black and red" only one victory in five games, but the future opponent is not a sin to beat.


Prediction for this match

The hosts in terrible form, the team does not care where to lose, their main goal in the current segment of the season is to give the enemy three points. The "Devils" is quite a noble goal - to gain a foothold in the zone of the Champions League. In such a situation, you can even believe in the unreliable squad of Gattuso.

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Bid - Milan victory.


"Udinese” in the last round interrupted his series of four defeats and is coming to a match with Milan in high spirits. Are the "zebra" on the feat? The answer is in our forecast.


Udinese started the championship quite well, the team led by Julio Velasquez showed excellent football, but recently the club landed in a losing streak. It all started with the defeat of "Lazio” in his field, after which the "zebra” lost alternately to "Bologna”, "Juventus” and "Napoli”.

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Stop the unsuccessful series "Udinese” could only last tour, playing with "Genoa” a draw 2: 2 away. Twice during the match, the team of Velasquez was recouped through the efforts of Kevin Lasagna and Rodrigo De Paul, with whom the contract was extended after the match. Mentor "zebras" was pleased with the game of his team and expressed confidence that the leadership will give him time to improve the situation.


But the Spaniard is best to act instantly, otherwise he can repeat the fate of Massmmo Oddo, with whom the zebras lost 11 matches in a row last season.



"Milan” was not too successful at the start, sometimes even allowed failures, but eventually he was able to get out and now he is already the fourth. However, a place in the Champions League is still in danger - the fifth "Lazio” has the same points, and "Roma”, "Fiorentina” and "Sampdoria” are at a distance of one victory from the "Rossoneri”.

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In the last round, the team of Gennaro Gattuso beat Genoa at home with a score of 2: 1, snatching the victory in extra time. After Suso's goal in the fourth minute, Milan relaxed, for which he was punished by Aessio Romagnoli, a curious own goal, at the start of the second half of the meeting. However, it was Romagnoli that eventually brought the victory to Milan, scoring in extra time.


Gattuso was happy with three points and a rise to the fourth line, but the Rossoneri mentor also noted that his team must also be added in order to stake out a ticket to the Champions League.



In the last seven matches, Udinese scored against Milan

In the last two home games, "Udinese" does not score

Milan misses in each of the last 15 matches

Udinese home does not leave Milan dry since 2011

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"Udinese” in the last round interrupted the series of defeats, which certainly gives Velasquez optimism, because the team has already slipped to the relegation zone. The last two home games Udinese lost, and made it dry, which is unusual for the team playing in an attacking manner.


With "Milan”, "zebras” are playing effectively, especially for home games, in which Milan has not been dry for the last seven years. The tournament position requires the hosts to go ahead, which can be a big problem for Milan, missing in 15 games in a row.

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We believe that dry guests will not stay. Forecast - individual total "Udinese” more than one goal. In the Betting League, such a bet can be placed with a odds of 2.30.


To close the 11th round of the Italian Serie A match will be in Udine, where Udinese will take the Milan.

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Last season at this stadium, the team played a draw - 1: 1. I wonder if any of the teams will be able to win the current season?


This season, Udinese does not shine at all, having obtained only 9 points for 10 rounds. Thus, the wards of Julio Velasquez managed to win twice, tied 3 times and lost 5 times, the total score was 10:15. However, the "zebras” played so badly not from the beginning of the season, but somewhere from the end of September - a draw with Genoa (2: 3) and 4 defeats.


In turn, Milan has a good composition, and the game of the team is attractive, just the players do not have enough stability. As a result, Gattuso's wards now have 15 points in their assets - 4 wins, 3 draws and 2 losses, while the total score was 18:13. Nevertheless, after the October pause, the Rossoneri have noticeably surrendered, and the players are tired of regular matches ...

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In the run-up to the duel, bookmakers are more inclined to win Milan, as Udinese is now just disappointing. However, the "Rossoneri” is not in the best shape, so expect a misfire on each side ...


Free match prediction Udinese - Milan: "Total over 2". Bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.49 for such an event.


As part of the 11th round of the Italian Serie A, Udinese will host Milan at home. The bookmakers on the side of the future guests, "red-black”, having won in mid-week-long Genoa, rose into the top four strongest teams of Serie A in their native walls, the "devils” will do everything possible to stay in the Champions League zone, and this can only be done by winning in the upcoming game.

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Horrible shape

Udinese in the last five meetings has never won, the Friulians have dropped to 16th place in the table, have a plus handicap from Empoli and the relegation zone with only three points. Everything goes to the fact that Velázquez will soon be fired, to be honest, the project initially did not seem very promising, given that the head coach had not worked in Italy before, plus, in Spain he showed himself mediocre.


There is a character

When Gattuso Milan once again showed character, in the mid-week "red-blacks” in the end of the match snatched victory from Genoa. Milan does not succeed thanks to, but in spite of. When Gattuso once again begin to dismiss, he gets his wards and they achieve results. As for the upcoming match, Milan simply has to take advantage of the weak form of the opponent and bring three points from the north of Italy.

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Milan surpasses Udinese in all components, the only problem for the "red-blacks” is the away character of the match, because it is known that the "devils” feel much more comfortable on their San Siro than anywhere else. But despite this, it is likely that the "red-blacks” on Sunday will be able to defeat the outsider in his field. Our free prediction for this meeting: Milan's victory with a handicap 0


Recently, Milan has returned to the victorious path and is already in the European Cup zone. So with a representative of the bottom of the standings, Rossonieri should not be. On the other hand, Udinese will do everything possible to interrupt his series of failures.

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The club from Udine scored only nine points in ten games and is only sixteenth with a goal difference of 10:15. In the previous round, the Zebras were able to draw a meeting with Genoa (2: 2), but before that there was a series of defeats - 0: 3 from Napoli, 0: 2 from Juventus, 1: 2 from Bologna and 1: 2 from Lazio. At this rate, Udinese will turn into one of the main applicants for departure.


Milan climbed to fourth place. Rosso-neri has eighteen points in the asset and the goal difference is 20:14. After a slip at the start of the championship, the Gattuso wards finally took on the mind: triumphs 4: 1 over Sassuolo, 3: 1 over Chievo, 3: 2 over Sampdoria and 2: 1 over Genoa, between which there was a defeat 0: 1 from Inter. Devils need to solve problems in defense, as they consistently missed the Serie A in each round.


The favorites of this confrontation are more successful and famous guests. The situation in Udinese is too bad for this club to suddenly come to its senses and start churning out victories.

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The individual total of Milan is more than 1.5 at 1.97


On Sunday, 4.11.2018, the championship match of Italy between Udinese and Milan will be held. Kick-off is scheduled for 22.30 Moscow time. Especially for fans of statistics in football, "Bookmakers.rf" continues to publish interesting statistics on the statistics of rivals in Serie A.



Over the last five rounds, Udinese scored just one point and never played to zero;

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Since last December, in no Serie A home game, Udinese has scored more than one goal;


70% of their goals this season (7 out of 10) Udinese scored after the 60th minute of matches - the highest percentage in Serie A;


Rodrigo de Paul from Udinese scored five goals in the Italian Championship this season. He had never managed to score more than four goals in a season before;

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Forward Milan Gonzalo Higuain scored two goals against Udinese in Serie A. True, for the last four fights against him, he did not hit the target even once.


Prediction for the match Udinese - Milan according to statistics: the guests will win the first half and the match, scoring at least two goals, and conceding only one goal after the 60th minute.

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Last week, Milan lost to Betis in the Europa League home. This defeat was the second in a row for the team - four days before him the Rossoneri lost to Inter in the derby. Social networks tore up calls to dismiss Gennaro Gattuso, insiders from the club reported that Leonardo was ready to nominate Roberto Donadoni, but it never came to decisive action. Gattuso stayed, Milan won two championship matches and rose to the Champions League. Does this mean that problems are in the past? Not at all.


Gennaro changed the scheme, finding a place on the field at the same time Gonzalo Higuainu and Patrick Cutrone. Forwards scored twice Sampdoria, but could not find a way to the gates of Genoa. Victory over the Rossoneri Griffins brought a crazy goal by Alessio Romagnoli in the final minutes. And also, which is important, Suso scored in both matches.

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The Spaniard has four goals and seven assists - he leads in Serie A in the sum of goals and passes, the same figure in Cristiano Ronaldo. Suso is the best assistant in the top championships and admits that he has never played so well. The peak form of the winger and the performance of the attackers brought the result to Milan. But the failures in the defense have not gone away.


Milan - the only team that missed in all ten matches of the championship. Given last season, the opponents have scored Rossoneri 16 matches in a row. Udinese does not win already five rounds (four losses, one draw), but such statistics of Milan adds optimism to being on the verge of the dismissal of Julio Velasquez. Milan can miss at any time, which means there are chances.

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Milan - the third in the championship in the number of goals scored, but more than him in the first ten only Sassuolo misses. Udinese misses at least two goals five rounds in a row. Even if the protection of the guests fails once again, the attack must compensate for this and in the worst case, prevent defeat.


Indicative compositions

Udinese: Musso - Opoku, Trost-Ekong, Samir - Pussetto, Fofana, Mandragora, Barak, Larsen - De Paul - Lasagna


Milan: D. Donnarumma - Musacchio, Romagnoli, Rodriguez - Suso, Kessier, Bakayoko, Chalkhanoglu, Laxalt - Higuain, Cutrone

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