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Free soccer tips


In the following lines we will analyze the performance of both teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Switzerland - Costa Rica.


We are watching an experienced, relaxed and waiting Switzerland in this championship. The team defended well against Brazil, with the exception of the opening and final minutes of the match. The exact moment was awaiting and the point was won, despite the disputes in the equalizing shot.

The Crusaders stood against Serbia in a direct clash for the eighth place, and on the break the Swiss were lagging behind. In the second part, the team came out in a completely transformed way and deservedly reached the full 2: 1 turn. Here, too, can be noted that the Swiss players have been waiting for their moment without playing hurriedly and eventually achieving the goal.

Costa Rica started well against Serbia and played its best half time at the championship in its debut match. Then the team played well, created situations and allowed only a more serious situation in front of their own door. In the second half, the Balkans took control of the match, reached a defeated goal and by the end of the game the Costa Ricanians were on the Serbian wall.

Tactics against Brazil were a solid defense throughout the game. The formula was about to be successful, but Kouttinho and Neimar scored in the sequel. The Costa Rats did not look forward and they reached just four inaccurate punches and one corner.

Free soccer tips

Switzerland - Costa Rica Statistics

Switzerland has only one defeat in its last 24 games and 17 of them have been won.

"Watchmakers" have no loss of the World Cup from North and Central America - two wins and two draws.

Costa Rica has suffered eight defeats in its last ten games.

The Costa Rats have managed to draw three draws and lost once from the European teams of the World Cup.

Free soccer tips

Switzerland - Costa Rica Bet

Everything is clear about Costa Rica and we expect the Americans to try to play more attacking and looking for the first points of the championship. Swiss defense is performing awesome, and Shakuri and company will be pleased with a more open line of defense against themselves. Undoubtedly, Europeans have a better team, and here they have no right to mistake.

Our forecast for Switzerland - Costa Rica is a victory for Switzerland. The recommended bookmaker for such markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.

Switzerland will surely take this match and after a bunch of victories will hardly have any difficulty against Costa Rica. The hosts are a decent team and in any case will take the three points set and will remain favorite in the group so that after this match the guests can easily tighten their luggage and more secure than this match will hardly be today. Search even more goals in this battle because you will have them at all costs in this interesting game.

Forecast 1, co. 1.81, bet 10, DAGETO typist

Free soccer tips

A colleague with serious success in our predictions advises us to look for more goals in this match, but I am in the opposite opinion. Yes, the Swiss with their great little Djordan Shakirri will probably attack more, but Costa Rica's defense is good enough (remember the match with Brazil) and the door is one of the best in the world - Keelor ​​Navas, whom only Real Madrid (Madrid) wonder how not to appreciate and try to replace it with Curtoa, then with De Hea, then with Donoruma. I wonder how they have not even thought about Vitalis Cherniyaskas, who is he? !

Forecast -2.5, co. 1.55, bet 10, tip the_rain_ss

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Hello football buddies and football predictions. Today, as the first forecast, I chose a match from the World Cup between the teams of Switzerland - Costa Rica. Costa Rica has already dropped and played the game today and tightened the suitcases. Switzerland needs these 3 points if they want to continue. If they do not win, in theory they can drop even in a draw, but I do not think because I watched their two games played and I think they deserve to qualify and I do not think they will get hurt.

Forecast 1, co. 1.77, bet 10, tipstar extaz_boy

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Switzerland showed what it is capable of on June 17, 2018 with the disputed match with Brazil. Once with one of the world championship favorites, he can not afford to fall out of Costa Rica. Victory over their opposing team is very necessary, so they will do everything by themselves. She will be the second team to score eighth in Group E. With soccer talents Jordan Shakuri, Brell Embollo, Granit Jacka and Valon Behrami, the Crusaders will continue straight ahead, crushing Costa Rica on their way.

Forecast 1, co. 1.77, bet 10, tipper pepich

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Switzerland - Costa Rica. World Championship E Wednesday - 21:00 (27.06.2018). Switzerland have a 3-point win over this match and Costa Rica has no chance to move forward. In my opinion, the symbolic hosts will be able to make their games without much strain. If I have to be accurate I would say something of the sort of Two to Zero or even Three to Zero. I have not been giving predictions for a long time, so I hope to start with success and profit. I wish success to all who trust me!

Forecast 1, co. 1.72, bet 10, typstar tonche7

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My first forecast of the day - Switzerland will face Costa Rica in the final round of the group stage. In my opinion, in this match, the Swiss will look for a sure win to secure a seat in the eighth finals and show their strength to the rest of the teams. The coefficient is not bad and it's worth trying. I suppose that Switzerland will pass as a tank through Costa Rica and will dominate the whole game. I bet 1 and hope to have a beautiful game from both teams.

Forecast 1, co. 1.72, bet 9, typo nedotorpedo12

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Tikhak, translated by Swiss, ☺️Great ?, successful and not so successful altercats. In this match, Costa will be de-boned and the Swiss will score goals for both the tie and the tie, that is, for both legs and what I mean, at least two goals in the Costa Dorian door. And no matter what else you know, let's say it like that in a Swiss bank you come in, say a good day of bowing and thanks. I retired again ... There is nothing to say the Swiss are number one - in this game. Costa Rica will try to call one for the way, but the Swiss are not giving up and it is unlikely to happen, otherwise the Swiss banking system will collapse. SAID

Forecast 1, co. 1.72, Bet 10, Tipcho Ancho

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