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We are expecting a heavy match of very equal rivals.

Free soccer tips

The attack is stronger for the Swiss, there is Shakiri, he is in very good shape and an obvious leader ahead.

In general, the teams are almost the same. More will matter the dedication and the number of martial arts won. It will be a combat match that can easily move into extra time. For the teams already, the success is to perform at this stage, but to go further and do well.

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There are no stars in any of the teams. The only person I can mention is Shakiri. He can make a game, so it seems to me that Switzerland has a little more advantage.

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Sweden is the eighth-finisher, which is the least spoken. The Scandinavians remained in shadow, although they played very well and managed to win their Group F. The team started with an expected victory over South Korea and in this match the Koreans did not create anything dangerous. This victory was not a big reflection, because the news of the day was the loss of Germany from Mexico.

The victory for the "three crowns" in the second duel would have them ranked ahead and they led to Germany. The team failed to withstand the German pressure and made a complete turn, and the winning goal for the Bundestama came in the final seconds of the match.

Sweden needed the three points against Mexico to be sure of its continuation to the next phase of the tournament. A 2-0 win would be enough for the Scandinavians to beat the Aztec at the top of the standings, but the victory was a three-goal classic. Here the Swedes mostly defended, allowed only three accurate strikes in their door and counter-attacked well.

Switzerland entered this World Cup under number 6 in the FIFA rankings. Crusaders defended and played well against Brazil and reached the point we can say deservedly, although it was a surprising result for many.

The second match against Serbia was decisive, and the Balkans had a bare return on their vacation. "The Crusaders" showed irreconcilability and reached a complete turn, which put them in a good starting position before the last duels. A point was needed against Costa Rica and it was added to their asset after a 2-2 draw.

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Sweden - Switzerland Previous Meetings

Both countries have exactly 10 wins in their meetings.

Sweden has not lost from Switzerland in the last three games.

This is the first clash between the two teams in a big forum since 1924, when Switzerland wins the 2: 1 semi-final of the Olympic Games.

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Sweden - Switzerland Statistics

The upcoming match is jubilee, under number 50, for Sweden.

Sweden has reached the elimination phase of the World Cup for the first time since 1994.

Emil Forsberg and Markus Berg have made 21 out of 37 shots for the Scandinavians in the past three matches, but none of them have scored yet.

Switzerland jumped to the World Championship last year in 1954, and failed to do so in 1994, 2006 and 2014, not even marking a goal in those three matches.

11 of the last 14 goals of the World Cup for Switzerland were scored in the second half, including four of the five goals in Russia.

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Sweden - Switzerland News

Sebastian Larson, midfielder, got a yellow card against Germany and Mexico, and it is coming from the upcoming match.

Silly drawn yellow cards by Stefan Liechtenstein and Fabian Cher against Costa Rica are taking away the defenders' ability to defend the national colors against Sweden. They will be replaced by Michael Lang and John Djourou, and Steven Suber is under question due to slight trauma.

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Sweden - Switzerland Bet

Both teams win their matches mainly with strong and stable defense. Another similarity between Sweden and Switzerland is their weakness in attack and the difficult creation of clean situations and their realization. The Swedes have a good central striker like Markus Berg, but the "Crusaders" do not have their hero in the attack, and the elected central striker performs poorly.

The Swiss will have difficulty in overcoming the Swedish firewall, and a cure for this may be Shakuri's technical distant strike or Jack's bomb attack. Liechtenstein and Cher are the best-performing players in the defense of Switzerland, and their lack will surely have a negative impact. We think Sweden will not lose in the regular 90 minutes and will continue to the quarterfinals.

Our forecast for Sweden - Switzerland is Double chance - Win for Sweden or Draw and Over 1.5 goals in the match. Our recommended bookmaker for this type of markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.

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The coming Tuesday will be the final day of the 1/8 finals of the World Cup, in one of the last matches of the first round of the playoffs, the national teams of Sweden will come together against Switzerland. It is necessary to recognize that this couple is almost the most boring of all. The witness of the event will be the city of St. Petersburg, the local arena with the creative name "St. Petersburg Stadium" is ready to host the battle.

If you look at the quotes from the bookmakers, you can see that the Swiss in the eyes of "all-knowing" are a small favorite. Do not rush to flee to BC and put on a similar outcome, because the Swedes, after they lost Ibrahimovic, became only stronger and more complete as a team. Now no one pulls the blanket over and can hide the whole team, in such a situation the chances can be regarded as approximately equal.

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"Wolverine" well organized defense, even at the stage of qualification, the guys managed not to miss from the Italians and the Dutch, two seemingly top European teams that did not qualify for the World Cup. In the group stage, the Swedes continued to break profitable odds, one of the biggest sensations happened with their participation, when they managed to overtake Germany on points.

Although the "Blue-yellow" and lost to the Germans, but in two other matches, Anderson's wards played irreproachably. Offensive goal was missed from Tony Cross, but the representative of Real Madrid failed to pull the national team into the playoffs, and at this time in parallel our "Wolverine" steadily gained points and no longer missed the goals. Surely the coaching staff will not depart from the traditions and will continue to play defensive football.

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"Neutrals" can not boast of such a reliable defense, in all three games of the group the guys missed the goal, but there is also a positive moment - our heroes of today have never lost. This is really an achievement, because with them in the group were the Brazilians, with whom there was a meeting in the first round. The teams scored each other on the goal and departed on the hotels to rest.

Next, the Swiss in an important match managed to beat Serbia with a slippery 2: 1 score, three points were scored mostly due to the efforts of Shakiri. Already the stars came together so that even the world in the third round against Costa Rica allowed the squad of Vladimir Petkovic to slip into the playoffs. As we see from the results, future guests have a certain problem with the defense.

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Forecast for this match

"Neutrals" is not a very balanced team, the good in the reporting match against them will play a rival who builds the game from a reliable defense. Given all the factors, do not expect an effective match. In this situation, we recommend to put on the total.

The bet is a total less than 2.0.

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