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The England team for the Swedish team is just another favorite that needs to be passed. Such on the account of wards Andersson already four: France, the Netherlands, Italy and Germany. Impressive list, is not it? Recall that the first two "blue-yellow" played in the selection, with the "scuadra azurra" met in the playoffs, and with Germany, Sweden played in this World Cup. However, it should be noted that the Swedes defeated only two of the listed rivals. Scalp team Andersson withdrew from the French in a home qualifying match - 2: 1 and Italy - 1: 0. The Swedish team also defeated the Swedes in their field. The Germans lost to Sweden 1: 2, and with the Netherlands in two matches the Scandinavians earned one point.

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Anyway, the departure of Ibrahimovic surprisingly affected the results of the Scandinavians. Without Zlatan, Sweden appeared to be a more monolithic collective. This, perhaps, allowed the "yellow-blue" to achieve such successes. Started their way into the quarterfinals of the Swedes with a minimum victory over South Korea - 1: 0. Then there was a fiasco from Germany - 1: 2, and in the decisive match an incredible triumph over Mexico - 3: 0. Indicative is also a duel of the Swedes in 1/8, because they beat Andersson's wards very strong Switzerland - 1: 0.

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The maximum result of Sweden at the moment is silver at the home World Cup-1958.

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The results of the England team after all the previous unsuccessful championships are for the fans of this team something akin to venting. England went into the quarterfinals of the World Championship. And this is after the disgrace on Euro-2016 and World Cup-2014. Southgate did a really good job with the team, essentially rejuvenating the line-up. England, finally, began to play beautifully, which has long been unusual for the team of "three lions."


Before the quarterfinals in the current championship England got, just defeating those whom she had to beat before. In the group, the British dealt with Tunisia - 2: 1 and defeated Panama - 6: 1, and in 1/8 Southgate wards on penalties went to Colombia - 1: 1 (4: 3 pen.). By the way, the penalty shoot-out was just the weak side of the English.


The best result of England at the World Cup is a victory in 1966. However, the team of "three lions" did not reach the semi-finals of the mundial. The last time so far the British made their way in 1990.

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The Swedish team won four of the ten previous fights under the auspices of FIFA.

Defeats "blue-yellow" during this time suffered three.

England won four of the six past meetings.

In the last eight fights, England did not score only Belgium.

The fiasco from Belgium is the only one for the British for the last ten meetings.

In the last five full-time matches, England and Sweden won each other twice.

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Without a doubt, the Swedish team is a very "tough nut". Hardly anyone now underestimates Andersson's team. However, England is also difficult to call a weak team. Southgate wards on the move and they lost recently. Even defeat from Belgium can be considered a failure only with a stretch, because this match did not solve anything. Statistics Sweden, especially in matches with the grandees, is not indicative of the "blue-yellow".

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Our forecast for the match is England's victory for 2.00 in BC 1xStavka.

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