Styarnan - Reykjavik forecast

Styarnan - Reykjavik forecast

In the 15th round of Iceland - Premier League will play teams Styarnan and CP Reykjavik.

The home team takes second place in the standings with 27 points and goal difference 27:17. They are only one point of the leaders Hafnarfyordur.

Guests occupy them for indecent 7th position with 19 points and goal difference 15:14. Surprisingly or not started the season very poorly and are still far from prizes. But perhaps one victory in this meeting will increase the chances for at least 3rd place.

Of their last six meetings have Styarnan 5 over 2.5 goals. CP Reykjavik have their last 6 games - 4 over 2.5 goals.

I expct to get interesting match with goals, perhaps in both doors. My prediction is over 2.5 goals.