St Patrick Aletik - Limerick 20.07 Free soccer tips

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St. Patrick's Athletic in this game is for the favorite, and very obvious, because the club for its victory has the bookmakers quotes at 1.35, but the current game is not something that is alarming, she speaks loudly that Saint- Patricks Athletic in no way can be a clear favorite. Seven defeats in a row, and if you consider a friendly match, then all eight. By the way, the control game was just the last for St. Patrick's Athletic. And interestingly, only in one meeting of the eight, St. Patricks Athletic missed fewer than two goals. The complete collapse of this team is now happening, and the bookmakers are counting on winning here.

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Yes, Limerick is in the relegation zone when his future rival in the middle of the standings due to the excellent start of the season, which allowed after such a series of fiasco to stay afloat. But an outsider does not mean a weak game. Recently, Limerick began to score points, won a tour before the club took three points, and let it was the main outsider, but still. Then Limerick scored twice. Derry City in the last round of Limerick, although lost at a party, but also scored a goal.

On Friday, the game of the next round of the twenty-sixth round of the Irish championship will be played. On the field will converge, "St. Patricks" and "Limerick." In the current season, rivals met twice and stronger was the first team - 1: 0 and 0: 1. What do we expect from the return round? See the forecast.


"Svyatoshi" on the sixth line, because you earned 30 points - 9 victories, three times a draw and 13 times failed with scoring 28:37. But only recently, the team is not the best indicators, there was a "black bar".

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"Blue" in the ninth place, after all earned 21 points. Soccer players Russell in five games were able to win, another 6 draws and 14 fiasco, and scoring 18:46. The main problem of the club is instability, but they are able to surprise.


Forecast for the match "St. Patrick's Athletic" - "Limerick", F2 (+1.5). In general, the owners look better, but after all, guests can not be written off. Most likely, the second team will be able to avoid the defeat.


In one of the fights of the 26th round of the Irish Premier League will play St. Patrick's Athletic and Limerick. This season the rivals held two full-time meetings and in both the victory with a minimum score of 1: 0 was won by the "saints". I wonder if the guests will be able to take revenge from their opponent for these defeats?


St. Patrick is now in 6th place in the standings of the Irish championship and has an active 30 points scored. Losing the hosts for 7 official matches in a row. It is also worth noting that Liam Buckley's wards scored just 3 in these meetings, and conceded 18 goals.


Limerick, in turn, takes the penultimate 9th line of the tournament table of the Irish Premier League. At the moment in the active guests 21 points scored. In 12 away matches of the championship the "blue" won 3 wins, having played three times in a draw and having suffered 6 defeats. It is noteworthy that in these meetings, the team of Martin Russell scored 11, and conceded 26 goals.

A clear favorite in this confrontation is St. Patrick's. However, the hosts are not in the best shape now, so they hardly believe in their confident victory.

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The second match of the 26th day of the Irish Football Championship will be a duel between St. Patrick's Athletic and Limerick. Both teams are located at the bottom of the division's tournament, but if the future hosts are at some distance from the relegation zone and can feel comfortable, then Limerick has big risks at the end of the season to lose his place in the elite of Irish football.


In the sixth place

After 25 played rounds in the Premier League of Ireland, St. Patrick scored 30 points in his asset, has 9 handicap points before Limerick. The current form of the hosts is terrible, in the last five games, St. Patrick's only lost, and the offenders of this team are: Bray Wanderers, Waterford United, Sligo Rovers, Bohemians and Dundalk. In their field, the "saints" had 12 matches, in which they won six times with two draws and four defeats.

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In the zone of transitional matches

Limerick before the 26th round is located in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtransitional matches, i.e. on the 9th position. In the asset future guests 21 points, it is 6 more than the Bray Wanderers from the relegation zone, but 4 less than Bohemians and saving 8th place. In total, Limerick hosted 12 matches in the season, in which appear three wins with three draws and six defeats.

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St. Patrick's is in terrible sports form, but it's important for the owners to keep the handicap in front of Limerick, ie. strategically "holy" even a draw will arrange on Friday. Limerick will do everything possible to win, but the exit statistics of this team is not happy. Our free forecast for this meeting:

Friday night, St. Patrick's Athletic will take Limerick in the 26th round of the championship of Ireland.

In the course of the current season, these teams crossed twice already, and both times remained for the "saints" - 1: 0 and 0: 1. I wonder if they will be able to win again with the same score?

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Coefficients PariMatch:

Victory of St. Patrick - 1.55; draw - 4,1; The victory of Limerick - 6.0

After 25 rounds St. Patrick dropped to the 6th line of the championship, because recently the team went to the "black bar". So, the wards Buckley lost the last 7 games, scoring just 3 goals in this time. Well, in general, "saints" have in the asset 30 points - 9 wins, 3 draws and 13 losses, while the total score was 28:37.

But Limerick is located on the 9th line of the standings, as the team has so far scored only 21 points. In total, Martin Russell's wards managed to win 5 times in the course of the championship, 6 tied and 14 conceded, while the total score was 18:46. Well, it is worth noting that the "blue" is now very unstable, and can surprise at any time ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to the side of St. Patrick's, but is everything so simple? Yes, the "saints" are generally more powerful, but now they are simply none. That's why I propose to put on guests who know how to "gnaw out" the game ...

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Free forecast for the match St. Patrick's Athletic - Limerick: "Limerick's victory with odds +1.5." The bookmaker office Pari-Match offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.47.

Rejoice, because next Friday will open another bottle of Irish whiskey called the twenty-sixth round. On the reporting day, we are faced with the clash of such titans of world football as St. Patrick's Athletic against Limerick. The event will take place in Dublin at the Richmond Park stadium. Piquancy is added by the fact that both teams are at the bottom of the standings.

As you already understood, we are waiting for an exciting duel between two not very successful representatives of the not very successful Irish championship. Bookmakers prefer the hosts, this desire is caused by the fact that Athletic in a more advantageous position in the standings, here the guests can say goodbye to the elite. Let's try to understand if it's possible that Limerick is a wounded beast, who was angry (no).

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Saint Patrick's Athletic

"Saints" obediently conducted twenty-five services and during this period collected a tribute of thirty points. Such figures allow fans to walk through the streets of the city without a nervous tic, that their pets will leave the first echelon. The guys are ahead of the future opponent and the uncomfortable zone by nine points. Even the defeat in the future sparring is not very painful to hit the distribution in the team event.

From a pleasant move to prickly - even a bear that all winter time sucked his paw and left the den to look at the world is in better physical condition, than our today's heroes. In five extreme games, the "saints" sinned, only their defeats on their conscience. In turn, candles for the repose Wanderers, Waterford, Rovers, Dundlok and Bohemians. A significant advantage can be the home arena, in which the hosts win in 50% of cases.

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"Blue" can not sober up in any way, they were brought to the zone of transitional matches, the guys after twenty-five played rounds are still tutoring on the ninth line in the standings. In the pocket of the head coach twenty-one points, but since this is football, not cards, there is no dividend from such a figure. The departure zone is very close, Wanderers is behind only six points.

Martin Russell should play the role of Crow and save his homeland, in this case, survival can be considered survival in the harsh elite of Irish football. Four points separate the guys from the comfort zone. This time I'll have to go to the complex stadium "Richmond Park". This season, the "blue" twelve times rolled outside the city and in three cases managed to bring home victories.

The forecast for this match

The hosts are now in poor condition, but you need to forget about the inflamed fat on your stomach and keep the handicap in front of the zone of transitional matches. Guests smugly smile, because in case of victory they can reduce the distance from the enemy to a minimum. Expected football is ineffective, because the responsibility is high.

The bet is total less than 3.5.

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