Spartak Moscow - Anzhi 11.08 Free soccer tips


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"Spartacus" started the new championship in a not very confident way, typing in 4 matches, 4 points, but having scored only one goal.


In the first round wards Massimo Carrera at home beat the newcomer RPL "Orenburg" thanks to a goal too, but the Moscow team - Samuel Gigot. The goal was scored in the 4 th minute of the match, after which almost four halves in the championship, "Spartacus" held without goals scored. In the second round, "red and white" on a visit in a fairly equal game broke the world with the current champion "Locomotive" - ​​0: 0.


For the match against "Anji", "Spartacus" is suitable after a heavy defeat in the third qualifying round of the Champions League against PAOK. The match took place on August 8. "Red and white" quickly scored two goals (excelled Ivelin Popov and Quincy Promes), but even before the break, missed three times. In the second half of the match, Promes could compare the score, but did not realize a penalty - 2: 3.

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After the match with "Anji" "Spartacus" will have to fight back with PAOK, which at this stage is much more important. Therefore, most likely, in the third round of the RPL, Carrera will provide rest for some base players.



"Anji", given the complexity of the situation in the club, can record the beginning of the season in an asset. Makhachkala residents in the starting rounds scored 3 points.

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Three points "Anji" brought himself in a piggy bank in the first round - in Yekaterinburg Makhachkala residents defeated "Ural". Toward the end of the match, Paul Anton won the winning goal.


In the second round, "Anji" lost a lot at a party "Ufa", but at 0-3 the team did not deserve. Two goals from three Ufimtsev held at the 87th and 89th minutes of the match.

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Bookmakers consider Spartak to be the unconditional favorite of the match. To win "red-white" is given a coefficient of 1.27, while for a draw - 6.45, and for the success of the guests - 13.50.


Last season, "Anji" managed to take away points from "Spartacus", and on the road - 2: 2. But in the second round, Muscovites defeated Makhachkala residents with a score of 4: 1.

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Considering that Spartak will use rotation, will try to save strength and take three points with little blood, as well as the poor performance of both teams in the current championship, we will venture to assume that this match will not be rich for goals.


We suggest putting on a total of less than 2.5 goals with a coefficient of 2.12.


Another interesting option is the bet that Serzh Sargsyan will not score with a coefficient of 1.75.

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"Spartacus" is now fighting on two fronts, alternating the Premier League matches with fights in the Champions League qualification. Can "Anji" take advantage of the opponent's fatigue? The answer is in our forecast.


"Spartacus" in the first round was able to beat quite easily, "Orenburg" - after a quick goal, Samuel Gigot "red and white" calmed down and slowed down. The bout ended with the victory of the team Massimo Carrera with the score 1: 0, but a couple of killer moments Muscovites in this mast still ruined. In the second round, already "Lokomotiv" checked for the strength of the bronze medalist of the last championship - the match ended in a goalless draw, which, most likely, was more at hand "Spartacus".


On Wednesday, Muscovites met with the Greek PAOK in the qualification of the Champions League. On the "Tumboe" filled to capacity, "red and white" arranged for the first 17 minutes a deathly silence, having shipped two goals to the hosts' gate. However, all that was after that, the fans of "Spartacus" certainly want to quickly forget - already in the first half they managed to miss three times. The match ended with a victory of the Greeks with a score of 3: 2, but the guests obviously could count on a much more positive result.



"Anji" had already two matches in the new season and managed to get one of them to win three points. It happened in Ekaterinburg, where the team of Magomed Adiev opposed the local "Urals". Guests from the first minute went into the defense and repulsed the opponent's attacks until the final whistle, but in the second half they built an excellent counter-attack, thanks to which they won 1: 0 on another's field. In the second round, the "yellow-green" crashed Ufa 0: 3, but they still remained in the middle of the standings.

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Last season, the team met twice - in Moscow, it was fixed a 2: 2 draw, on a visit, "Spartak" won 4: 1

"Spartacus" won in the last five matches four wins over "Anji"

In the last three matches, "Anji" managed to score only one goal



"Spartacus" in the week held a very difficult match in Greece, which took away from football players not only physically strong, but also probably exhausted them morally. For a week, "red and white" you need to bring your game in order to have chances to pass PAOK, otherwise all the efforts of last season will be useless.


In the match with "Anji" the owners are unlikely to try to show their best game, it is much more important for Carrera to get three points and start preparations for the Champions League. "Anji" will definitely start the match on the defensive and will try hard not to miss, in the attack of the case the team Adiev does not get along long ago.


In our opinion, there will not be many goals in the match. Our forecast is a total of goals less than three. In 1xStand such a bet is offered with a coefficient of 1.61

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The Russian regular season on the next Saturday to present a couple of interesting events in the third round of the regular season. In one of the matches will face Spartak against Anji. Well-fed after the World Cup fans in Moscow will certainly fill the rostrum "Opening the Arena", in order to personally support the pets in their quest to climb the pedestal at the end of the tournament.


Bookmakers made an obvious choice - put the Moscow team in the rank of favorite. It is worth mentioning that both clubs have certain problems at the initial stage of the championship. The hosts are forced to split into two fronts - the Premier League and the qualification of the Champions League, but the guests have banal funding problems, nothing to be surprised at, because this is Russia, where only those who sit at the top and complain about a lack of money live well.



"People's team" very cheerfully started a new season - wards Massimo Carrera has already conducted three official sparring. In one of the matches, the guys at the home arena hosted guests from Orenburg, the final score was 1: 0. You can remember the world 0-0 with Lokomotiv. In the third round of the qualification of the championship league "red-white" faced PAOK and lost to the Greeks in the enemy territory with a score of 2: 3.

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At the moment, the qualification of European cups is a top priority for the Italian specialist. Last season Muscovites managed to get into the world elite, but now they are experiencing problems. Insulting result, because our today's heroes won with a score of 2-0 and at the end of the fight so weak-willed victory. For sure, Carrera will take advantage of the opportunity to cast cast in the nearest match of the domestic championship.

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The "yellow-green" has come scanty times, there is no money, but the team is holding on. There is a possibility that the club will also withdraw from the competition for lack of money. And how after such news to go to the football field and kick the ball? There is simply no motivation for players, the coaching staff, now we need to think about more important things.


Despite the hail of problems, today's heroes in the first round managed to outplay the Urals with a score of 1: 0. However, the second game day put everything in its place - Ufa did not make the "eagles" with the score 3: 0. As we understand, the chances of the guests are not enough. The guys will come to Moscow absolutely lax, the main trump card of Magomed Adiev - defense, which broke up in the previous match.

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Forecast for this match

Muscovites are not even the main team must win an opponent who is in a psychological pit. Guests will try to forget themselves in the capital and go to all serious, so you can expect from the "eagles" of productive football.


The bet is a total greater than 2.5.