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Spartacus continues the pursuit of Zenith, having two points less. The Moscow club also flew out of the Champions League qualification, which gives reason to say that the forces will be and that Spartak will focus exclusively on the domestic championship, where, according to the current game, you can say that he can regain his championship. With regard to home games, then Spartak there is just perfect, winning all three meetings of three, conceding only one ball. With such football you can easily beat Akhmat.


We will say right away for the guest game of Akhmat, but it is not corny. The club from Grozny lost all three for three guest matches, with the balance of the balls 3: 6. And among all the serious rivals who were on the way to Ahmat visiting, so it's Rostov, and it's hard to call it an impregnable fortress now. At home, Ahmat is strong, but the guest game is disgusting and can not withstand it in Moscow.

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Spartak pleasantly surprises in the new season, showing a decent level. As a result, after 6 rounds Carrera's wards take the 2nd place of the Premier League, having already scored 14 points - 4 wins and 2 draws (the total score was 5: 1). Yes, the "red and white" is not very good, but they are rarely missed. And this despite the fact that in the gate of the Muscovites young Maximenko ...


But Ahmat is the middle peasant of the championship, which is quite normal. So, for 6 rounds Grozny residents managed to earn 7 points - 2 wins, a draw and 3 losses, and the total score was 6: 8. Nevertheless, all the wards Rashid Rakhimov's wards (the new coach) were allowed just on the road, conceding only 6 goals for these 3 matches.

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On the eve of the match bookmakers are completely inclined to win Spartacus, which is quite fair. "Red and white" show a more successful football, and in the defense they are acting simply gorgeous. Most likely, this match will not be equal, so it's better to put on the favorites ...


Free forecast for the match Spartak Moscow - Ahmat: "Spartacus's victory". William Hill's bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.53.


One of the matches of the 7th round of the RPL will be a duel between the Moscow team Spartak and Akhmat. An unequivocal favorite of the meeting is the Moscow team, which performed well the first part of the starting season. But Ahmat should not be underestimated, the team from Grozny will be headed by Rashid Rakhimov, an expert who recently worked in the Chechen Republic and achieved very good results, even with the Terek.

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Before Vienna

Spartak will play against Ahmad four days before his first match in the group of the League of Europe against the Vienna Rapid. Before the 7th round, "people's team" is located on the second line in the peloton, has 14 points in its active. That is two points less than the leading Zenith. In the native walls of Muscovites won three wins in three matches RPL, the difference scored and conceded goals 4: 1.


After Ledyakhova

Igor Ledyakhov at the end of last season played well in the role of crisis manager, but Akhmat started the new season not in the best way, having won only two wins in six extreme matches. Such results did not suit the management of the Grozny club, the task for the season before the "wolves" is to fight for a place in European competition, and not for position in the elite.

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Spartacus in his native walls is a favorite against any rival in the RPL, but Akhmat to Moscow is going with a special motivation, because the team was headed by a new head coach. When Rakhimov "green" played in a defensive manner, the second number, for sure it is this kind of football that this specialist will put to his new team. Our free forecast for this meeting


Intrigue in this game a little - one of the leaders and contenders for the championship takes a team that, judging by the results at the start of the season, is doomed to fight for survival.

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The Moscow club goes on the second place, having in the active fourteen points - four victories and two draws at a difference of balls 5: 1. Both misfires Spartak made in away matches with top teams - dueling with Lokomotiv and Zenit ended in a draw 0: 0. So Carrera wards can play with the grandees and in all respects excel in the class of middle peasants and outsiders.


Akhmat goes to the ninth place - two wins, one draw and three defeats. In his last game the club from Grozny won 2: 1 over the participant of the Ufa European Cups. But this was the only serious match of the season for the Chechens. Ahead of the meeting with the grandees, in which Akhmat is unlikely to gain a lot of points.

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Spartak in this championship missed only one ball and won all home games. We are waiting for the continuation of this trend - the triumph of the Red and White with a dry account.


Both will score (no) at 1.68



The capital club wants to win the championship again, and Spartak fully corresponds to such ambitions. The team seriously approached the new championship and now occupies the second line in the standings, having 14 points in their assets, just 2 points behind the leading Zenit. Under the leadership of Massimo Carrera, Spartacus again began to play extremely reliably in defense, which is the signature hand of the Italian football style, which is promoted in the Moscow club by this mentor. But in the attack Spartacus is not so all so smoothly, and the club managed to score only 5 goals in 6 matches held.

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The level of Spartak's game is very high, but the team flew out of the Champions League, and in the Europa League "red and white" will have a hard way in the same group as Rapid, Rangers and Villarreal. Compared with last season, Spartak had at least a few staff changes, and the squad was replenished with only three new players - R. Eremenko, Tashaev and Zhigo.

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The club from Grozny several years in a row tried to enter the zone of the League of Europe, and try their hand in European competition, but ... failed. As a result, the Terek turned into Ahmat, and the fifth place in the season of 16/17 was the highest in the history of the club from Grozny. Since September 2018, Rashid Rakhimov is again at the head of the team, who has become a legend of the coaching department for the club.


It is unlikely that now Akhmat is ready to fight for the zone of European cups, because in its composition the team looks weaker than a sample of two years ago. The club from Groznyy takes 9th place in the standings after 6 matches played, and shows not the best game in defense (8 goals conceded). Of the newcomers of the current season's team, it is worth mentioning such players as Nizhich, I. Dumbia, Gashchenkov and Kharin, each of which can become an important part of the main structure of Akhmat.

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Leading bookmakers give the following quotes for the outcome of this confrontation: Spartak's victory for 1.56, a draw for 4.30, and Ahmad's victory for 7.00. So, Spartak is a favorite, but bookmakers do not promise an easy walk to the Moscow club. Popular total-rates are estimated at BC as follows: "total more than 2.5" for 2.31, "total less than 2.5" for 1.70. These numbers promise us a match with a small number of goals scored.



Last season, Spartak sensationally lost to Akhmat in the match at his stadium (1: 3), but it was a single action from the capital's club. Often, the confrontation between Spartacus and the collective from Grozny ends with the victories of "red and white", and this is fully confirmed by statistical data. Therefore, here you can safely stop your choice on the victory of the home team.

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Bet: victory of Spartacus (P1) – 1.56.


Well, what Sunday without a match of the Russian championship, the mood and so not very rainbow on the last day off, so also the series of matches of the seventh round fell. On the reporting day, a match will be held between Spartak and Akhmat. The event will be held in the capital of the Russian Federation at the stadium "Opening Arena".

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Owners are considered to be favorites, if you accidentally drop a phrase in a large company that you put on the guests, then you will not be respected, and slanting glances will accompany the rest of your life. The guests were led by Rashid Rakhimov, who not so long ago worked in the Chechen Republic and now is not afraid of anything. Let's try to figure out if the "wolves" can dine in Moscow.

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"Red and white" will soon start in the Champions League. This moment is exciting, because the squad Massimo Carrera, four days after the event, will go to the game against Rapid. Such a joyful event in the life of the "people's team" can adversely affect the team's performance on the next Sunday. Thoughts will be about the best club tournament.


In the Russian championship, our heroes today are making progress on the second line. In the assets of the hosts fourteen points. The main task of Massimo Carrera and his squads is to overtake the St. Petersburg zenith, which scammed forward by two points. At their own stadium, "red and white" in this season only won. All visitors came to the back of the train with empty pockets.

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The leadership of the team is all looking for ways of salvation. We all perfectly remember the situation last season, when Igor Lediakhov was invited to the role of firefighter, who coped well with the role he had built. As it turned out, the coach proved to be suitable only in the role of a crisis manager, it was impossible to build high results from scratch. Thus, after an unsuccessful start on the coaching bridge, Rashid Rakhimov was signed.


Team bosses - love not modest, they set the task before the team to break into the zone of European competition. And it will be hard to do this after our current heroes won only two times in the last six sparring matches. Spectacled stock does not allow satisfying the hunger for "wolves". The break was bound to go to the benefit of the guys, so expect from the guests a tight game.

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Forecast for this match

"People's team" in their native walls is a force that is difficult to comprehend. Even the Jedi try to learn it for years, but they manage it only to units. This time a club from Grozny will come to visit, which already sounds threatening. The "wolves" have a special motivation that can help them contain the favorite's attacks.


The bet is a total less than 2.5.

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