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The two countries played for the last time in 1961 in the World Cup qualification, and Spain won both matches.


After failing in the previous two big tournaments, Fury of the Roch tries to regain his previous glory. Having easily won the first place in his qualifying group, the Spanish team seemed quite promising at the control meetings. With the problems she faced on the eve of the beginning of the Mundula. Unexpectedly held in the coaching bridge rotation did not contribute to the morale of the players. At the start-ups they did not show their best qualities. Especially worried about Spain's duel with Iran (1: 0). Fernando Hero's staff failed to break the resistance of his less skilled opponent.

Our experts have prepared another forecast for the match Spain - Morocco, in which they have determined the winner of the match.

There are health problems for goalkeeper Pepe Reina and the left Fulham Nacho Montreal.

Our experts drew up a material about the prospects of the Portuguese national team at the World Cup.

The national team of Spain has not yet shown the game that counts its fans. In the first duel with Portugal, the "red fighters" were frankly miserable, and Cristiano Ronaldo's skill completely obstructed the Spaniards to unleash their potential. But at a time when the Spaniards managed to turn the course and come out, the team suddenly stopped. He spoke again to Ronaldo, who realized the free kick. The match ended with an equal score of 2: 2, which was a huge disappointment for the Spaniards.

In the second match with Iran Spain was more cautious, but could not play again defensive. Despite the fact that the game ended in a "dry" victory for the Spaniards, the Iranians left too much on the gates of David De Gaia. To take the lead in the Quartet, the Spanish need to win today, he insisted Fernando Jero, who emphasized the importance of the first-line and won the game with the Moroccans.

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Twenty years later, "Atlas Lions" was chosen for the fifth time in their history as a big tournament. After a long break, when they were in the company of elite teams, they showed meaningful football. The high potential of the team is noticed even in the control games where they faced serious rivals. In the fate of fate, Herve Renara turned away from the accusations. They had many opportunities to score but scored just one goal scored in a match with Iran (0: 1) and on their own gates. Continue the fight for the trophy that Morocco will not succeed, but affect the distribution of the seats in Group B that the team is able to achieve.

There are no serious problems with Atlas Lions staff.

The material for the prospects for Morocco's World Cup team can be found on this link.

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Morocco has every right to reproach the wealth that is so unfriendly to them in this "mundiale". In the first match, the Moroccan team had many points but failed to score a goal in Iran. Moreover, under the curtain of the meeting, Herber Renard's divisions failed to miss - Aziz Budadus, who replaced Aziz, cut the ball into his own net. The defeat did not take Morocco out of the tournament but was obliged to take points in a duel with Portugal.

The match with the European champion started with goal Cristiano Ronaldo - striker Madrid "Real" scored in the fourth minute of the match. The Moroccan team then takes advantage of not giving it to the opponent until the last roll. The Africans had many moments, but somehow managed to perish all of them, losing the 0: 1 match at Luzhniki stadium. This failure completely defeated the Moroccans in the tournament, but Renard in an interview promised fans to finish the tournament with dignity.

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  • Spain missed just one of the last five official games.

  • Both previous World Cup matches in 2018, the Moroccan team lost 0: 1.

  • Spain does not lose 12 duels in a row.

  • In each of the last eight matches with the Moroccan national team, there were no more than 2.5 points.

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Only occasionally, "Fury Rocha" in the current mundiale showed high-level football. The percentage of possession of the ball is still high but obviously lacks the command speed. Perhaps the Fernando Iero divisions do not seek to impose events. They are unlikely to be faced with the task of causing the upcoming meeting. Spaniards will probably score a goal that plays reliably in defense.

Our forecast for the match - Morocco will not score for 1.81 in BC 1xStavka.

The outcome of the battle can be found on this link.

The teams met twice at the World Cup in 1961, after which Spain managed to win twice

Spain does not lose after Euro-2106, the series of "red furies" has 22 invincible battles

Morocco lost two duels in the "mundiale" without noticing a single goal

The national team of Spain has a clear advantage over the Moroccan class. That was the class, and it was not enough for Renard's team to even have chances in the last match of the group stage. The Spaniards are very motivated because theoretically the first place can go to its main rival Portugal and this freedom can not afford Hierro. If the Spaniards have nothing to prevent them from playing their game, Morocco has no chance to score points

In our view, Morocco will not be able to resist. Forecast for duel - Asian odds (-1) for the Spanish team. In 1xStand, a bet can be set at a rate of 1.59.

Spain is in a great position for the first place in Group B, which can provide an easier draw for the 2010 world champion. Fernando Iero's team still fails to convince him that he is among the big favorites for the title in Russia, but the heavy games are yet to come. Against Iran and Portugal, the Spaniards showed strong minutes, and if they manage to push at such a pace against Morocco, they will hardly have problems.

Spain performs tremendously against the African World Championships - three wins, one loss and 11 goals scored.

The Iberians win their last game in the group stage since the eight World Cup.

Spain was the leader in its group of three of its last four World Championships.

Morocco lost four of its last six clash against a European World Cup team.

The Moroccans made only one defeat in the last match of their previous four World Cup finals - two wins, a draw and a loss.

The Africans have already lost their chances of being in the direct elimination phase. After the unfortunate loss from Iran with an own goal at the last minute, Morocco recorded a second loss against the European champion Portugal. We expect the "Atlas Lions" breeder Hurvon Renard to play the players who did not take part in the first two matches and make Spain's task even easier.

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Hardly anyone expects a different result of a victory for Spain. Victory seems to be a must, and may well be in the first half. The Spaniards will want to secure the three points even before the break and save the forces for the next match.

Our forecast for Spain - Morocco is Victory for Spain and Under 3.5 goals. The recommended bookmaker for such markets is Winbet. If you do not have an open account there, you can check out our Winbet betting site here.

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