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The 3rd round of the UEFA League of Nations League On October 13, 2018, at 4:00 pm, Slovakia will take over the Czech Republic at the City Arena stadium.


In the league In the first group, Slovakia is in last place, after a lost tour with Ukraine. That team had a duel on the road and lost with a minimal advantage 0-1. After that, the players didn’t play anymore, so they should have a good rest before meeting on their own lawn, where the national team is capable of showing high results, having defeated Denmark 3-0 the previous time.


The Czech Republic was rebuilt in composition and rejuvenated, so for now the players lack a lot of experience and level. In the first round, the team missed the victory in the last minutes and lost 1-2 to Ukraine, therefore, it is on the second line. After that, the Czechs held a friendly match against Russia and smashed it, with a score of 1-5. In general, the "People's team” is very bad at holding a confrontation on the road.

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At its stadium, Slovakia is not losing to the Czech Republic two matches in a row. The home team looks great with the support of native stands and shows excellent results here, until the Czech Republic is not quite tuned to serious matches and looks bad on the road, so Slovakia will not yield to its geographical neighbors. Bet: Slovakia will not lose - F1 (0).


Forecast: F1 (0) with a coefficient of 1.6

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On the coming Saturday a couple of fights will take place in the next, already the third round of the League of Nations tour. A spike between the national teams of Slovakia and the Czech Republic is expected on the reporting day. The battle will take place in the city of Trnava in the stadium with the narcissistic name "City Arena", they say, look, I am the city. Both teams share the sad fate of the lost first matches.


Bookmakers with an uncertain facial expression, but still decided to put the future owners in the honorary rank of the favorite. We can agree with this position, because the guests have recently had a lot of problems. However, we do not recommend putting the Slovaks on a clear victory, this is a painfully unstable team. In this situation, we can not figure out without a whole set of shots called analyst.

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The team deserves praise. The guys just because of adverse weather conditions did not get to the international forum. After the annoying news that the team will not fall on the World Cup, our today's heroes have heated their grief in friendly matches. It is worth remembering the September fight, when the calendars were burning. On the fifth day, the guys in their home arena managed to beat Denmark with a convincing 3: 0 score.


In the League of Nations, the team managed to play only one match. The guys fought against Ukraine. Here, as if you did not play well, but the verdict has already been signed and enforced. According to the results, the Ukrainians in the home arena managed to win 1: 0 thanks to a goal from Yaromlenko from the penalty spot. Now the Slovaks need only win in order to have chances to rise in the division, which is numbered with a pathetic letter A.

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Czech Republic

In September, our second heroes also played only two matches. We begin our analytics with extreme hacking against the Russian national team. The team that knocked out the Spaniards from the World Championships managed to mock the Czechs. The Russians turned out to be inhospitable, otherwise how to explain the fact that there were as many as five heads at the gates of our heroes of today. Sad indicator.


Before that, the guys lost to the national team of Ukraine in the first round of the League of Nations. In the home arena, the team won 1-0, but at first the Linnet at the end of the first half equalized the score, and before the final whistle Zinchenko managed to snatch the victory. At the moment, the Czechs are absolutely not impressive. The defense is bursting at the seams, like size S on a well-fed woman. In this situation, you can not put on an outsider.


Prediction for this match

The Slovak neighbor has recently weakened considerably. This gift of fate can not be used. The owners have all the attributes of a future winner.

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Bet - Slovakia's victory with a handicap of 0.


On Saturday afternoon, the League of Nations match will take place in Trnava, in which the Slovak national team will host the Czech national team.


The last time these teams met in 2015, when the sparring ended with a minimal victory for the "representatives” - 1: 0. I wonder if the "people's team” will be able to take revenge after 3 years?

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The Slovak national team started speaking in the League of Nations completely inexpressively, losing in the first round to Ukraine - 1: 0. However, before this (also in September), the wards of Jan Kozak defeated Denmark (3: 0) at home as part of a friendly match. And in general, at home "representatives" are much more confident, and have not lost a single match of the last 9 - 8 wins and a draw with the Netherlands (1: 1).


But the Czech team is going through hard times, because a change of generations has not yet been given to this team. As a result, in September, the "people's team” lost to Ukraine (1: 2) within the League of Nations, and after defeating it lost to Russia (5: 1) in the framework of sparring. And after a misfire with the Russians, Karel Yarolim resigned, so now the national team is coached by Yaroslav Shilgavy.

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Bookmakers are more inclined to win the Slovak national team, which is quite reasonable. Slovaks at home are simply gorgeous, and in general they now look more powerful, because the Czechs simply "floated”. To this should be added the new coach of the guests, who hardly managed to familiarize themselves with everything, which means that the team will play from defense ...


Free match prediction for Slovakia - Czech Republic: "Slovakia's victory with a handicap of 0”. Bookmaker William Hill offers high odds and an extensive line of football matches.

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In the third round of the League of Nations, the national team of Slovakia in their field in Trnava will fight with the team of the Czech Republic. In this pair of bookies on the side of the future home team, which is quite logical, given the current problems of the Czechs. The Slovak team at the moment looks stronger than their counterpart, plus on the side of this team is the field factor.


Strong Slovaks

The national team of Slovakia did not get to the World Cup only by coincidence, this team in the group tournament showed good football to the forum, and almost equally opposed to the future semi-finalists, the English. In the League of Nations, the Slovaks played one match, lost 0: 1 away to the Ukrainians, the only goal in that meeting was scored by Yarmolenko from the penalty spot. In order to have a chance to rise in Division A, the Slovaks in the upcoming game must win, the loss of points will significantly complicate the task.

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Everything is bad

In September 2018, the Czech Republic national team played two matches and lost both of them. First, the Czechs in the native walls gave Ukraine 1: 2, and then, in a friendly match, the Russians 1: 5. At the moment, the Czech team is a mediocre team, which has only been confirmed by the World Cup qualification. Also memorable are the defeats from Uruguay 0: 2 and Australia 0: 4, after all, it is difficult to call the "Socceruz” a strong team by world standards, while the Czechs lost a crushing defeat.



Slovakia national team will try to take advantage of the problems of its neighbor and principal rival. The only opportunity for Slovaks to cling to the first place and fight with Ukraine is to win on Saturday. Our free forecast for this meeting: Slovakia’s victory with a handicap 0

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On the thirteenth, the next round of the League of Nations will take place, in which Slovakia and the Czech Republic will sort things out with each other. The teams overlapped in 2015, and then the minimum victory was for the current owners - 1: 0. What will the Czechs answer? We'll figure out.


"Representatives" started far from the best way. At first, they rebounded 1: 0 from the Ukrainians, and after defeating them they defeated 3: 0 Danes in a friendly game. At home, the team acts much better - 8 wins and 1: 1 with the Dutch.

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"People's team" is going through difficult times, so the results show the corresponding. The team lost 1: 2 to the Ukrainians, after losing 5: 1 from the Russians in a friendly game. Yarolim was dismissed, and now the team teaches Shilgavy.


The forecast for the match Slovakia - Czech Republic, F1 (0). Considering all the circumstances, we bet that the first team will not lose.


The League of Nations Saturday program will open the match in Trnava, where two outsiders of the B1 group will face off. The winner of this pair will still be able to impose the struggle for Ukraine for the first place, but the loser is likely to drop in class.

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Slovakia started in the League of Nations with a 0: 1 away defeat from Ukraine, which threw Kozak's players to the last place in the group. However, nothing is lost for this team, since she has three more matches in the tournament ahead. In 2018, the Slovaks demonstrate decent results - three wins, one draw and two defeats in six games.


For the Czech Republic, September came out frankly unsuccessful - first defeat 1: 2 against Ukraine in the League of Nations, and then defeating 1: 5 against Russia in a friendly sparring. After these failures, the team coach Karel Yarolim resigned. Now the Czechs have a new mentor, who should significantly shake up the team.

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This match promises to be very tense. Both teams prefer to play on defense, and in such a principled battle, they are all the more not going to take risks. So there will be few goals scored here.


Total less than 2.5 at 1.66

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