Siberia - Slovan Bratislava 09.10 Free soccer tips



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Siberia is beginning to wake up slowly. Then the Novosibirsk club will take the first victory of the season, which brought in general the first points after a dozen or more matches, but through the tour once again it will take two points. This time the Riga Dinamo got under the Novosibirsk anger, having received a lot of goals in its goal - six goals. And it does not even matter that the residents of Riga themselves scored three times, we have not seen such agility from Novosibirsk for a long time, this cannot but please them. With regards to the future match, judging by the fact that the Novosibirsk people started to play like that, their morale rose, then they simply have to beat the Bratislava Slovan.

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But the Bratislava team, we do not at all pulls on the one that is here to show something. Brothers out again began to lose and do it without much of a fight. Okay, there would have been a defeat before, but the worst at the moment team of the Western conference at least answered not infrequently, but now what? So far, a complete failure happened in a match with Barys, a dry fiasco, and this is where the opponent is very open and with weak defense.

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