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One of the most intriguing oppositions of Tuesday in the qualification of the Champions League will be a match between the Moldavian and Macedonian champions. In the first game success was celebrated by Shkendia (1: 0). Will the Sheriff make a second comeback in a row and go on?


Yellow-black for many years are almost without alternative champions of Moldova. This allows them to regularly take part in the qualification of the Champions League. But in the group stage of the tournament Sheriff has not played yet. After tightening the selection rules to get there it became even more difficult. But the wards Goran Sablich persistently go to the goal. True, with each round they have more and more difficult. In the last round, the Moldavians defeated the Georgian Torpedo (1: 2d, 3: 0d)

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In recent years, Shkendia has also become the hegemon of the championship of Macedonia. She is a stable player in European competition, but she has never been in the group of at least the Europa League. This time the team is as close to the goal as possible. After all, in the case of the passage of the Sheriff, she guarantees herself at least a group stage of LE. In the first round of qualification Shkendiya passed the Welsh New Saints (5: 0d, 0: 4g). However, Osmani's wards have not yet said their last word in the Champions League.


Play 0: 1 - the task is not the easiest. If the opponent scores on the road, then for the pass further it is necessary to score three times. The sheriff has put himself in a very difficult position, from which he can hardly get out.

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The Shkendia will pass on at 1.61


The sheriff threw all his strength into the struggle in Europe, although the championship of Moldova is in full swing, the champion of the country since July 5 does not play in the home championship, speaking only in the Champions League. In the previous round of European cups, Sheriff scored Torpedo Kutaisi for 2 meetings, losing 1: 2 at home and winning home 3: 0. Now again, Moldovans lost away 0: 1, but given the strong game at home have a good chance of a rematch. In his native walls in 2018, Sheriff spent 9 fights, never lost, one match in a draw and having won 8 victories, scoring 33 and conceding 4 goals.


In the championship of Macedonia now a pause, so in the asset Shkendii in this season only three official matches, and all in Europe. In the previous round, the Macedonians gave two different matches, first the home defeated the New Sains 5: 0, and a week away lost 0: 4, almost missed the seemingly indestructible advantage. Now Shkendia won a much more modest 1: 0 in native walls. At the exit in 2018 the best team in Macedonia had 13 fights, having won 8 victories, with three draws and two failures.


The result of the first match leaves the chances of reaching the next round for both teams. I think that at home Moldovans will outplay unstable Macedonians. Bet: the victory of the Sheriff - P1.

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Forecast: П1 with coefficient 1.73


The Moldovan Sheriff and the Macedonian Shkendia will play in the qualifying quarterfinal match of the Champions League. In the first duel of the team, a victory with a minimum score of 1: 0 was won by "red-black". I wonder if the hosts will be able to reverse the course of this confrontation and fight for an exit in the next round of selection?


The sheriff began his performance in the qualification of the European championship from the stage 1/16 finals. At this stage of the selection the "wasps" were beaten by the sum of two matches with the score 4: 2 by the Georgian Torpedo from Kutaisi. In the first meeting with the "Macedonians" wards Goran Sablich acted as the first number, and the only goal was missed on the counterattack.

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Shkendia after the summer break played one control meeting, in which 1: 3 beat Ukrainian Vorskla. In the last stage of qualifying the Championships "red-black" not easily passed the Welsh club New Saints - 4: 5. It is noteworthy that in their field "Macedonians" defeated the "Welsh" with a score of 5: 0, and on the road lost 0: 4.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of the Sheriff. This is true, because in a home meeting, "Moldovans" will necessarily be added to all components and must replay their opponent.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "the victory of the Sheriff" for the coefficient 1.66


In the return match of the second qualification, the Ch. Sheriff in his field will take the team from Macedonia called Shkendiya. The first meeting, which took place on the Balkan Peninsula, brought victory to the hosts 1: 0. Now the Moldavians in order to go to the next round of the tournament it is necessary, at least to defeat the opponent in their native walls, and it is better to do this with a difference of two or more balls.

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The Championship of Moldova is in full swing now, and Sheriff is after the 14 played rounds in the first place in the tournament table, 33 points in the asset of this team, the gap from the nearest pursuer, Milsami from Orhei, is 13 points. In the last five matches, Sheriff won three times with two defeats.


Through the commodities

Shkendia was preparing for the tournament, playing comradely matches. Sparring partners of Macedonians were Domžale, Osijek, Poltava Vorskla, only the Slovenes managed not to lose, that meeting ended in a draw 1: 1. In the first round of qualification Champions League, Shkendia managed to pass the Welsh team New Saints, in their field the Macedonians were stronger 5: 0, on the road lost 0: 4. Last season, Shkendia became the champion of Macedonia for a clear advantage, ahead of the nearest pursuer by 35 points. But it is worth paying attention to the result of the return match with the Welshmen.

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Sheriff plays well in native walls, Moldovans will do everything to be the first to open an account in the second leg, to restore the status quo in the confrontation. Accordingly, in this pair the stake on the hosts has a good chance of entering. Our free forecast for this meeting:


Sheriff will be the first to score 1.42

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In the first match, Sheriff, strangely enough, acted on a par with rivals, but again lost on the road. That's the first round qualification wards Goran Sablich lost at the exit (2-1), but at home took their own - victory with a score of 3-0. And in general, at home "yellow-black" is much more aggressive and effective.


But Shkendiya did not look better than their rivals in the first game, and the goal was scored "for luck". No, we can not say that the victory of the "red-black" is undeserved, just a draw would be a more fair result. In any case, on the road Katip Osmani's wards do not shine, because in the last round they lost to the New Saints with the score 4: 0!

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On the eve of the fight bookmakers almost do not allocate any of the teams, which is not entirely reasonable. In fact, the "yellow-black" houses perform much better, and in the first match looked not worse. Most likely, we expect an equal game, but the fans will create a "preponderance" of the hosts. So it's the Sheriff that I propose to deliver!


Free forecast for the match Sheriff - Shkendiya: "The victory of the Sheriff with a 0 point". On this outcome, the betting firm Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.58.

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