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Tournament: Europa League. Fourth qualifying round. Reply matches



With all due respect to the three grandees of Spanish football, the central in the second round of La Liga was originally called a duel in the main arena of Andalusia with the participation of Seville and Villarreal. For a whole week the Spanish sports press, and in the first place, "Marca", bleeped about the meeting between the teams of Pablo Machin and Javier Calleghi as a grand football event, and local television advertised a new duel of two current members of the Europa League.

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However ... as is very often the case in such cases, both teams clearly did not live up to the hopes of fans, sports media, and even more so, players of betting shops. After a fairly primitive game in the attack of two middle peasants of La Liga ended with the same primitive zero draw (0: 0).


At the same time in Girona there was a meeting of the same club with the current champion of Europe, in which football fans saw a hail of goals scored (1: 4). But, nevertheless, the main coaches of the hosts and, especially, the guests of "Ramon" were satisfied with the earned draw.

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In the 2005/2006 and 2006/2007 seasons, under the guidance of the famous Spanish coach Juande Ramos, Sevilla won the UEFA Cup twice in a row, which is now called the League of Europe in a modified format.


In that famous team of Juande Ramos, the most popular players were two forwards - Luis Fabiano and Frederic Kanoute. Then seven years passed, and already under the leadership of Unai Emery, the Andalusian club won three European League finals in a row (2014, 2015, 2016).

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Undoubtedly, over the past 10 years, the owners of "Ramon" have become the most popular participant in the second in terms of the status of the continental tournament. Therefore, today Sevilla is represented outside the Europa League only if she plays in the Champions League. Naturally, now the qualification of the Andalusians in the autumn group grid of the tournament does not cause any doubts.



In the current Czech-Spanish confrontation with FC Sigma, Pablo Machina's team was already a strong favorite. And after the victory over his rival in the first guest match in Olomouc - 0: 1 (Pablo Sarabia), the bosses of Seville can safely prepare for a trip to Monaco, where on August 31 will be held the draw of the group round of LE. Naturally, now, before the return meeting at Ramona, the experts' opinion is unequivocal: P1 - 1.12, P2 - 15.00.

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What kind of outcome can be the most real in a home match, where the hosts are even happy with a zero draw. Of course, this is the bet on the minimum number of goals scored ...


Our forecast - the total is less (3.5) for 1.65.


Sevilla and Sigma will play among themselves next Thursday in the second leg matches of the play-off qualification of the League of Europe. The first duel between these rivals was held a week ago in the Czech Republic and brought the Pyrenees a minimal victory 1: 0, which practically solves for the "nervous" the issue with the exit to the next stage of the European Cup.

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Already in tonus

Sevilla has already managed to gain a good tone, the team from the south of Spain managed to knock out the Hungarian Uypest and Lithuanian Zalgiris, lose the match for the Spanish Super Cup, Barcelona, ​​hold two matches in the Examples. In the first round of the Spanish championship, Sevilla defeated Rayo Vallecano 4: 1 on the road, and on tour number two, Southerners in their native walls could not score Villarreal, so the match ended in a draw 0-0.


Horrible form

If Sevilla picks up the tone, do not always win, but the "red and white" show high-level football, then Sigma can not say this. In three extreme games, the guys from Olomouc lost three times, except for the defeat from Sevilla, there are pockets from Banik from Ostrava and Jablonec. In the standings of the Czech elite league, Sigma is located on the 14th line, in the guests' asset only 3 points, worse statistics only in Opava and Prague Dukla.

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Sevilla after a draw with Villarreal will try to "make amends" for guilt before the torsid with a confident victory over Sigma. The Czechs are not at all in shape, this team is not like the one that last season vybaryvala place in the zone of European competition. In this pair, the rate on the minus board of the hosts looks like a good option. Our free forecast for this meeting: Victory of Seville with a handicap -1.5 – 1.43


The last to return the qualifying match will be Sevilla and Sigma. Recall that in the first game were expected to be the Spaniards, that's just a victory given to them is not so easy - 0: 1. Will the Czechs and in the second match give a worthy rebuff to a more famous opponent? We'll figure out.


"Nervionians" looked rather ambiguous in the first confrontation. Football players Machina could obviously play better, but still, at least scored an exit ball. It is possible that the team has such a strategy. First they hold a meeting rather mediocre, and in the second game they reveal themselves to the full.

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"Sigma" held a dignified first match, because they practically kept a more famous opponent. In general, Yilek's squad can act efficiently, simply the rival did not allow them. Let's see what strategy their coach will choose for the game of return.


Forecast for the match "Seville" - "Sigma", F1 (-1.5). The Spaniards simply have to prove that in the first duel the guests miraculously avoided the defeat. Most likely, that "nerviontsy" will win by a margin of several balls.

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Sevilla in the first fight that won, but did it not at all, as many expected from it. Andulassians took over the modest Czech club with only 1: 0, and now in the home game it will have to be strengthened, as one mistake in the defense and all - the situation in the series is equal. And if it was not for the ball in the 84th minute, then there would be a dry account in general. Concerning the match itself, there are even more surprises - Sevilla played actively and beat a lot on the wrong goal, but no less actively then the Czech team itself also played.


I think, feeling that you can play with the Spaniards, Sigma will try and attack in our meeting, although in fact it is so and so the club needs to do. But this is due to the fact that Sigma will not sit in the defense until the minute so 70th at 0: 0, and already immediately will run ahead. In fairness, then in their arena then the Czechs had to score.


The difference in the class with the current rivals is obvious, but "Sigma" still retains the chances of getting into the autumn stage of the European Cup tournament. Sevilla will try to confirm its higher status. We present to your attention the forecast for the meeting of the League of Europe.


"Nerviontsy, who achieved two major victories, somewhat slowed down. They could not humiliate their current rival (0: 1) on the road, which is at a lower level. "Red and white" are forced to distribute their forces in two tournaments. It seems that the team is not yet very ready to perform in a tight schedule.

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At the weekend, wards Pablo Machina failed to take advantage of the factor of his field in the confrontation with the "Villarreal" (0: 0). In the next weekend they will be held in the example of no less important duel with the "Betis". It is unlikely that the "Seville" in the European League will strive to do pogrom at any cost.


The exit to the left lateral field Sergio Escudero and the defensive midfielder Ibrahim Amado is questionable.

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Not in the best condition comes to the decisive fight and the Czech club. He this season shows not the best results. "Blue avalanche" pleased its fans only in the previous round of qualification of the League of Europe, twice defeating the strong "Kairat".


Perhaps, at the start of the season, "Sigma" decided to focus on securing access to the European Cup group stage. In the local championship wards Vaclav Jilek special signs of life are not served. Only in one of the six conducted tours they managed to avoid defeat.

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The forthcoming meeting can be missed by the left midfielder Vaclav Pilarzh.



"Sevilla" won in the European League seven last consecutive matches.

In four of the five previous matches in Sevilla FC, I missed the whole goal.

"Sigma" lost in four of the last five matches of this season.

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Not so much time will be in the "red and white" to prepare for the Seville derby. Pablo Machin, most likely, will carry out a planned rotation of the composition. "Blue avalanche", not claiming a high place in the domestic championship, can fully concentrate on the upcoming fight to provide worthy resistance to the European grandee.

"Seville", which in the last championship of Spain finished in seventh place, had to begin its journey in the qualification of the League of Europe from the second round.

Wards Pablo Machina alternately went Hungarian "Uypest" and Lithuanian "Zalgiris". All four matches ended with the victories of Sevilla, and with the difference in goals scored and conceded 13-1. "Ujpest" was beaten with the score 4: 0 and 3: 1, and "Zalgiris" - 1: 0 and 5: 0.

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In the domestic arena, "Seville" by this point managed to hold three matches. Here the team achieved a less impressive result. First in the battle for the Super Bowl the Sevillians lost to Barcelona - 1: 2. And in two starting rounds, the team scored 4 points. In the first round, "Sevilla" defeated "Rayo Vallecano" (4: 1), and in the second home played a draw with "Villarreal" (0: 0).

"Sigma" in the European League started with the third round of qualification and the Kazakhstan "Kairat" was held. Both meetings ended with the victories of the representative of the Czech Republic - 2: 0 at home and 2: 1 on the road.

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But in the championship of the Czech Republic at "Sigma" everything is very bad. Six rounds were played in the tournament, and Sigma, which finished last season in fourth place, managed to lose in five games with one victory - Mladá Boleslav 4: 0 was defeated in the second round. Sigma lost to Slavia (0: 3), Victoria (0-1), Slovacko (1: 3), Baniku (1: 4) and Jablonsu (1: 3). As a result, with three points the team is located in the thirteenth place.

As you can see, Sigma misses in most matches - 16 goals conceded in nine matches of this season.

A week ago, "Seville" minimally beat "Sigma" on the road with a score of 1: 0. Squeeze the opponent sawers managed to only in the 84th minute of the match - scored Pablo Sarabia.

"Sevilla" is quite reasonably considered the favorite in the return meeting. To win the home team bookmakers give a coefficient of 1.15, for a draw - 9.30, and for a sensation from "Sigma" - 20.00.

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Forecast: TM 3.5

After the match against Sigma, Sevilla is waiting for the derby with Betis. "Red and white" will certainly try to break into the group stage of the Europa League, not applying extravagances, perhaps to rest some leaders and save energy for the match Examples to prevent a second consecutive loss of points. Of course, to play for retention in his field, "Seville" will not, however, and to sweep forward to score three or four goals to the team absolutely to nothing.

Our forecast for the match "Seville" - "Sigma" - total less than 3.5 goals for 1.68.

Our forecast is less than 3.5 for 1.66

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