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After the departure of Unai Emery and Monchi, Seville clearly surrendered its position, although it continues to be a wealthy and ambitious football project. Sevilla began to make a lot of mistakes in the transfer market, and coaching leapfrog forces fans to cling to their heads. However, not everything is so bad, and the Sevillian club has all the chances to give a qualitative season. Pablo Machin is seen as a competent choice in the coaching position, as this specialist is able to motivate players, revealing their best qualities. Now Sevilla is on the 7th line in the standings, 6 points behind the leaders of the championship (Real Madrid and Barcelona).

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In the summer, the work of Sevilla in the transfer market was not bad, the bet was made on famous football players. Vidal, Václick, Sergi Gómez, Gnagnon immediately became the main players. Rented Andre Silva from Milan remembered his bombardirskie qualities (4 goals in 5 games), and Promis, Gonalon, Amado and Mesa are able to add, adapting to the coaching requirements in the new team.



Zidane's departure and Ronaldo did not change the status of Real as one of the strongest clubs in the world. Hulen Lopetegi left Spain for the work with Real Madrid, because for this mentor such a step is a huge growth in his career. Real is rebuilt, changing. The "Royal Club" begins to sparkle with new colors, and the leadership functions of Ronaldo take on themselves Benzema, Isco and Bale. The French striker also stands out for his powerful performance (4 goals in 5 games), which for Benzema did not last for many years. At the start of the championship, Real Madrid shares the leadership in the standings in Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčlosing only points in one match (a draw with Athletic (1: 1)). Also, many are waiting for progress from the summer newcomers of the team - Courtois, Vinicius Junior, Mariano Diaz and Odrizoli.



The favorite of the match is Real Madrid, to win which bookmakers give a coefficient of 1.74. On the success of Seville we have 4.48, and on a draw of the match - 4.64. The status of the favorite of Real according to quotes from bookmakers is obvious. Also we have the following coefficients for popular total-stakes: "total more than 2.5" for 1.42, "total less than 2.5" for 2.88. It seems that the bookmakers expect the match to be of considerable effectiveness.

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Historically, Real Madrid is always difficult to play on "Ramon Sanchez Pizjuane", where the capital's club conceded Sevilla in confrontations. Sevilla now scored a good form, in the last match, having beaten Levante at the exit (2: 6). In this match we are waiting for another shootout of two teams who like to play attacking football. It is the total bet with a value of "more" that looks like an ideal option for profitable betting in this match.


Bet: total is more (3.0) – 1.65.

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Last week, mid-weekend pleased us with the battles of the Champions League, and now prepared the matches of the national championships. In one of the confrontations of the immediate environment, we will see a duel between Seville and Real Madrid. Meeting teams of this level deserves the status of the central event of the sixth round. Examples.


Bookmakers believe in the success of future guests - this choice is explained by the banal game form, which at the moment is better for "Blancos". The hosts show unsure football in the championship of Spain, why even the home factor of the field did not force analysts to doubt the positive outcome of the meeting for Madrid. Now we will try to figure out whether it is risky to invest money in the triumph of the favorite.

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"Nervions" in the new season show mixed results. The team successfully completed three rounds of qualification and made it to the group stage of the Europa League. In parallel, the indicators on the domestic scene leave much to be desired. Draw with Villarreal and defeat from Betis and Getafe is difficult to explain. It is unlikely that the Czech Sigma was a formidable opponent, the passage of which took a lot of effort.


However, you should not write off the "red-white" accounts ahead of time. The team has repeatedly demonstrated all of its best qualities in the course of the season. The last draw of European cups left the club without trophies, because before the victory in the Champions League it is still too early. Now the guys are in the beloved European League, where they already began their march to the finals - in the first round the Belgian Standard was defeated.

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"Galactikos" feel great at the start of the season. The only oversight can be considered a draw result with Athletic, because of which Barcelona has the opportunity to break out into the sole leaders Examples. After the division of the points in the Basque land wards Julien Lopetega was the start in the Champions League - at the "Bernabeu" came Roma.

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The Romans loudly roared in the last draw of the Champions League, reaching the semifinals of the tournament. Experts expected the Italians worthy competition "creamy", but their attempts were not enough even for the goal scored. The Madrid struck three times the opponent's goal, although they could score much more. After an excellent start on the Euro-arena team at a walking pace minimally defeated Espanyol.


Forecast for this match

The home team has been weak in the first rounds of the championship of Spain, but now they are gradually entering the rut. Capital guests are stable in all matches - they go exclusively for the victory. Both participants will not risk again, so you should expect a cautious game with a small number of goals scored.


The bet is total less than 3.5.

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Wednesday night in the 6th round of the Spanish examples will be a duel between Seville and Real Madrid.


The last 4 matches between these teams ended with the victories of the hosts - 2: 1, 4: 1, 5: 0 and 3: 2. I wonder if these bands will continue this series in the new season?


After 5 rounds, Sevilla has only 7 points in the asset, which is clearly lower than the expectations of the leadership and fans. The thing is that the wards of Pablo Machina just can not be torn into two tournaments, and it is necessary - the team participates in the European League. Nevertheless, right now, the Nervionians recovered and gained 2 devastating victories over the past week-5: 1 over the Standard and 2: 6 over the Levante.

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In turn, Real Madrid shows not so powerful football, as before, but still good. Yes, and with the result of Lopetega wards, surprisingly, all excellent - 13 points for 5 rounds in the Example and a victory over Roma (3: 0) in the Champions League. However, on exit "creamy" do not shine and in every match they missed, although there were only 2 of them ...


Bookmakers are more inclined to win Real Madrid, which is not entirely logical. "Creamy" now look confident, but "Nervionians" began to "soar". Most likely, we are expected by open and aggressive football, and therefore there should be plenty of goals. Especially since the teams love and know how to score ...

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Free forecast for the match Sevilla - Real Madrid: "Total over 2.5". On this outcome the bookmaker William Hill proposes a coefficient of 1.44.


The central match of the sixth round of the Spanish La Liga will take place on September 26 in Seville on the field "Ramon Sanchez Pizjuán". Despite the factor of the field, the bookmakers in this pair are on the side of the Madrid team, although we should not forget that "the nerves are historically powerful in their native walls.


In the sixth place

After a pause on the game teams, Sevilla played three matches, in which she achieved two victories with one defeat. Luz is fixed in a duel against Getafe, and home 0: 2. After this failure Southerners again in their native walls took the Belgian Standard Liège and defeated the opponent 5: 1. In the past weekend, "red and white" again delighted their fans, this time already an away victory over the Levant 6: 2.

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Victory over Hispaniola

Real after the national teams played first unsuccessfully, could not beat Athletic in Bilbao, that duel ended in a draw 1: 1. But already in the first round of the Champions League in their native walls defeated Roma 3: 0, and three days after that, were stronger than Hispaniola, modestly figuring out the Catalans 1-0. In the tournament table of the Spanish championship, the "kings" are located on the second line, losing to the leading Barcelona for secondary indicators.



Sevilla positions itself as a fighter for a place in the TOP-4, but so far, "red-white" only in the sixth place in the tournament. In the La Liga of the current season, the "nervoonense" was never won, the hosts are eager to please their torcida with Victoria. But on a visit to Seville there will be no one, and Real Madrid itself is the strongest team of the world of last season. Our free forecast for this meeting: Both teams will score – yes

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At the stadium "Ramon Sánchez Pizjuán" in the framework of the 6th round Examples September 26th, 2018 at 23:00 Seville will play against Real Madrid.


Sevilla is on the seventh line of the standings and scored seven points for five past fights. "Red and white" were able to flash loudly in the last opposition to the Levante, because there the players achieved a crazy victory with a crushing score of 6-2. This result will be remembered for a long time, but the team can not be slowed down now. "Sevillians" in the last two matches at home tribes gave way to dry Getafe 0-2 and played a dry draw with Villarreal.


Real Madrid continues to fight for the first place in the table, but so far only loses by goal difference. The club reached the second position and scored 13 points. At the moment, Madrid have not lost a single match, and only once played a draw on the road against Atletico 1-1. This season, played perfectly Bale and Benzema, so opponents are very difficult to cope with such pressure in the attack.

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The last two matches on her lawn Sevilla won from the opponent with an advantage in one ball. Both teams are now showing decent results, and if the guests do this from the start of the season, then "Red and White" only scored, so in this match it is better to put on the Victoria "creamy". Bet: the victory of Real - P2.


Forecast: P2 with coefficient 1.74

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The central match of the sixth round of the La Liga will be a meeting between the "Seville" and "Real". If we take four extreme fights between opponents, then in all the victory went to the host party. Will this statistics continue in the upcoming season? We'll figure out.


"Nerviontsy" spent five rounds on the field, and so far, 7 points have been mined. The problem of the team is that they simply can not fight on two fronts. Despite the difficulties with the calendar, in two extreme games they looked chic - 5: 1 pitched "Standard", and after 2: 6 "Levante".

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"Creamy" look decent, but could have been better. Lopetega's team scored 13 points in five rounds and shares with "Barca" the first position. In the Champions League match, the team had no trouble solving the 3-0 Roma.


Forecast for the match "Seville" - "Real Madrid", TB2.5. Given the rather attacking manner of the game from the opponents, it is worth counting on at least 3 goals in their performance.


Sevilla is currently demonstrating quite a good football in the attack, scoring here already ten goals. Even the same Madrid Real has 12 goals scored, so that in the arena the Andulacians will have a great chance to try it here at least once, but to hit the gate of "creamy". And in general Sevilla's season is very successful, at the group stage of the Europa League the team in the first round defeated Standard with a score of 5: 1, and there, demonstrating the full force of its attacking current power. By the way, the last in-game match with Real Madrid was also on the field of Seville, and then the Andulacians generally even won, scoring three goals.


Real Madrid skip is able. Not much, not often, but he knows how. Not so long ago the team generally had a series of three games in common with the missed balls. In the last two matches, Sevilla did not miss, but it was mostly worked out that the team played in their arena, and the rivals were then Espanyol, then Roma in the Champions League, but in its current form for Real Madrid it is not very dangerous, the start the Romans conducting ambiguously.

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Experts of the information and analysis site Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 6th round of the championship of Spain Sevilla - Real Madrid, which will be held at the stadium Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán Stadium on Wednesday 26 September, beginning at 23:00 (MSK).



In this game, bookmakers are considered the favorite of Real Madrid, assessing the probability of his victory is well above 50%. The Royal Club scored 13 points for five starting rounds and now shares first place with Barcelona. On Saturday, the wards of Julien Lopetega defeated the home of Espanyol with a minimum score of 1: 0 - the only goal scored by Marco Asensio. Now, the no-lose series of Real has seven matches, five of which he won. And on the road the capital club won only one of the five previous matches, three draws and one losing. I must say that in the last six fights on another's field Real scored and scored, and missed.

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Sevilla won at the weekend too - on the road with a score of 6-2 she defeated the Levante. Hat-trick in its composition designed Vissam bin Yedder. Before that, Seville could not win three games in a row. Moreover, in those three meetings she did not score a single goal. It is noteworthy that both wins of Pablo Machin's wards this season were big and in them Sevilla scored ten goals - only Barcelona and Real Madrid scored more. At home, after a series of three victories at the end of last season, Sevilla did not win any of the two matches in this football year, once in a draw and losing. Now in the asset of the Andalusian club seven points and she shares eighth place with four more teams.



Last season, these teams exchanged home victories. In particular, Sevilla won in its field with a score of 3: 2. In general, none of the last eight matches between Seville and Real Madrid did not end with the victory of the team that played on the road - seven home wins and one draw. And from 15 previous matches in all tournaments, only one ended with a victory of the team that played on the road, with 13 home victories and one draw. Sevilla won five of the last seven home games against Real Madrid, losing only once. Separately, it should be said that in 10 of the last 19 matches between Sevilla and Real in all tournaments, more than four goals were scored and only in two meetings the performance did not reach at least three goals.

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Specialists Site Buymakers.rf put on the victory of Real and expect a large number of goals scored - more than four. In the bookmaker office 1xStavka predict the victory of Real with a score of 2: 1 (coefficient 8.00). A little less high is the 1: 1 draw (coefficient 8.50). Bets on a total of more than 4 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.96.



the victory of Seville - 4.26, the draw - 4.27, the victory of Real – 1.72.

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Interrupting a series of 3 consecutive matches without wins in La Liga, the spectacular defeat of the Levant on the weekend (6-2), Sevilla is preparing to give battle to Real Madrid. In recent years, Andalusians have it regularly on the home stadium, where Galactikos do not know the taste of victories in 4 matches in a row (3 losses in the championship and a draw in the cup). But this meeting can turn out for Sevilla the most difficult home battles with the capital's grandee, because the team of Pablo Machina still has huge staffing problems. And especially in defense, where there is very little Sergio Escudero and Gabriel Mercado. And 5 conceded goals in the last three matches of the La Liga confirm this.


Real Madrid has no problems with the line-up, only Dani Carvajal was hurting at the weekend, but in the game with Hispaniola he was successfully replaced by Odriosol, and on his way to Andalusia, and Dani himself is promised to be put on his feet. In a duel with the Catalans, Real Madrid coach Hulen Lopetega generally gave a breather to many of his leaders led by Marcelo and Bale, realizing that Wednesday's match against Sevilla will be much more difficult, and key performers need him fresh and healthy.

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Approximate compositions

Sevilla: Vaclav - Carrizo, Kjaer, Sergi Gomez - Jesus Navas, Banega, Mesa, Arana - Sarabia, Ben Yedder, Franco Vazquez


Real: Courtois - Carvajal (Odriosola), Varan, Ramos, Marcelo-Modric, Kazemiro, Kroos-Bale, Benzema, Asensio (Isco)

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Everything indicates that Real Madrid will be the winner of this confrontation, which will be able to take advantage of the personnel crisis of the rival, but we would propose to bypass options in the rates with the outcome of the meeting, focusing on its effectiveness.


Sevilla and Real Madrid like to arrange productive matches - the last 11 face-to-face meetings of these teams in all tournaments ended "on horseback" on goals, and a new date should not be an exception. Sevilla has too big problems in defense to keep his goal at the castle, but at the same time a very formidable attack, which is capable at least once to upset the opponent. In addition, statistically, Real Madrid just catastrophically looks in recent years at the stadium Ramon Sánchez Pizjuán, skipping at least two starting in 2012.

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