Serbia - Switzerland 22.06.2018 Free soccer predictions

Free soccer predictions

The Serbian team won a victory over Costa Rica, which turned out to be very difficult. In the first half the Serbs had a territorial advantage, but up to dangerous moments the matter was not brought to a close - it was hard for Mitrovic alone to fight for all the riding balls. In the second half of the meeting the drawing of the game did not change - the Serbs continued to rest on the opponent's intense defense. The goal of Alexander Kolarov from the penalty kick was great in this situation, when there were no moments at all.
Three points Mladen Krstajcha team eventually took, but did not leave a pleasant impression. For Serbia, the upcoming fight will be decisive - if you manage to score points, the chances of reaching the playoffs will increase significantly. In the final round, play the Serbs with Brazil, which will be very motivated. Defender of the Serbian national team Nikola Milenkovic expressed in the interview the opinion that with the Brazilians his team does not have to compete, it is necessary to solve the problem in the match with Switzerland.
Perspectives of the national team of Serbia on the "mundiale" were analyzed by our experts in a special material.

Switzerland very carefully began the match with the Brazilians, too deep into the defense and received a goal - Coutinho from outside the penalty area shot at the unattainable for Yann Sommer trajectory. After the scoring goal, Brazil conducted several more attacks, and refused to play football. Switzerland in the first half and did not understand how to act as the first number against the Brazilians, but in the second half of the meeting, my moment found - Steven Zuber from the corner closed the canopy of Jordan Shakiri.
The Swiss faced a lot of questions - in the struggle for the riding ball, Zuber frankly pushed the defender of the Brazilians, but the referee decided to score a goal. Switzerland in the remaining time could hold a draw, although it was a couple of times close to being missed again. After the match in an interview with the press, Switzerland defender Fabian Cher assured that his team is set for the most serious fight. Vladimir Petkovic made good adjustments to the game of his team, and certainly hopes for a positive outcome in the next match.
Perspectives of the Swiss national team in group "E" were analyzed by our experts, the material can be found here.

Serbia in the last seven official matches suffered only one defeat, five games won and one game ended in a draw
In five of the last seven matches, the Serbian team has missed at least one goal
Switzerland does not lose in the last seven matches - four wins and three draws
In the last five matches, Switzerland scored 11 goals

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The two European countries have won their Europe-wide qualifying groups, but now the first position is just one, and it probably belongs to Brazil. Serbs and Swiss players are coming out of a direct clash to continue to the next phase of the championship, and a new success for our neighbors certainly places them.
In the following lines we will analyze the performance of both teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Serbia - Switzerland.
Serbia is the only leader in Group E after playing the first matches. The victory for our neighbors was expected, but came with a minimum of 1: 0 over Costa Rica. In the other clash, Brazil and Switzerland stood against each other and the points were equalized by 1: 1. Wines for this may be cast on the disputed equalizing goal of the Swiss, but the winning point for them was deserved.
The Serbia coach has great players in every line of the game. His graduates showed more class action than their Costa Rican opponents and deservedly achieved a minimal success by 1: 0. A great free kick by Aleksandar Kolarov after 56 minutes could have resulted in a goal, but the finish was just wide. Besides the goal, the Serbs had a few more good positions against the opposing goalkeeper, but Mitrovic and Sergey-Milenkovic Savic missed the scoring.
In defense, our neighbors were stable and the only worse offense was the start of the match when a Costa Rican player was forgotten on the back beam. The Serbs provided possession of the Costa Rican ball in a short period of the match and after the goal was scored. This, however, did not lead to dangers for Stojkovic, and Serb defenders acted calmly and securely.
Switzerland achieved nine victories in the Europa League qualifying, rising to number six in the FIFA rankings but the team was again underestimated against Brazil. This was due to the names of opponents in the past qualifying group, but here the Swiss played decent against the five-time world champions.
Periods in which the team was rewarded were to Brazil's first goal and the final 20 minutes of the match. Many speak of the poor play in the attack of Neimar and Gabriel Jezeus, but this is due to a good defense performance for the Swiss team. "Crusaders" did not impress an attack, but showed they could safely play the ball against Brazil's famous midfield line.

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In the line of the bookmaker office for the victory in the match of Nigeria, the coefficient is 2.85, for draw 3.10 and 2.70 for the victory of Iceland. With a odds of 1.88, you can bet on Nigeria's victory with a 0-0 handicap, and with odds 1.83, Iceland wins with a 0-0 victory. In the total heads market, more than 2.5 goals can be placed with a coefficient of 2.50, and a total of less than 2.5 goals can be delivered with a coefficient of 1.60.

In the first round, Nigeria lost with a score of 0: 2 in Croatia. This was her third consecutive defeat. Do not defeat the Africans for five consecutive meetings. And now they will play with Iceland, which started in the tournament with a sensational draw against Argentina. Bookmakers do not expect high performance from the match. The World Championship in Russia generally does not please the fans with an abundance of goals, but in this game they may not be at all. Experts from the betting office of the League of Bets predict a total of less than 2 goals with a coefficient of 2.10 - such a bet will be returned if exactly two goals are scored in the match. In this case, the most likely outcome is a draw with a score of 0: 0. By the way, it will suit Iceland, but Nigeria will almost certainly leave without the playoffs.
Predictions for the match Nigeria - Iceland in the BC League League stakes: a draw in the match (coefficient 3.10); total is less than 2 goals (coefficient 2.10).

An exciting confrontation within the second stage of the group round of the World Championship in Russia will be a duel between the national teams of Serbia and Switzerland. Teams will converge at the stadium "Kaliningrad", which is in the city of the same name. Bookmakers fluctuate with the choice of the favorite - in their opinion, both teams have approximately equal chances of success.
Future guests are well-proven in the past game, without breaking under the onslaught of formidable attacks by Brazilians. Such a result, few expected, but the Swiss managed to surprise the entire football world. Nominal hosts started well in the tournament - the guys have a good chance of reaching the next stage. Who will smile on fortune in the reporting battle?

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Wards Mladen Krstajcha after the starting round of the World Cup alone heads their quartet. Contributed to this minimal victory over Costa Rica - Alexander Kolarov a great free-kick brought his team three points. It is impossible to stop on what has been achieved, therefore, in the reporting game, the guys need to cling to their points.
"White Eagles" in the last round of the group stage will converge with Brazil - on equal terms to compete with South Americans will be unrealistically difficult. In view of this, you need to give your best in the coming battle. The team has good defenders in their cage, so if the attacking line fails to hit the opponent's gate, the team will at least be able to count not a draw.

"Red and white" came to the Mundial in an excellent game form. After the departure from the Euro 2016 team held seventeen matches, losing only one of them. Fatal was the duel with Portugal, the consequences of which sent the charges of Vladimir Petkovic to Russia from the second place of the qualifying group. However, this did not shake the condition of the players too much.
Already in the first meeting of the World Cup, the players came face to face with the main favorite of the tournament - Brazil. "Yellow-green" were able to score an early goal, which they somewhat relaxed. The Swiss skillfully took advantage of their moment and equalized the score at the beginning of the second half. To retain a draw was a matter of technique. To go to the playoffs, the team is important not to lose in the upcoming fight.
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Nominal hosts in the last match showed an excellent game on the defensive. There are experienced players in the team, they are able to decide the outcome of the meeting. Future guests demonstrated that they were not afraid of big names. They will try to take three points, but will they be able to break through the opponent's defense? In this situation, it will be most reliable to play for a small number of goals.

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