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A terrific final clash will decide the second or even the first position in the most challenged group of the World Cup. Are Africans or South Americans Rejoicing After Last Judgment?
In the following lines we will analyze the performance of both teams, we will look at their results so far and will give our bet and forecast for Senegal - Columbia
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Senegal won the sympathies of neutral fans in the first match with Poland. The Africans were exceptionally stable in defense and completely neutralized Lewandowski. Counterattacks of the "lions" were deadly and brought the three points with a 2-1 win.
The Senegalese came out as favorites in the match with Japan and definitely had the upper hand for most of the game. Here it is clear that when the team goes into more permanent attacks, defense players can be surprised and make mistakes. The match ended in a decent draw of 2: 2, although the Senegalese may regret more.
A red card and an early goal from a goal in the fifth minute turned Colombia's plan to meet Japan. The Americans, however, reached a flat-rate, but the constant attacks were the cause of the Colombian squad being over. The inevitable happened and the Asians won the match with 2: 1.
Full-time, over 90 minutes, Colombian players performed far better. Strong Poland, was overwhelmed with ease and three clean naked advances. Beat up and the defenders in front of him also did a high level with calm play and hard interventions in the dangerous moments.
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Senegal - Colombia Statistics
Senegal has one defeat in 12 games, and in only five of them the team has scored a goal.
Four of the previous seven World Cup lions' matches covered the 2.5 goals line
Colombia won six of its last nine World Cup matches.
At six of those nine meetings, the hits were more than two.
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Senegal - Colombia News
The Senegal coach is likely to bet on a 4-5-1 circuit with a great Maba Niang at the top of the attack. In the top positions will be helped by the Sadio Mane and the defense will be led by Calidou Kulibali.
Defender Carlos Sanchez is again available to his coach after suffering a penalty for the red card with Japan. Reserve midfielder Abel Aguilar has a slight trauma and is questionable about the match.
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Senegal - Colombia Betting
The players of Senegal recalled the country's great generation in 2002. Everyone hopes that success will be repeated then, but on their way they face the irreconcilable and stormy South American spirit. Colombia is on the wave of the wave after the striking success over Poland, and everything in the meeting with the Poles was easy. We expect the Colombians to do their job, and Sengal to hope for good news from the Volgograd Arena.
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Today, on Thursday, June 28, at 17:00 (Moscow time), the match of the last third round of the World Cup 2018 group stage will take place between the national teams of Senegal and Colombia. The game will take place in Samara on the field of the stadium "Samara Arena". Forecast for the match Senegal - Colombia from the permanent expert Footballtips Dean Carr you can read below.
Senegalese are very successful in the current mundiale and have given out two fairly productive matches. Before the tournament it was believed that the wards of Alia Cissé could not resist the Poles, but everything turned back, and the Africans had drawn up three points at their own expense. In general, the leader of the attacks Sadio Manet admitted that the experience gained in the English Liverpool, benefited the whole team and now the Senegalese do not not pass to anyone.
Colombia's national team is one point behind its counterparts and the Japanese, so Jose Peukerman's wards are motivated exclusively for success. The charge received in a clash with Poland gave confidence to the whole team, and now the mentor plans to win on a strong-willed basis and will focus on class superiority.
According to preliminary estimates of the majority of football analysts, this meeting will take place under the dictation of South Americans and will end with their success. Dean Carr does not rule out the activity of Senegal's attackers and stands up for accurate blows from both sides. Further, the expert presented a more detailed report on the upcoming fight, and also shared his valuable advice and forecasts for the game.
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The "Teranga lions" were not considered as a favorite of group H, however this did not prevent them from replenishing the balance in the two previous meetings. Not without a share of luck they overcame strong Poland (2: 1). There were all chances wards Alia Cissé to solve the problem of leaving the group in the confrontation with Japan (2: 2). The team again demonstrated high productivity in the front line, but neatly played in the defense it failed. It will not be easy for Senegal to keep the gates in safety and in the upcoming meeting. Often African teams lack concentration. The left winger Sadio Manet, who had health problems, is ready to enter the field in the upcoming fight.
On the prospects of the team of Senegal in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.
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The share of "coffee makers" already at the start of the World Cup fell serious tests. Having played almost the whole duel with Japan (1: 2) in incomplete composition, they demonstrated high quality football. Fully revealed their potential wards Jose Pekermana in a match with Poland (3: 0), considered the favorite of the group. Having lost the chances of continuing the struggle of its main competitor, Colombia can secure a way out to the playoffs, but for this it needs to achieve a positive result, which will not be so easy. Goalkeeper David Ospina restored his health. Most likely, Abel Aguilar will not appear in the reference zone. At this position, Carlos Sanchez, who was serving a disqualification, can play.
On the prospects of the Colombian national team in the group, our experts told us in a special blog.
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Senegal missed in the last four matches in a row, two of them more goals.
Colombia missed only two of the six previous fights.
The Colombian national team won three of the last six matches, scoring at least three goals in them.
In 2014, the opponents played a friendly match in a draw 2: 2.
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Both teams are worthy to continue the fight for the prestigious trophy. "Kofejshchikam" will have to play the first number. The opponent will resist them uneasy. "Lions of Teranga" enough not to lose in the upcoming meeting. They may well extend their unbeaten series at the World Cup, but the motivation and experience of South Americans will say their weighty word.
Our forecast for the match is Colombia's victory for 1.93 in the Marathon BC.
Our experts prepared another forecast for this

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