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After three rounds, the vice-champion and champion of the Bundesliga are at different poles of the standings. However, this does not stop to consider their personal meeting central. Whose band will last after the final whistle? - All information in our forecast.



Last season, Schalke returned to the elite of German football, becoming vice-champion of the Bundesliga. Noticeable jump compared to the previous tenth place! "Zero Four" automatically went to the Champions League group, where they had already had one fight with Porto. "Dragons" realized a penalty on the second attempt and avoided a minimal defeat. The result is 1: 1. We will remind, Germans act in the most equal quartet still together with the Russian "Locomotive" and Turkish "Galatasaray".

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In the national championship team Domenico Tedesco a couple of "Bayer" in the number of laggards. The famous team stumbled three times in a row and with the "steering wheel" in the column "glasses" takes the penultimate place. The hosts lost to "Wolfsburg", "Herte" and "Borussia" Mönchengladbach with a total score of 2: 6.



The replacement of Jupp Heinkes by Niko Kovac did not mean a reboot at all. With the Croatian team playing the same football - freely overcomes any obstacles. All six official fights of this season (German Super Cup, national cup, championship, Champions League) ended in favor of the mega-club.


At the Euro-arena, he beat Benfica in Lisbon with a dry hand. In the Bundesliga, the Bavarians scored three goals in each fight and scored nine points at Hoffenheim, Stuttgart and Bayer. Arjen Robben, Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Muller scored two goals each. In two meetings, players from Munich scored before the final whistle, in three - after the 75th minute.

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Approximate compositions and list of injured on the link.



"Schalke" missed in all matches, strictly two goals.

Schalke missed all the matches shortly before the final whistle.

"Bayern" scored in all matches, strictly three goals.

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In three matches of the "Bavaria" goals were scored in the 90th minute.

Personal meetings last season ended in favor of "Bavaria" (3: 0 in Gelsenkirchen and 2: 1 in Munich).

In 7 personal meetings out of 9 on the field "Schalke", "Bayern" scored two goals per game or more.



The tournament closeness last season does not mean a difference in the class. In the current situation, the victory of the guests is beyond doubt. The script of success itself is not understandable. Therefore, we propose to play up the effectiveness and put on the existing trends.

We forecast the total of the second more (2,0) and put it in the BC 1xStack with a coefficient of 1.80. And the goal after the 75th minute with a coefficient of 1.88

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On Saturday evening in Gelsenkirchen will be the central match of the 4th round of the Bundesliga - Schalke will take Bayern.


Last season, the team had 2 matches, both of which won the Munichers - 0: 3 and 2: 1. I wonder what awaits us in the new season?


Schalke is completely "crumbling" in the new season, and the team still has no games. Tedesco can not rally his guys or they just are not ready for the season, because they lost all 3 Bundesliga matches - the total score was 2: 6. And the biggest problem of the "miners" is the game in the attack - they have little that turns out, because of what and the head is extremely small ...

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In turn, Bayern is simply gorgeous in the season, thundering all on his way. The wards of Niko Kovacs act as one whole, and play in a powerful attacking manner. And it's not for nothing that the Munichers won all 3 Bundesliga matches with a total score of 9: 2, and before that the Super Bowl was also taken away - 0: 5 with Eintracht. The only drawback is that the team was getting ready for a day less ...


Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Bavaria, which is quite reasonable. Munich people are simply more powerful at the moment, and they are in better shape. With the attack, the guests are fine, and the hosts have no game in the defense or in the attack. So there is nothing to think of here ...

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Free forecast for the match Schalke - Bayern: "The victory of Bavaria". Bookmaker office Pari-Match offers on this outcome a coefficient of 1.44.


On Saturday evening in the Bundesliga, a duel between the vice-champion and the champion was made. Both teams after the matches of the Champions League, and, interestingly, Schalke played on Tuesday, but in his field, while Bayern spent his duel on Wednesday in Lisbon. Despite this, the Football Union did not go to the transfer of the match, on Sunday they will play pairs with teams representing Germany in the European League.

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Horrible form

Last season, Schalke jumped above his head, took second place, although from the "cobalt" few expected such a statement. Now Tedesco is not far from dismissal, because in the Bundesliga standings the miners are in the relegation zone with zero points. The only victory in the season for Schalke happened in the cup match against the unknown Schweinfurt.


Only wins

But Kovacs in Bavaria from the start everything went smoothly, the Croat with his new team had already won the German Super Cup, three times celebrated the victory in the Bundesliga and once in the Champions League. In the mid-weekend, the Reds confidently, with a score of 2-0, beat Lisbon Benfica on the opponent's field. Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that Kovacs has enough depth of composition in order to successfully play two days later on the third.

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Schalke can not find his game, in the match against Porto "dragons" looked preferable to "cobalt" and then score a penalty in the first half, it is possible that Schalke would have had 4 losses in a row. Bayern does not give rise to doubts about himself, either in his field or on a visit, the "reds" play at the highest level. Our free forecast for this meeting: Winning Bavaria


On the 22nd, the fourth round of the Bundesliga will be played, in which the "Schalke" will take "Bavaria". In the past season, the best were the Munichers - 0: 3 and 2: 1. What will the owners say this year? See the forecast.

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"Miners" absolutely do not demonstrate their former power, and the game as a whole they do not go. Footballers Tedesco were just not ready for the season, because they suffered a fiasco in all three rounds of the championship with scoring 2: 6. The main problem of the team is an attack, because there are very few goals.


"Red" spend the season at the level, besides, now the team also participates in the Champions League. Yes, and Kovacs managed to adjust the team for himself. Three consecutive winnings under a total score of 9: 2, as well as a super cup win 0: 5 over Eintracht. That's only with the physical side of the team may have problems.


Forecast for the match "Schalke" - "Bavaria", P2. There is nothing to think about, guests are much more powerful, and the game tone of the owners is frightening.

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In the fourth round of the German Bundesliga will meet the vice-champion and champion of the country, who are now at different poles of the standings.


After defeats 1: 2 from Wolfsburg, 0: 2 from Herta and 1: 2 from Borussia M, the Gelsenkirchen club takes the seventeenth line of the standings. After the silver medals won last season, this is a deafening failure. In addition, in the week Schalke played in the Champions League, where he also could not win - home draw 1: 1 with Porto.


But Bayern Munich this season has not lost. First the Munich superclub has won in the Super Cup of the country, and then won three times in a row in the championship and celebrated a deserved triumph in the first round of the Champions League. For these five games, the wards of Niko Kovacs scored sixteen goals and conceded only two. The new mentor was able to make the game of the Munich spectators spectacular and as effective as possible.

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Only the frantic support of the tribunes, together with a huge share of luck, will help Schalke at least count on a draw in this match. But Bavaria is now on the head stronger, which it will prove the next Saturday.


The victory of Bavaria with a handicap (-1) at 1.59


Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 4th round of the German championship Schalke 04 - Bavaria, which will be held at the Veltins-Arena stadium on Saturday, September 22, at 11:00 PM (MSK).

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In this game, bookmakers put on the victory of the guests, and with a difference of more than one ball. Bavaria - the only team of the Bundesliga, which for three starting rounds has not lost a single point. Under the leadership of Niko Kovacs, she consistently beat Hoffenheim, Stuttgart and Bayer. And in every match Bayern scored exactly three goals, but she missed three rounds in total two goals. Last Saturday Bayern beat Bayer 3: 1 at home, although she missed the first - Tolisso, Robben and Camez Rodríguez scored in it. Given the last season, the Munich club won 11 of the last 13 matches in the Bundesliga and scored three goals in each of the victorious matches. At the exit Bayern won in the last four games with a total score of 13: 2.


Schalke - this is one of the two teams on the series with Bayer, who still have not scored a single point. After defeats from Wolfsburg and Hertha in the last round, Schalke lost at the exit of Smorgbach Borussia with a score of 1: 2 - the only goal in his lineup was scored by Brill Embolo. In each of the three matches of the championship Schalke missed exactly two goals. However, in the first two meetings he remained ten men, but the fight with Borussia finished in full force. Last season, Schalke finished with a series of five matches without defeats. For three rounds of this championship, he lost as many times as in 16 meetings before that. However, the unique current situation for Schalke is not - just two years ago he started the championship and did with five defeats. One of the losses then fell on the match against Bavaria. As a result, Schalke took the tenth place and was left without Eurocups. In his field, despite the latest results, Schalke as a whole plays well and loses rarely. So, out of 25 previous matches in his native walls, he lost only three, having won 13 victories and nine draws.

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Last season, Bayern twice beat Schalke in the German championship - 3: 0 away and 2: 1 at home. In general, she won 13 of 16 previous official fights without losing - the last defeat from Schalke Bavaria suffered in March 2011 in the German Cup with a score of 0: 1. In the Bundesliga she has not lost to him since December 2010 - then the Munich club lost in Gelsenkirchen with a score of 0: 2.



Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that Bayern will win, but with a minimal advantage in the account, so it will be justified to bet on winning Schalke with a handicap (+1.5). In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict the victory of Bavaria with a score of 2: 0 (coefficient 6.50). The victory of the guests with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 1 is high (coefficient 7.50). The odds for Schalke's win with a handicap (+1.5) are accepted with a coefficient of 1.735.

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the victory of Schalke-04 - 7.58, the draw - 4.70, the victory of Bavaria – 1.41.


Schalke started with three defeats in the championship and draws in the Champions League against Porto. Domenico Tedesco many permutations at the start of the season commits. For three rounds already 17 players came out in the starting lineup. In general, permutations in the middle of the field and attack. Regularly new combinations are found in the support zone. In the middle of the field at the start of the season there is not enough Amin Harith and Istanbul. Rudy has not yet entered into the game Schalke.

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In the last match against Borussia M Schalke it was evident that he added during the match, in the second half, Schalke even played with advantage, but a few moments could not be realized. The attackers are silent, the main threat to the opponent's goal after the standards, and this is not enough for a team of this level.


Bavaria, too, is experimenting a lot, all the same 17 players came out in the starting lineup. But, firstly in Bavaria, already two important players were in the infirmary (Tolisso and Coman), secondly, Niko Kovacs is basically a master of rotation, which he proved in Eintracht. Despite all this, Bavaria has one of the smallest applications in the Bundesliga, but almost all players get a practice game.

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Bayern at the start of the season looks solid. The most unfortunate match was at home against Hoffenheim, but on the road we see a classic German machine for scoring.


In this game, there is no reason to bet anything other than the standard bet on visiting Bayern. Guests through the bottom, something like what was in the match against Benfica, and even earlier against Stuttgart. Schalke in three days will play on the road against Freiburg, the match is definitely the key will be for Domenico Tedesco


In the fourth round of the Bundesliga at the stadium "Feltins-Arena" on September 22, 2018 at 19:30 Schalke plays with Bavaria.

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Schalke is terribly playing in the new season and is currently in the penultimate seventeenth place. The team has 0 points, and this is very bad results, because this club was considered one of the favorites every season. At the moment, "Miners" in the new season played only one match in their stadium, where they lost 0-2 to Herte. Over the past three rounds, the team scored just 2 goals, which indicates a low performance.


Bavaria is always considered the Bundesliga's main favorite, and while it confirms this in the new season. The team is in the first place with nine points scored and has never lost. Footballers missed only 2 goals and could score 9 to their opponents. The last guest game in the official tournament ended in a crushing victory with a score of 3-0 over Stuttgart. "Bavarians" do not experience any problems either on the road or with the support of home stands.

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At the stadium at Schalke "Red" win three matches in a row and do it with an advantage at least 2 goals. This time, it is hardly worth waiting for changes, and we should make a confident bet on the victory of the Munichers, so the guests are simply magnificent at the moment. Bet: Bavarian victory with a handicap - F2 (-1).


Forecast: F2 (-1) with a coefficient of 1.59

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