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e. In the match will come together "Ruby" and "Zenith". In the past game year, teams crossed, and then the winner could not be identified - 0: 0. What will happen to their current meeting? We'll figure out.


"Ruby" started quite well, but they could earn more. First they managed to beat 2: 1 "Krasnodar", and after a draw 1: 1 with "Dynamo". The main problem of the hosts is that they weakly attack, and do not like to take control of the ball.


The Piters are only pleased with the winnings, but the victories are not easy. First 2: 0 over the "Yenisei", and after 1: 0 over the "Arsenal". With the implementation of the moments the club has problems, besides they are distracted by the qualification of the LE.


Forecast for the match "Rubin" - "Zenith", TM1.5 from the guests. Despite the strength of the guests, with the implementation of their difficulties, so do not expect a lot of goals from them. So we'll put it on this.

The central match of the third round of the RPL will be a duel between Kazan Rubin and St. Petersburg Zenit. Opponents approach the upcoming match in a different mood, Rubin in excellent, because representatives of Tatarstan are in the leading group. Then, like Semak's squad in disgusting, given the result of the Petrograd match and Minsk Dynamo.

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Last season, Rubin was going to fight for the European Cup, but in fact, hardly kept a residence permit in the elite. In the current term, the Tatarstanans intend to still compete for Europe, and it is likely that for the hosts the starting championship will be more successful. Rubin started at home against Krasnodar, managed to defeat the "bulls" with a score of 2: 1. On the tour at number two, Kazan played a draw with Moscow Dynamo 1: 1. In the standings of the RPL Rubin is with 4 points in the 4th position, losing to the leading Zenith 2 points.


The fourth match

Unlike Rubin, who does not play in Europe, Zenit takes part in the LE, and on Thursday Semak's team disgraced themselves in Minsk, losing to the local Dynamo with a score of 0: 4. Sergei Bogdanovich put in the top three Argentines: Kranevitter, Rigoni and Driussi, which eventually failed the match. It is possible that after this defeat will be followed by org. conclusions.

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Against Rubin will come the basis, win back 0: 4 in Dynamo will be extremely difficult, even given that the response game against Belarusians will be held in St. Petersburg. The main attention will be paid to the RPL, in the current season from Zenit only wait for victory in the championship. In this pair, you can try a bet on the guests. Our free forecast for the game:


The victory of Zenith with a handicap 0 – 1.53

The new season Rubin started well enough, but it could be better. At the moment, Kurban Berdyev has never been able to set his players on defensive football, because of what the team missed 2 goals - a victory over Krasnodar (2-1) and a draw with Dynamo (1: 1). In addition, the "ruby" is somehow not very active in the attack, and are afraid to take the match under their control ...


But Zenit in the championship so far only wins, and "dry". So, the wards of Semak managed to outplay Yenisei (0: 2) and Tula Arsenal (1: 0). Nevertheless, the "blue and white" have obvious problems at the final stage, because all the goals were scored in the endings of the meetings. Well, do not forget that now St. Petersburg are performing in the qualification of the LE, and their next game will be held on Thursday ...


Bookmakers are more inclined to win Zenith, but here in this match is not so simple. In fact, Petrograders have problems with the attack, and the qualification of the LE can significantly exhaust the players. Yes, and once the "ruby" should start to play from the defense, so I would not count on many goals from "white-blue".


Free forecast for the match Rubin - Zenit: "Individual total Zenith less than 1.5." William Hill's bookmaker offers this odds ratio of 1.55.

Tournament: RUSSIA - Premier League - Tour 3

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The management of the Kazan club continues to believe in Kurban Berdyev, that he will be able to raise the club to new heights and return Rubin to the European Cups. Already for a long time (from the season 11/12), Rubin did not rise above the fifth place in the standings, which is an unconditional failure for the club. In recent years, management has invested heavily in the football project, but the output has not received any results. Now the funding has been significantly reduced, and Kurban Berdyev builds a team in bitterness.


In the summer off-season, Rubin parted with another party of expensive football players: Rochin, Anache, Popov, Noboa, Bergström, Sanchez, Ryzhikov and Gekdeniz Karadeniz. Was profitablely sold in Lokomotiv Zhemaletdinov. Also Rubin was actively working to strengthen the composition, but the Kazan club practically did not pay money for the newcomers. Ruby signed contracts with the following players: Konovalov, Chico, Uremovich, Podberezkin and veteran Bukharov. The club also rented Poloz, Bayramyan and Sallagov.

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St. Petersburg's club will hold this match after a shameful defeat from the Minsk Dynamo in the European League (0: 4), and Sergei Semak immediately turned from a hero into an outcast. Zenith is blamed for toothless football, and the St. Petersburg club deserves such criticism. In the championship Zenith started very well, and the team achieved two wins in two rounds (replayed Yenisei and Arsenal).


In terms of composition, Zenith absolutely did not work in the transfer market in the summer off-season, but returned from the lease Dzyuba, Noboa, Ernani, Mak, Netu and Shatov - the St. Petersburg club seriously strengthened. Zenith needs to draw conclusions from the failure of the defeat of the Minsk Dynamo and prevent the same mistakes in the national championship, where all smoothes confident step and fight for the championship.



Rubin and Zenith received such quotes from bookmakers in the internal confrontation: Rubin's victory for 4.16, a draw for 3.22, and Zenit's victory for 2.14. The status of the favorite of the St. Petersburg club must be a priori, because the defeat in the European League does not mean anything for a powerful St. Petersburg club. The odds for performance in this match with the most popular total values ​​have the following coefficients: "total more than 2.5" for 2.65, "total less than 2.5" for 1.56. Quotations for effectiveness promise us a minimum of goals scored per game.

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Rubin and Zenit will give out a competitive match, in which both teams will strive, first of all, not to miss goals in their own goal. Here we agree with the bookmakers that believe that a small number of goals will be scored. A small advantage in the match will be owned by Zenit, but it is not entirely clear in what psychological state Petrograders stay after the fiasco in the Europa League.


Bet: Total is less than (2.5) goals - kf 1.56.



"Ruby" started a new championship for a good schedule of "home win, draw on the road" and, thus, scored in the starting rounds 4 points.


In the first round of RPL-2018/19 Kazan won a home victory over "Krasnodar" with a score of 2: 1. The author of the winning double in the hosts was Serdar Azmun.


In the second round, "Rubin" at a party tied with the Moscow "Dynamo". Kazan scored an early goal (scored Dmitry Poloz), but failed to keep their advantage, conceding in response to the 51st minute - 1: 1.

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It is interesting that "Rubin" does not lose in nine official matches in a row.



"Zenith" under the leadership of the new head coach Sergei Semak started the championship with two victories and after two rounds he became the leader of the RPL.


Shame in Minsk. "Zenith" surrendered without a fight

Media - about the defeat of "blue-white-blue" from "Dinamo" 10/08/2018

In the first game of the new season, Petrograders defeated the debutant of the league - the Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei" 2: 0. Goals in the "blue-white-blue" marked forward Artem Dzyuba and midfielder Daler Kuzyaev.


In the second round, Petrograd modestly beat Tula Arsenal - 1: 0. Three points "Zenith" brought the goal of Oleg Shatov in the 61st minute.


However, after two wins in the championship "Zenith" disgraced in the European League. At the exit, Petrograders lost to Minsk "Dynamo" with a score of 0: 4. It is with this background that the team approaches the game against Rubin.


It should also be borne in mind that on August 16, Semak's wards will have to play the return match of the Europa League and try, if not to fly, then at least not again to hit the dirt in the face.

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Bookmakers in this meeting prefer Zenit. To win the guests can be put with a coefficient of 2.08. Draw is estimated by a coefficient of 3.10, and the success of the home team is 4.00.


Last season, the match of these teams in St. Petersburg remained for the hosts (2: 1), and in the second round in Kazan teams shared points (0: 0).


RPL Calendar and Table


We suggest putting in this match that "Rubin" will not lose with a coefficient of 1.72. In the duel of the third round of the Russian Premier League Kazan Rubin will host Zenit from St. Petersburg in his field. In the last in-person meeting, which took place in November last year, teams scored goals - 0: 0. I wonder if the team will be able to distinguish themselves and identify the strongest in the upcoming game?

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Rubin in preparation for the current season played 6 friendly matches, which scored only 3 wins. In the starting meetings of the Russian championship "Kazan" put in their piggy bank 4 points. Kurban Berdyev's wards earned these points, having painted the world with Moscow Dynamo - 1: 1 and having beaten 2: 1 Krasnodar.


Zenith, in turn, won both games in both Premier League matches. In these confrontations, the team of Sergei Semak on the road figured out with the Yenisei - 0: 2, and in his field, the Tula Arsenal was defeated at least 1: 0. However, it is worth noting that in the "blue-white-blue" week in the first semi-final game of the qualification of the League of Europe nothing was able to oppose the Belarusian Dynamo from Minsk - 4: 0.

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The favorite in this confrontation, though not explicit, is Zenith. However, the results of "Petrograders" in the starting season do not differ, so do not expect a lot of goals from them.

We propose to bet on the outcome of "individual total Zenith goals less than 1.5"


August 13 at 20:00 at the stadium "Kazan Arena" will play a match of the third round of the Russian championship between Rubin and Zenit.


Rubin has long been an ambitious club, but for this season the team gives really great hopes and will compete for medals. "Kazan" occupied in the league of Russia 10 line, filling their asset with 38 points for 30 meetings. In the attack, the team played poorly, it turned out to be 32 goals, but the defense looked good, conceding 25 goals. Rubin played on an equal footing with Dinamo 1-1, managed to beat Krasnodar 2-1 and painted a draw with Reading 0-0.

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Zenith annually high hopes and is obliged to show high-class football, which brings the result. "Anti-aircraft gunners" failed, having managed to take only the 5th position in the championship of Russia, where players were scored 53 points for 30 rounds. In the attack, the team looked impressive, the opponents were upset 46 times, the defense is also in perfect order, 21 balls were missed. In recent matches Zenit lost Dynamo from Minsk 0-4, was stronger than Arsenal 1-0 and Yenisei 2-0. Among the week the team from St. Petersburg has deprived itself of European Cup autumn.


9 meetings in a row Zenith does not suffer defeats from Rubin. Now the form of the "Zenitchikov" leaves much to be desired, so "Kazan" in their field can count points. Bet: Ruby will not lose - 1X.

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Forecast: 1X with a coefficient of 1.75