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The next RPL tour will close the match between Rubin and Spartak. Last year the Moscow club was more successful - 1: 0 and 1: 2. What will the owners of this season answer? We'll figure out.


"Ruby” continue to gain momentum. Berdiyev has 11 rounds behind, and 18 points in the asset, which allows the players to take the seventh place of the tournament. Interestingly, the team bounced just once, and even then 0: 1 from Zenit.

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"Red-and-white” started smartly, but September was not very. We are not forgetting that the management dismissed Carrera, after losing 2: 3 from Arsenal. If in general, the team is in sixth place, although there are also 18 points on the account, just secondary indicators are slightly better.


The forecast for the match "Rubin" - "Spartak", TM2.5. It is difficult to determine the clear favorite, so it is better to pay attention to performance. After all, we are unlikely to see a lot of goals.

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To close the 12th round of the Russian Premier League will be a match in Kazan, where the local Rubin will take Spartak Moscow.


Last season, both of their meetings were for the "red-white” (1: 0, 1: 2), but maybe the "ruby” will take revenge in the new season?


Rubin is gradually gaining momentum, but it still does not fall into the zone of European cups. As a result, after 11 rounds, the wards of Kurban Berdiyev are on the 7th line of the RPL with 18 points in the asset - 4 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss (the total score was 12: 9). And the only defeat in the season "ruby” made in the third round, when the houses failed to resist Zenit - 0: 1. Well, it is worth noting that in the last 4 matches the team missed only 1 goal, but also scored only 4 times ...

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But Spartak excellently started the new season, but in September the team "went to the bottom". In the end, after the 11th round of the Premier League, the leadership decided to dismiss Carrera, because the team lost at home to Tula Arsenal - 2: 3. Anyway, now the "red-white" are located on the 6th line. Although it also has 18 points in its assets - 5 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses (the total score was 12:10). Well, do not forget that when Riancho Muscovites also showed nothing in the framework of the Europa League against the Rangers ...


Bookmakers practically do not single out any of the teams, which is quite true. In fact, the "ruby” defended well, but the "red-white” can "swell up”. Better to put on the grassroots outcome, because both teams will get tired ...

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Free prediction for the match Rubin - Spartak Moscow: "Total less than 2.5". Bookmaker Marathon offers a coefficient of 1.56 for such an outcome.


A very interesting duel is scheduled for the next Monday in the RPL, Moscow Spartak will come to visit the Rubin of Kazan. Future rivals are neighbors in the standings and direct competitors for a place in the European Cup zone. Bookmakers are not a clear favorite, considering that their opponents have approximately equal chances for success.

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Excellent stats

Rubin recently scored a good move, the team Berdiyev in the last five games have never lost, once tied with 4 wins. Victoria appear over Khimki and Dinamo in the Cup of Russia, the Wings of the Soviets and the Urals in the championship, the only section of points was in the away match against Ufa. In the standings of the Russian championship, Rubin is on the 6th position, 18 points in the asset, backlog from Krasnodar and the second line, only one point.


Already the seventh

Spartak in the current season is very unstable, and it’s not yet a fact that with the new coach the "people's team” will play better. At the moment, the "red-whites” in the seventh position are inferior to Rubin only by secondary indicators. It is worth paying attention that in the five extreme meetings Spartak managed to win only once, with two draws and two defeats.

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Rubin scores a little, but this team with a well-placed defense, while Spartak against such opponents often plays not the best way. As an example, you can bring the fight against Rostov, in which the "people's team" lost 0: 1. Given the exposed line, this pair looks good on the home team. Our free forecast for this meeting:

Rubin will not lose


October 29, 2018 at 20:30 Rubin will take Spartak Moscow at the Kazan Arena stadium as part of the twelfth round of the RPL.

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The sixth place in the standings is taken by Ruby, who has eighteen points in his piggy bank and the goal difference is 12: 9. Eight meetings in a row the team does not lose to opponents and confidently gaining points. Football players for the new season lost only one match in the third round, speaking out against Zenit. Even better are the indicators on their own lawn, where Rubin's have already won three confrontations in a row and missed only one goal for this segment.


Spartak Moscow is a neighbor in the table of his opponent in the 12th round, gaining the same number of points. The team has big problems, because after the failures the head coach Carrera was fired, and now the players will play without a mentor until the management solves this problem. In the last round, the "Red-and-whites” lost, with a large score of 2-3 to Tula’s Arsenal, but before that, the Enisey won away on the road, ending the match 3-2.

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In official meetings, Spartak Moscow has not lost to Rubin since 2014. Against the background of the problems that the guests have, the stadium owners look like favorites and can at least not lose, because they are motivated by support from the stands. Bet: Ruby will not lose - F1 (0).


Forecast: F1 (0) with a coefficient of 2.13


Already 8 rounds Rubin does not know the bitterness of defeat! And in general for 11 rounds, Rubin lost only once - at home to the leader of the championship, Zenit (0: 1), in an equal game, having conceded the ball in the last minutes of the match due to a midfield blunder. In the remaining matches, the following indicators: 4 wins and 6 draws. Yes, Rubin in the difficult throes give birth to their victories - this is the style of the team and its capabilities. Even when playing with a team that is inferior in skill. But, there is a striker Azmun in the team, scoring in almost every match. Rubin spent his last match in his arena as part of the country's Cup, where Dynamo won (1: 0). It should be noted that Rubin played in the optimal composition, but Dynamo - in the semi-reserve composition (4 players from the base). But all the same Dynamo in general did not yield to the basis of Rubin. Equal was the game, and the moments were few. In the final round of the championship, Rubin away played 0-0 with Ufa. In principle, the number of rigid joints significantly exceeded the constructive actions of the teams in the attack. This is especially true of Rubin, who played, as usual strictly from defense, but Ufa was closer to victory.

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Spartak left Carrera, everything went to this. The club was headed by the assistant Carrera Spaniard Riancho. In the club he specialized in physical training and tactics. But most likely it is a temporary figure. According to rumors Spartak is negotiating for the post of head coach with Kononov and Karpin. However, Spartak played his first match with Riancho. In Glasgow, the "gladiators" in the framework of the LE have played 0: 0 with the local Rangers. In general, the score corresponds to what was happening on the field. Equal game with varying success, with a small number of points. But, it is worth noting that the defense of Spartak played a dry match with a strong rival, because before that, Spartak in three meetings missed 8 (!) Balls, but the guests looked pale in the attack (only 3 hits and only 1 hit on target ).


Riancho announced in advance that there would be a rotation of the roster with Ruby, so Spartak went to the match without attacking Zé Luísa (top scorer) and Adriano, and also without opornika Fernando. By the way, it was Adriano who scored the winning goal in Kazan last season. It's funny, but in Kazan Riancho brought only one clean striker. And this is young Nimeli, who has not spent a single minute as a basis. But in Moscow, the former captain of the club Glushakov, dismissed by Carrera from the first team, was preparing for this match, and most likely he will enter the field from the first minutes. In the light of the turmoil in the camp of Spartak there is a bright spot - the game of midfielder Eremenko, who returned after a two-year disqualification. This footballer added to the team a thought, and soon he should become the leader of the team.

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The other day Rubin was removed because of financial troubles from participating in European competitions for two seasons, so the question of motivation remains open. On the other hand, who does not want to take trophies from "gladiators” in Russia? For Berdiyev, this fight is also significant. At one time, he was a real candidate for the post of head coach, and now hearsay his candidacy is being considered. In addition, Rubin can not win against Spartak in Kazan five games in a row.


No match Riancho, was the case worked in the golden years of Rubin with Berdyev. At the same time Kazan won the Champions League Barcelona, ‚Äč‚Äčtherefore not far from the philosophy of defensive football. The match in Scotland confirms this guess. Ruby with strong teams, as always, will bet "at zero". Faced with a frank defensive option, I doubt that Spartak in the current state of attack and without leading attackers will find the means to fight him.

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Former Spartak midfielder and Ukraine national team, and now website expert Maxim Kalinichenko shares his prediction for the Russian Premier League match Rubin - Spartak.

"Rubin” in native walls takes one of the main newsmakers of the past week "Spartak”. Quite a lot of questions to the teams in this confrontation.


"Ruby” lost in this championship only once and settled in seventh place, being the leader of the championship in games played in a draw. In the last round on the road, it was impossible to score at the Ufa goal (0: 0), though Kurban Berdiyev’s players played at Dynamo Moscow (1: 0) in the Russian Cup. Only in three games of Kazan did the standard total break through, and Serdar Ammouni became the main star of the attack, taking part in eight goals scored.

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"Red and White” broke up with their head coach, and the Spaniard Raul Riancho was called up to perform his duties. Coaching resignation occurred after a home defeat by Tula "Arsenal” with a score of 2: 3. The new specialist has already managed to score points with the team in Glasgow - 0: 0 with the Rangers. In the Cup of Russia will soon meet against Makhachkala "Anji". Denis Glushakov is present in the game.


Today decides the fate of Riancho. Kazan with Kurban Berdyev show an unstable game, so the current position is well deserved. Home walls can help his wards, but I hope for Muscovites. Once the hosts series is interrupted, and the Red-and-White need a victory.

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I put on a clear victory for Spartak for 2.90 in the BK League of Stakes.

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Spartak will hold their first match without Massimo Karerra with a strong Kazan Rubin. What choice to make? The answer is in our forecast.


Rubin started the season quite well and is after 11 rounds on the seventh line in the table. The team of Kurban Berdiyev has 18 points in his assets, which is three less than that of Lokomotiv, who is in the Champions League zone. Under the leadership of Berdiyev, "Kazan" play in their trademark firm, paying maximum attention to the defense, which is paying off - the last time Rubin lost in the far third round, and that was back in mid-August.


In the last match, "Rubin" was sold away by the world on the road with "Ufa", playing a rather dull zero draw. In the middle of last week, the team of Berdiyev beat Dynamo Moscow in the Cup of Russia with a score of 1: 0 - the only and the winning goal was scored by Serdar Azmun. Mentor "Rubin" does not pay too much attention to the resignation of Carrera and does not expect an easy game, in his opinion, after a change of coach the opponent can play with new forces.

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"Spartak" finished the last round to the point that Massimo Karerra left the team. The last match of the Italian specialist at the helm of the "red-whites” was a match with Tula "Arsenal”, in which his team lost. However, the first half gave no cause for concern to the fans - "Spartak” went on a break winning 2: 1 and everything went according to his set. However, in the second half of the meeting, the team completely broke up and missed twice, dropping to sixth place in the table.


Last Thursday, Spartak played with the Scottish Rangers in the Europa League and returned to Moscow with one point. Despite the status of an obvious outsider, the absence of the head coach and disagreements in the team, the Scots could not hit the gates of Alexander Maksimenko, although they had enough moments for that.

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Recently, more and more rumors have been circulating in the press about the name of the new mentor of the "red-whites”, it is believed that the most obvious candidates are Oleg Kononov and Valery Karpin.



In the last four home games, Rubin missed only one goal.

In the last five matches "Spartak" won only one victory

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Only in one of the last seven away games Spartak scored more than one goal.



"Ruby” is now in great shape and is slowly approaching the European Cup zone. Berdiyev's team misuses anyone in the away matches, but that’s her style, and it’s fair to say that he works perfectly, with the current selection of players, the team shows very high-quality football. "Spartak” is now in a disassembled state, and despite the successful match with the "Rangers”, it is unlikely to be able to beat such a strong "nutlet” as "Rubin”. Both teams do not show themselves qualitatively in the attack, so it makes no sense to count on a large number of goals.


We believe that the match will not be productive. Prediction - total less (2.5) goals. In the Betting League, such an outcome is proposed with a odds of 1.60



The wards of Kurban Berdiyev this season have lost only once - back in August to Zenit (0: 1). After that, Rubin issued a 10-game series without defeat in the Russian Premier League and the Russian Cup.

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In October, Kazan in their field within the RPL defeated "Wings of the Soviets” (2: 1) and "Ural” (1: 0), after which they left the world with Ufa (0: 0) at the exit.


From Cherchesov to Zhardim. Who will Spartak put on?

In the last match of the 1/8 finals of the Russian Cup, Rubin won a home victory over the capital Dynamo - 1: 0.

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After 11 rounds of the Russian Premier League, Kazan go on the fourth line in the standings, having 18 points to their credit.


The difference scored and missed 12-9, the top scorer with 4 goals - Serdar Azmun. In the upcoming match will not play the injured Ibrahim Tsallagov.

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Last season, Rubin lost to Spartak twice: with a score of 0: 1 at home and with a score of 1: 2 - in Kazan.



In October, the red-and-whites in their field played a draw with Villarreal (3: 3) in the 2nd round of the Europa League group stage.


The Russian club played back twice during the match, came forward in the end of the meeting, but in the last minutes received a penalty kick in his own net.

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The draw with the Spaniards was doubly offensive because it happened right after the home defeat of Rostov (0: 1).


After the match with "submariners”, "Spartak” on the road snatched victory from Krasnoyarsk "Yenisei” (3: 2), but suffered a third defeat in a row in the RPL, losing to Tula "Arsenal” (2: 3).


This defeat was worth the work of the head coach of Spartak Massimo Carrere, who was dismissed. His assistant Raul Riancho performs his duties temporarily.

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Under his leadership, Spartak has already played a 0-0 draw in Scottish Glasgow with the local Rangers within the Europa League.


In the upcoming match, injured Samuel Zhigot, Alexander Selikhov and Marko Petkovich will not play, but Andrei Yeshchenko and Denis Glushakov returned to take.


After 11 rounds "Spartak” with 18 points goes to the 6th place. The goal difference is 12-10, top scorer with 5 goals - Zé Luis.

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The long-lasting win-win series "Rubin” gives Kazanians confidence, and the red-whites didn’t shake the coach too much. Departures to Kazan are not always easy, we predict that the wards of Berdiyev will extend their series and at least will not lose.


Both teams are not scoring too much, both are trying to focus on defense, so there will be few goals. if at all. The options TM 2.5 for 1.55 and "both score - no” for 1.70 are interesting.

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Both teams go hand in hand in the Russian Championship. But a month ago, Spartak seriously claimed leadership, and Rubin was among the outsiders.


In the eleven rounds, Rubin allowed only one defeat - from Zenith in the middle of August. Thus, wards Berdiyev do not know defeats for two and a half months, and during this time they climbed to the sixth line of the tournament table with 18 points in the asset. In October, the club from Tatarstan won 2: 1 Wings of the Soviets, 1: 0 Ural and played 0: 0 with Ufa.

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Spartak also scored eighteen points, but due to the worst goal difference is only seventh. This club is clearly not enough stability in the results - only one victory in the last five rounds (3: 2 over the Yenisei). As a result, the Red and White fired Maximiliano Carrera, replacing him with Raul Riancho. The first match of the Spaniard on the coaching bridge Muscovites came out faded - 0: 0 with the Rangers in the Europa League.

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Guests are considered small favorites of this meeting. However, everything testifies to its positive outcome for Rubin - stability inside the club, a long win-win series, additional rest days and home match status.


Rubin will not lose (1X) at 1.52


At first glance, Rubin is not impressive, but in fact the team lost only 1 match in the current season. That is, in the course of the Russian championship, Berdiyev’s charges managed to win 4 times, drew 6 times and lost only once. Moreover, this defeat was still in August, when the team lost to Zenit at home - 0: 1. Interestingly, the "ruby” miss a little, but they do not score a lot themselves - rarely when there is more than 1 goal per meeting. But at home Kazan recently only win ...


Spartak also perfectly joined the new season, but in September a collapse occurred with the team. Because of the internal conflict between the coach and the players, the team game just went wrong. As a result, Carrera was fired, and his place will temporarily take Riancho. However, it’s too early to talk about the trainer's plum, because in the away match with the Rangers the "red-whites” did not show anything special. Anyway, recently Muscovites have missed a lot - an average of 2-3 goals per game.

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