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Experts of the information and analytical website Bookmakers.rf gave a forecast for the 16th round match of the Russian Championship Rubin-Dinamo, which will be held at the Kazan Arena stadium on Friday, November 30, beginning at 19:30 (Moscow time).



In this game, bookmakers consider Rubin a favorite, estimating the probability of his victory at about 50%. The first round of the championship of Russia Kazan club finished in ninth position, gaining 21 points. Only two points separate Kurban Berdiyev’s wards from the European Cup zone. In the last round, Rubin played a 1-1 draw in a visit to Anji - Igor Kalinin scored the only goal in Kazan. This was the second consecutive draw of Rubin. But he has not won five games in a row, having shared points with rivals four times and having lost once.

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The same defeat - from Orenburg on the road, the only one for Rubin in the last 13 rounds. But in general, he lost only two times this season - the least in the Premier League. But Rubin more often plays the rest in a draw - his nine games have ended without a winner. Kazan has not lost at home since mid-August, having won three times and tied after being defeated by Zenit with a minimum score of 0: 1. And for these six matches, Rubin missed only three goals and never more than one per game. Of the 11 previous matches in native walls in the championship of Russia, Rubin lost only one.

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Dynamo for the first half of the championship scored 16 points and is now in 12th place in two points from the zone of direct departure. Last Saturday, Dmitri Khokhlov's team lost to the Yenisei at home with the score 1: 2 - the only goal of the Muscovites was scored by Joaozinho, who realized the penalty. Before this match, Dynamo played a 0-0 draw three times in a row. By the way, in general, this season, they have already participated four times in matches without goals scored. And the average performance of Dynamo matches this season is the lowest in the Premier League - 1.53 goals per game. Muscovites won just one of the last nine matches in the Premier League. And during this time they scored only three goals and never more than one in a match. And on the road, the Khokhlova team this season did not win any of the eight championship bouts, gaining only five points in them. During these eight meetings, she scored only three goals and in five meetings did not score at all.



Last season, both matches of these teams in the Russian Championship ended in a 0-0 draw. In the first round of the current tournament draw, they again tied, but this time with the score 1: 1. And after that, Rubin beat Dynamo in the country's Cup with a score of 1: 0. Kazan have not lost any of the ten previous matches against Dynamo, although they have won only three times during this time, and in seven cases they played in a draw. It is worth adding that all in one of the last nine matches between Rubin and Dynamo scored more than two goals, and in five matches the performance did not exceed one goal.

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Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that in this game only one ball will be scored and it will bring victory to the home team. The most profitable will be a bet on the total less than 2 goals. In the bookmaker's 1xStavka predict Rubin's victory with a score of 1: 0 (coefficient 5.00). Highly quoted draw 1: 1 (a factor of 6.00). Bets on a total of less than 2 goals are accepted with a odds of 1.67.

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Rubin's victory - 2.06, a draw - 2.93, Dynamo's victory - 4.10.


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more than two goals were not scored in any of the last six Rubin matches in the Premier League;

Dynamo has not scored in four away matches of the Russian championship in a row;

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eight of the last nine official matches between Rubin and Dynamo scored less than three goals;

Rubin have not lost any of the 12 previous home games against Dynamo in all tournaments.


The program of the 16th round of the championship of Russia will open the confrontation "Rubin" and "Dynamo". Kick-off is scheduled for 19:30 Moscow time on November 30th.

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Bookmakers.rf report that the players of the bookmaker "League of Stakes" placed the most bets on winning Rubin - 82% of the total betting on the match, a draw accounted for 11% of bets, and 7% of bets on winning Dynamo.


They even waited for the fight for the European Cups from Kazan this season, but, apparently, they will have to postpone this task until the next draw. Rubin cannot win for five rounds, although it lost only one game - visiting Orenburg (0: 1). In the defense, the Berdiyev team still has a relative order, but there are clear implementation problems ahead. During the designated period, the Kazan club just twice struck another gate, but the same time he played to "zero".

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But Dynamo is now clearly far from optimal conditions. Muscovites first flew out of the Russian Cup just from Rubin (0: 1), then three matches in a row ended in zero draws, and over the weekend they lost to Yenisei at home (1: 2). The defeat from the worst team of the tournament even more shaken the position of Dmitry Khokhlov, whose resignation has been talked about for a long time. If Dynamo does not break away from the relegation zone, the team will have a coaching rearrangement.



Most likely, we will see a stubborn match, the fate of which will be decided by one or two exact blows. In the last four personal meetings, the teams tied three times and scored just three goals, so there is no reason to count on the goal extravaganza. The favorite, of course, is Rubin, which is not inferior to Dynamo over ten matches. True, only three of them Kazan managed to win. Will Muscovites stand up this time?

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Start the second round. There were no pauses for understanding and restructuring after the first half. And for some teams, a break would not hurt.


Dynamo pretty hard to go the distance. Periodically, they gain momentum, as if they begin to move downhill, and then again heavy periods begin. Now it is just going like that. After three zero draws in a row, there was a defeat from a direct competitor for a place in the sun. Little did not take points, so they gave hope to survival to the underdog. Unhook the "Yenisei” would be very beneficial for the Dynamo. Now the team of Dmitry Khokhlov is right above the zone of the play-offs. Anxious. Clearly not enough resources. Injured Rausch and Sow. And this greatly affects the distance. Snatch anything in Kazan will be extremely difficult.

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The team of Berdiyev seems to be about to rush up and press many in the group of leaders, but breakthrough does not happen. Already the second year of such incomprehensible stagnation. More precisely, it is possible to find an excuse in finance, in the wrong personnel policy that was conducted earlier, just from this point of view?

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Wards Berdiyev chase endless draws on the road. The series has reached 6 matches. At this rate, you will not go far. At its stadium a little more variety. In this case, the last victory in the championship dates back to October 6th. And it is important to note that both teams are acting with extreme restraint. It is unlikely that it is worth waiting for dashing turns, rather the first goal will decide the fate of the match.


November 30, 2018 at 19.30 (MSK), the Russian championship match will begin, in which Rubin in his field will take on Dynamo Moscow. WhoScored expert Joel Amorim shares with us his prediction for the match Rubin - Dinamo Moscow.



Rubin: Igor Konovalov injured his foot in a match last tour in Kaspiysk and was out before the end of the year. Ruslan Kambolov disqualified due to busting yellow cards. Fedor Kudryashov is recovering from a hip injury, so he is unlikely to play in this match.

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Dynamo Moscow: Abdul Aziz Tette, Grigory Morozov and Roman Evgeniev are disqualified, so they won't play in today's match. Konstantin Rausch is recovering from injury, so is unlikely to enter the field in this match. Samba Sow just will not play, because injured.



Rubin in the last six fights against Dynamo Moscow won two times and played four times in a draw. Kazan of these six matches scored six goals and earned five yellow cards. Dynamo responded with two accurate strikes and earned eight yellow cards.



In the last six matches of the Russian Championship with Rubin, the total total was less than 2.5;

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Moscow Dynamo have not scored a single goal in the last four away games of the Russian Premier League;


In eight of Rubin’s last nine matches against Dynamo Moscow in all competitions, the total total was less than 2.5;

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Rubin has not lost in the last 12 matches against Dynamo Moscow in all competitions;


Moscow Dynamo did not win the last eight away matches of the Russian Championship;


In the last three away games of the blue and white in the Russian Championship, the total total was less than 2.5;

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Rubies have not lost in 11 of the last 12 matches of the RPL.



Wards Kurban Berdiyev in the last round of the championship of Russia could not beat Anji, playing a 1: 1 draw. Thus, Kazan without a victory for the past five games. However, despite these results, Rubin approaches the upcoming fight in the status of a favorite. Moscow Dynamo home unexpectedly gave way to a newcomer of the Russian Premier League Krasnoyarsk Yenisei, approaching the relegation zone. Summing up, the expert gives preference to Kazan in today's match. In addition, the expert does not expect high performance from today's match. The victory of Kurban Berdiyev’s charges with a dry score cannot be ruled out at all.

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The forecast for the match Rubin - Dinamo Moscow from WhoScored expert Joel Amorim: the victory of Kazan with a dry score, the total total is less than 2.5.

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