Rosenborg - Sarpsborg

Rosenborg - Sarpsborg

Match of the 15th round of the Norway Tippeligaen between Rosenborg - leader in the standings, and Sarpsborg 08 - holds eighth position.

Rosenborg performs well in home. In the 7 matches played at home only win with goal difference of 17: 3. It is necessary to emphasize that in 6 of these meetings victories began in the first half.

Sarpsborg 08 as a guest in two extremes - 3/1/3. In their last five meetings have, however, only wins, but they are teams in the rankings to it and at the bottom of the table.

The two teams meet this year for the first time. In the 9 matches played each other a total superiority for Rosenborg - 8/1/0 in five meetings the home team have kept a clean sheet, but victories are handicap.

Last 5 meetings between the two teams - 4/1/0 in 4 of them Rosenborg are gaining more in the first half.