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On the 14th, there will be a League of Nations standoff, in which Romania and Serbia will fight for 3 points. The teams have already met in the last month, and then they painted the world 2: 2.


Romanians in the extreme rounds are absolutely not pleased with their performances, because the game does not go well with them. First 0: 0 with Montenegrins, after 2: 2 with the Serbs. In general, nothing critical, but after all there is nothing positive. It is important to note that in the extreme duel they managed to take 3 points from Lithuania - 1: 2, but the opponent is of a completely different level.


The Serbs are fighting for first place in the group, and their main competitor is Montenegro. Krstaich squad looked good during the World Cup qualification, so now should look good. It is important to note that now the team is defending with dignity, therefore it rarely misses

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The forecast for the match Romania - Serbia, F2 (0). Bookmakers do not single out a favorite, but at the expense of their protection, guests look preferable. We bet that the Serbs will not lose.


On Sunday, the League of Nations match will be held between the two leaders of the C4 group. The winner of this pair will receive an invaluable advantage on the way to promotion in the classroom.


Romania scored five points in three matches of the League of Nations and ranked second. First, Yellow twice in a row in a draw - 0: 0 with Montenegro and 2: 2 with Serbia, and in the last round they managed to beat Lithuania outside the field - 2: 1. After the failure in the selection for the 2018 World Cup, Romanians are planning to select themselves for the continental tournament.

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But the Serbs have the status of participating in the last World Cup, where they failed to leave the group. Now the wards of Krstaic are close to winning their group in the League of Nations. After three rounds, they celebrated two victories and once drew. Lithuania (1: 0) and Montenegro (2: 0) were defeated, while the Romanians were able to take points away from the Serbian national team (2: 2).


There is no clear favorite in this match. The Serbs have a more stellar composition, while the native fans will help the Romanians. Teams are unlikely to sit on the defensive, but too effective games should not be expected.

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Total over 2 at 1.62


The national teams of Romania and Serbia, potentially one of the strongest in League C, but by lot, they landed in one group, which means that only one of them or the national team of Montenegro, which also pretends, gets to the final part of the tournament in this league. on a ticket to the "final four". The Lithuanian team is also present in the group, but so far all applicants for the first place are beating it, which makes it an obvious outsider.

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The national team of Romania has long not shown the results that were characteristic of it in the 90s, but at the last Euro it was playing and is eager to break into the number of the strongest European teams even now. In a friendly match, the team under the leadership of Kosmin Kontra showed excellent results, beating Israel, Sweden, Chile and Finland, but so far only Lithuania was able to win in the League of Nations. And then - not without problems, as the winning goal Maxim scored in stoppage time.


Serbia played at the World Championships and didn’t look so bad there, and now it remains the favorite in this group, even though it played at home in a draw with Romania. The Serbs managed to beat Montenegro on the road and in Bucharest the team of Krstaich is quite happy with the draw - then the Serbs have a home game with Montenegro and travel to Lithuania, where it is quite realistic to take six points. It is interesting that four of five Serbian goals in the League of Nations were scored by Aleksandar Mitrovich, who is in excellent shape.


The national team of Romania looks like a strong team that can not lose, but the attack of the Serbs is more interesting, and the general class of the team Krstaich is higher. The match is very similar to a draw, and with the exchange of goals, as happened in Serbia, since the defense of the Serbs is not without mistakes. It makes sense to bet on "both score", as well - the minimum victory for Serbia or a draw.

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Romanians and Serbs confirm their status as favorites of the quartet and so far are unbeaten. But the guys of Cosmin Kontra, apart from a draw in personal confrontation, lost points in a match with Montenegro, therefore they are two points behind their main competitors.


The other day, the "tricolor” almost went crazy in Vilnius. They scored Kipch with a quick ball and it seemed like they were playing a game, but in the very ending one of the few Lithuanian attacks ended in a goal. And then Alexander Maxim took the stage, midfielder Mainz saved the honor of the team in the fourth minute added.

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But the Serbs beat their geographical neighbors without any visible problems. Alexander Mitrovich's double allowed them to win 2: 0 unyielding Montenegrins.


This fight, in my opinion, is decisive in the fourth group of League C. If the Serbs win, they can prepare for the final tournament and the performance above the division. A draw will also be on hand to the Balkans, because they are currently ahead of Romania by two points. So Transylvanians will only be satisfied with the victory, but can they dictate their conditions to the guests? I think not. "Tricolor" do not own such a selection of players to play with the Serbs from a position of strength. On the counterattacks, as they did in Belgrade, they will create problems for the "white eagles”, but with native fans, they will somehow not be able to stand at their gates and occasionally run for fast breaks. And the guests, after all, do not need to go forward too much, because they are in a better position, and a draw will not upset them.


I think you understood that I would offer to play in the direction of the Balkans. Not much chance of losing. If it were not for the absence of some important players and the status of the tournament (it is obvious that the national team’s attitude to the League is not the most serious), then I would not doubt the superiority of the guests.

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In one of the League of Nations matches, which will be held on Sunday, the Romanian national team will play against Serbia. What is the forecast for this fight? About this - further.



The national team of Romania on the eve won a victory over Lithuania with a score of 2: 1. Success for the team was the first in the League of Nations and allowed to keep the chances of leaving the group. Earlier, the wards of Cosmin Contra played a double draw in the League of Nations. First, they failed to break the resistance of Montenegro (0: 0) in their native walls, and then quite successfully went to visit the main competitor of Serbia (2: 2).

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In general, taking into account friendly matches, the Romanian national team is not losing seven games in a row, five of which ended in success.



The Serbian national team performs slightly better in the League of Nations than their future opponent. In addition to a draw with the Romanians, the "White Eagles” won two victories. And both on the road. On the fields of rivals managed to beat Lithuania with a score of 1: 0 and Montenegro 2: 0. In general, the Serbs have not lost five games away, four of which were victorious.



Serbia has won away from home in four of the last five matches (excluding World Cup).

Romania won six of eight previous matches at home.

Romania never once beat Serbia - two losses and a draw.

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The defeat of the Romanian national team practically deprives them of the chances to fight for victory in the group and makes the Serbs clear favorites in the first place. Previous fights between rivals were effective. Romanians play at home efficiently. Serbs are able to act perfectly on the counter.


Our forecast is that both will score for 1.93.

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Romania experienced the best time before and at Euro 2016, after which the team began to "fade out". In the course of the selection for the 2018 World Cup, the Romanians did not show anything, and in the League of Nations everything goes very tight. So, first, Kosmin Kontra's wards tied with Montenegro (0: 0) and Serbia (2: 2), and on Thursday showed themselves inexpressively - the marked victory over Lithuania in added time (1: 2). In addition, it was not a worthy opponent, but you should not judge by the last meeting ...


Serbia is the main favorite of the group, and you should not doubt it. Yes, they had a "cut” with Kosovo, but on the whole, the charges of Mladen Krstaich are more powerful and will prove it more than once. Perhaps in September, the Serbs did not show their best (a draw with Romania (2: 2) and a victory over Lithuania (0: 1)), but now they are in order - a victory over Montenegro with a score of 0: 2. And now football luck is clearly on their side ...

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