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Roma on the eve of the Roman derby raised her spirits. How much criticism was before the game with Frosinone, the Roman "wolves" from the exit did not ride by train, but by secret routes, were locked at the base and so on and so on, all this worked - victory 4: 0. Of course, to beat the home club, which has not even scored goals before, skipping 12 and having just one scored ball, is not at all indicative, but to raise morale this victory came as never before. And now in the Roman derby "wolves" should not play with trembling knees, you need at least to show a quality football and score a ball or two.


With regard to Lazio, then due to the past problems of the Roman "wolves", he will be the favorite in this confrontation. Season then the team did really start much better, the club won by four points more, located in the European Cup zone. But in general, much more than Lazio is better than Roma, and given the status of the derby and Roma's still-untimely motivation, there will hardly be any domination on the field.

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On the first day of the weekend, we will wait for the seventh round of Serie A, in which "Roma" will fight with "Lazio". If you take the last game year, then more successful were the "wolves" - 2: 1 and 0: 0. What will the "eagles" answer? Let's understand.


"Wolves" so far do not show the entire level of the game, because in six rounds it turned out to be only 8 points. Football players Yes Francesco was able to win twice, as many peaceful outcomes and a fiasco, with scoring statistics 11: 9. But only recently, the team has a decline - 3 points mined in 6 games.

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"Eagles" look quite dignified, and therefore are located on the third line of the tournament. Team Inzaghi has achieved 4 wins, and in two rounds was the world, and the total score at the same time 9: 6. Let's remind, that now at Romans a series from 5 prizes in succession.


Forecast for the match "Roma" - "Lazio", X2. So far, the guests are more confident, so we will bet on them, but with reinsurance.

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There are too many interesting events on Saturday. In the reporting day, we expect a series of matches of the next, already the seventh round of the Italian regular season. In one of the central matches of this day, Roma and Lazio will converge. Both teams represent the eternal city, which on Saturday will light up all its Colosseum, in order to salute the great battle.


Bookmakers established a clear line in which the superiority of the "wolves" can be traced. However, do not rush to act on the orders of "all-knowing", because in this kind of sparring is extremely difficult to calculate the winner. Guests prepared for the school period and scored an excellent form in September. Let's try to weigh all the factors and issue a wise bet.

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"Wolves" are in vague form - in the last six matches our heroes today have only won one victory. The triumph happened in the extreme round of the domestic championship, on the twenty-sixth of the day it was possible to smash Frosinone's face with four well-aimed blows. Prior to this, the guys lost to Bologna, Milan and played a draw with Atalanta and Chievo. Also recalled Ligoccampion's pockets from Real Madrid with a score of 3: 0.

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Eusebio Di Francesco does not justify all those ambitions and hopes that were assigned to him after a successful last season. At the moment, the "yellow-red" are located on the tenth line in the standings of the domestic championship. After six rounds played, the guys have eight points in the asset. To tear hair on a head is still rather early, as the backlog from the fourth Fiorentina makes four points.



"White-blue" opposite scored an excellent move. In the starting two rounds, the guys lost to Napoli and Juventus, but then the "eagles" burst, as if they had picked salted cucumbers with fresh milk. In the last five sparring, our heroes of today only won. Under the scope were Frosinone, Empoli, Genoa, Udinese and Apollo in the Europa League. In most matches, the Romans played in a neat football.


If you look at the standings, you can see our today's heroes on the third line. In the pocket of the team of Simone Inzaghi twelve points scored. Somewhere deep in the cerebral cortex, the desire to fight for the champion's title has settled, but the lag behind Juventus is as much as eighteen points. It's too early to even dream about gold medals.

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Forecast for this match

When these two teams converge, it is virtually impossible to predict the winner. How much would you not compare the factors, but you can win the team, which is more trivial luck. It is necessary to expect an ineffective game.


The bet is a total less than 3.0.

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On Saturday afternoon, within the 7th round of the Italian Serie A will take place the Roman derby - Roma will meet with Lazio.


Last season in their meetings more successful were the "wolves" - 2: 1 and 0: 0. I wonder if the "eagles" will manage to take revenge in the new season?


Roma is still not happy, because the team scored for 6 rounds only 8 points. Thus, Di Francesco's wards managed to win 2 times, play a draw and concede, while the total score was 11: 9. In addition, since the end of August, the "wolves" were not the best period - not a single victory for 6 matches. Well, on Wednesday, at last, the Romans took 3 points - 4: 0 with Frosinone.

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But Lazio shows a strong game in the new season, because of what is located on the 3rd line of the standings. Simone Inzaghi's wards managed to win 4 times in the championship and twice tied, while the total score was 9: 6. Separately it is worth noting that now the "eagles" are even chic - 5 victories in a row!


Bookmakers give Rome a little, which is not logical. At the moment, the "eagles" show a more confident game, well, the stadium is native to both clubs. Most likely, the nominal guests will not be inferior to the owners, so they should not lose ...

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Free forecast for the match Roma - Lazio: "Victory of Lazio or a tie". The bookmaker office Pari-Match offers a coefficient of 1.59 for such an event.


The next Saturday in Europe will be a number of interesting matches, one of which will be a Roman derby, in which the formal host will be Roma. Bookmakers on the side of the "wolves", but it is worth paying attention to the more stable in recent times, Lazio. Team Inzaghi after failures at the start looks very decent in September, beating one opponent after another, while the "jallo-rossi" in the last round achieved victory, but before that, the future owners failed a number of important fights.

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The first victory

After a pause on the game teams, Roma held four official matches, in which she managed to win only once, in the last round, Frosinone, who beat everyone who is not lazy. Prior to this Victoria, the "wolves" in their field could not beat Chievo, lost to Real Madrid in the Champions League and Bologna in Serie A.

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Excellent statistics

Lazio only won in September, the "eagles" achieved five consecutive victories, including Serie A over Udinese, Genoa, Empoli and Frosinone. In the tournament, Lazio rose to third place, but Sassuolo can still beat Laziale, in case of a victory over SPAL. From the leading Juventus, Lazio lags behind 6 points, from Napoli and the second line, to three.



The Roman derby is always full of surprises, often in this confrontation wins not the team that looks better on the eve of the match, but the one who is more trivial in the game itself. It is worth noting that Lazio has recently been able to work well in defense, and Roma had problems in the attack, there is the possibility of a not very productive meeting. Our free forecast for the game: TM 3.5


Saturday's program of the seventh round of the championship of Italy will open the Roman derby. Now Roma and Lazio are almost at the same level of development, but the latest results are slightly better for the Orlov.

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Roma shows the indicators of outspoken middle peasants - two wins, draws and losses at the current tenth place. Such results are unlikely to satisfy Eusebio di Francesco and his charges. However, in the last round, the Wolves scored a devastating 4: 0 victory over Frosinone and markedly improved their spirits. Jallo-Rossi continues to build a new team, which does not look monolithic yet.


After two defeats from Napoli and Juventus, Lazio's performance improved markedly - in the next rounds of Serie A they earned a maximum of twelve points. Thus, the Eagles soared to the third line of the standings. Simone Inzaghi's wards continue to demonstrate attractive football in the attack, thanks to which they can claim the highest places.

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In this confrontation, bookmakers believe more in Roma. But Lazio now looks much better, so Bianco-Celeste is unlikely to lose in Derby della Capital.


Lazio will not lose (X2) at 1.57

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Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the 7th round of the Italian Championship Roma-Lazio, which will be held at the stadium of Olympia (Stadio Olimpico) on Saturday 29 September, beginning at 16:00 (MSK).



This is one of the central matches of the next day's game in the Italian Serie A and the bookmakers slightly more appreciate the chances of the nominal home team. Roma after six rounds takes only the tenth place in the table of the championship of Italy, gaining eight points - it is between Sampdoria and Udinese. On Wednesday, wards Eusebio Di Francesco defeated Frosinone 4-0 in his field, scoring three goals before the break. Before that, Roma could not win in four duels in a row, losing twice and drawing in a draw. And in each of those four matches, she missed a minimum of two goals. As the hosts of the field, the players of Roma did not lose any of the six previous matches, winning three times and drawing in a draw.

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Lazio in this season is more successful than Roma and now with 12 points scored is fourth in Serie A, three points behind from going second Napoli and six points behind the leading Juventus. In the last round Biancoselesti beat Udinese at the exit with a score 2: 1 - on the goal scored Acherby and Correa. This was Lazio's fourth consecutive victory. Before that, he lost three games in a row. As guests, Lazio lost only one of the last nine matches, having won six wins and twice a draw - it was a defeat from Juventus.



Last season, Roma in two games against Lazio scored four points, beating 2: 1 at home and drawing a 0-0 draw on the road. In general, she lost only 2 of the last 12 derby, having won seven wins and three draws. It is worth noting that for the last five matches between Roma and Lazio in the championship of Italy there were three removals and each time a team of ten players played in the status of the home team.

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Experts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the winner in the derby will not be revealed and it will end in a fruitless draw. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). In second place in popularity, Roma 2: 1 win (coefficient 9.00). Bets on a total of less than 2.5 goals are accepted with a coefficient of 2.32.



Roma's victory - 2.41, draw - 3.55, the victory of Lazio – 2.85.

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During the week, Roma defeated Frosinone 4: 0, interrupting a series of five matches without a win (taking into account the Champions League). An important result from the point of view of psychology - the team approaches the Roman derby with moderate optimism. However, for Eusebio Di Francesco, it all depends on the outcome of the match with Lazio. If Roma loses, then chances are that the Jallorossi will soon have a new coach.


A convincing victory over Frosinone, on the other hand, should not be misleading. Moreno Longo has the worst team in the championship - the Lions lost all six matches without scoring a single goal. Roma should be beaten in such a condition in any condition, even against the background of failures. Among the failures: defeat from Milan, Real and Bologna, draws with Atalanta and Chievo. The worst start of the season in the last seven years.

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Lazio started with two defeats, but the team of Simone Inzaghi lost to Napoli and Juventus - nothing surprising in this. It was important for the Eagles to recover quickly after the matches with the grandees, and the Romans coped. Now they have five wins in a row - four in the championship, one in the Europa League. Goal difference - 10: 4. Inzaghi rightly says that Lazio was not lucky with the calendar, because entering the season with the main contenders for the championship is a very difficult task, even for bianco-chloe.


It is customary to say that the derby is a special match, and it is not entirely correct to draw conclusions regarding it based on the form of the teams. However, Lazio is now in better shape than Roma, both psychologically and physically. The advantage of Orlov is that the team has minimal changes in the composition, Inzaghi does not need to invent something new. Roma has changed the center of the field, and this is one of the causes of the problems. Motivation in such cases plays an important role, but you will not achieve the moral and volitional result if the team does not play for the game.

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In personal meetings in recent years, the advantage of Roma. Take the last 10 matches: six wins Volkov, two draws, two wins Lazio. But now Djallorossi is more important not to win, and at least not to lose, because a draw is a good result when everyone considers Roma to be an underdog derby. In any case, the defense is not the strength of the dzhallorossi, all its trumps in the attack. The bet on "both score” was played in four of the last five matches between the teams, this option seems promising now.


Among the possible authors of goals worth paying attention to Edina Dzeko - Bosnian has not scored since mid-August, and in the derby is silent from April 2016. At a difficult moment, it is her main scorer who should help the team.

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