Recommendations and basic tips for beginners

Recommendations and basic tips for beginners


Everyone has experienced that sinking feeling when he was a beginner at something, be it in a profession, occupation or any other activity. Placing bets on the Internet is a serious step, especially if you are a beginner and still looking for a guide that would help with the launch. For precisely this reason, we at created this page which vlyuchva tips for beginners in the sport (and not only) bets.


tips for beginners from Betenemy


Every beginner should learn the basic rules for betting purposes, but also for what to watch and what to keep. If you follow our valuable tips, you will surely increase your chance of success by limiting the likelihood of potential losses.

What we have included in this part of the guide:


    Inform yourself about betting

    Look for the best offer for you

    Discover their strengths

    Strategy related to your budget

    Priorities in betting and beyond

    Excessive greed will harm you!

    Construction of strategy and style of play

    Seek additional posts

    Visit and read more sites Analysis

    Google does not have to your single source!


Before taking any action in any of the bookmakers sites, first think about why you want to bet and how much emotion arises within you while you do it.


Listed points below are the main and perhaps the most important recommendations that every new player should read before.

Key recommendations to all who are just starting in the world of bets

1. Learn more about betting


Not enough just to be able to play a sport or 1-2 you watched the game on TV to start professional to bet on those games. Otherwise you'll just throw your money in the trash. You need time and effort to learn the rules carefully in different sports. The internet is full of detailed information about them and you only have time to explore. Naturally, you have to trust the authoritative sources.


Check with friends who have already a lot of time playing in different online bookmakers, even without success. Experience has accumulated errors and you can get it directly from the experiences of their acquaintances.

2. Look around for the best deal that you are offered on the market


search for a good offer from bookmakers


More and more online bookmakers are fighting for new customers with truly excellent promotions. At sites like ours you can see estimates of the most popular bookmakers in Bulgaria and promotions and bonuses offered. They are differently suitable for different types of players, but overall, for recruits, most offer truly safe and offers good start.


Compare the size of bonuses, how easy it is to scroll to withdraw. Check the site offers promotions for already registered customers.


Learn where are the biggest factors, which are the sites with the most extensive range of events that you can bet.


View in which you can watch as many live events. Which are the best platform for live play and all the betting. Where limit at least accounts and work with the small profit.


And then choose what you think you fit the most.

3. Check where you are strongest


Although you may find yourself fans of casino games or online poker, find out if your skills are not as developed as in sports betting. Or in eSports? It is important to optimize your chances of winning, but this happens only if you have deeper information. Many slot games seem more exciting betting on a hockey game, for example, but often the hockey game brings a lot more profit because they do not depend on a random rotation.


Hit and sports. You may be a fan of football, but if you find that a lot more familiar with the outcome of matches NBA, point in that direction and continue to develop. Cultivate your strengths to make really competitive bookmakers and win in the long run.

4. Make a budget strategy


Use the BBB system - which means Budget, Budget, Budget. Watch your startup expense as a capital, as a new business venture. You should do your budget so that you can spend the available resources specified time. Do not throw without having experience in betting huge sums just for the thrill.


Prepare very carefully and thus reduce losses and increase your chance of winning. Will avoid the disappointment of a huge loss in the beginning, one might be provoked to do next inconsiderate bet. You can start with a proven strategy Based on statistics from various teams and their current performance.


The best players do not just luck on their side. They have the experience and the bitterness of past disappointments.

5. Put on some priorities


Decide whether you want to play just for the thrill and fun, filling free time. Or do you see in this endeavor chance even to make a living. This, however, has a serious investment. At the same time you may want both, but then you need to achieve its objectives. Do not go to play slot games in hopes of hitting the jackpot immediately. Hardly will you smile luck and video poker bonus with someone just like that.


Your goals should be realistic. It's hard to bet 5 lev will earn 1 million sports bets. You have to measure the risk and know when it's worth an estimate or bet.

6. Do not be greedy when you play


Mainly these are victims of bookmakers. Almost always lose players because of his greed. Earn few slip or hands and immediately think they have the ability to make mistakes, just multiply the amount in your account. Such players are angry and projections known to other people and immediately there arises a desire to earn more. And this happens with more betting that lead to more losses.


Sometimes you lose, you're stuck with the remaining amount in your account. Greedy players, however, want to immediately get their money back and try all the way to bet.


If you see that it is not your day, get up from the computer, leave the phone. Log again the next day, or simply change the sport. Obviously it was not your time.


Do not bet everything immediately! The only culprit for lost are you afterwards. Play smart and never exceed your limit!

7. Build your strategy game


creating and developing strategy


Do not become obsessed with games in bookmaker. Sometimes a client is so absorbed in the program bookmaker that spends his site hours after hours went by in infinity. It only prevents personal and your professional life and your obscures sober assessment of the matches. Resist the temptation to have a thrill after thrill of new and new bet!


Do not be influenced by the moment! Set a goal how much time will you spend online a day. It is estimated that 90 minutes is the optimum time in which to bet, no matter what player it is. The range, which hang on the site is a key for it to succeed or to fail during their bets.

8. Seek a second opinion


As mentioned, do not do it only when choosing a bookmaker. You can ask a colleague or friend with more experience for everything from selecting the correct forecast to a strategy for continuous play. Not necessarily, and this is the only way. There are a great many opinions in the forums for online betting. They are made by ordinary people just like you and are right for you. Always watch the latest comments and posts to be aware of the latest trends in this dynamic industry.


Read and professional sites like ours, which is full of information on everything from needle to thread the game online bookmakers.

9. carefully reads every word on sites


This is a huge force in terms of bonuses and promotions online sites. Sometimes they look very appetizing and profitable for the participants, but it is not nearly as easy to get them and sometimes are not even real.


Read the terms and conditions of each bookmaker. True, it is very boring and can take time, but do not risk to stumble with a bonus, promotion or special offer. If the list of conditions is not the site, contact the operator of the support team who provide it to you.


You must be maximum insured before the betting strategy. It is for this reason should not miss a sentence with a smaller font, which can hide important information.

10. Do not trust just to Google


When deciding where to bet, do not choose like that just one of the top results in search. This does not mean that you choose the best bookmaker. Rather choose a bookmaker who paid a lot of money on advertising and may actually do no good offers.


Instead, you need to track bookmakers assessed by our site and other sites where experienced teams have thrown a lot of time to put into dissect every aspect of the game in different locations.


However innkeepers sites for assessments bookmakers stand behind your reviews with your name and if you fail, lose confidence and the fans of gambling.


The main board, however, is one. Gather information and play intelligently! Have fun, keep security in the game and get informed from reliable sources!

Thank you for visiting our website, where you can have access to the best professional soccer predictions worldwide.