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In the first Lisbon confrontation between the vice champions of Portugal and Greece, the guests achieved a completely acceptable result for themselves (1: 1). Although before the 76th minute Benfica was in the score (1: 0) and confidently controlled the course of the game.

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But, nevertheless, fifteen minutes before the end of the regular time of the match left at the beginning of the second half to replace the Egyptian midfielder Amr Warda scored the return ball, and therefore radically changed the development of further events in the confrontation of this pair.


After all, now, in the upcoming return match in their arena, Razvan Lucescu's team will even arrange a zero draw. Recall, the new Greek championship started only in the last August weekend, and in the very first round, in a home match against the club Asteras, the vice-champion of the national Super League won (1: 0). And now here, at the stadium "Tumba", the owners for 90 minutes of the game will try to keep their already achieved advantage over the grandee of Portuguese football.

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In the previous third round of the qualification of the Champions League, the "Lisbon eagles" also held their first fight against the Turkish Fenerbahce in their "Estadio da Luz", and won this meeting with their favorite score (1: 0). And only then, in the return match in Istanbul, the team of Rui Vitoria achieved a draw result (1: 1).


Undoubtedly, after a penalty shot in the 45th minute into the goal of his current opponent, Benfica's coaching staff counted in the second half to repeat the scenario of the match with the Turkish club, that is, to play to retain its minimal advantage.

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Alas! This time, Rui Vitoria's plan did not work. But, in the long run, Benfica can and in the arena of the opponent to decide the question of his qualification in the autumn group tournament of the European club championship. Let's remember, in the recent guest confrontation with Fenerbahce (1: 1), it was the Lisbon club that first led the score.



What happens? The result of the first Lisbon meeting sets the hosts on keeping their achieved advantage. That is, in the return meeting the main task of the vice-champion of Greece will be the security of their own goal. Of course, in this situation the game will be under the control of the guests, hence quite logical quotations of the main outcomes: P1 - 2.90, P2 - 2.35.

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For his exit into the main net of the Champions League, a victory or an effective draw (2: 2, 3: 3 and so on) will suit the guests. But when the account - 1: 1 will be appointed overtime, that is, an additional 30 minutes of play. But, in any case, the most realistic scenario of a return encounter implies the penetration of the standard total 2.0.


Our forecast is more than (2.0) for 1.65.

On Wednesday evening, the Austrian Salzburg exemplified the Serbian Tsarvena star in the ramkata on the matkata of the final qualification of the Champions League.

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Their first meeting ended with a score of 0: 0, so that all the packs can be decided exactly in the match ...


Salzburg very nondescriptly held the first match, koyto e in the first half, the team and owned the initiative. In the second, Marco Rose's ward is like an old man and just bring it to a draw. It's unclear why, but everyone has not lost. Well, it's worth noting that at home the "bulls" are much more productive and the pokan matches of the new season win ...

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But Tsarvena Star was able to show off, but she refused to dash the second, but everything is equally like a toothless item. As a result, Vladan Miloevich's wards did not miss the main thing, and thanks for that. And here's the most interesting: "CSKA" does not split away matches from home, and do not always lose ...


Bookmaker checks polshojju worship to a victory of Salzburg, that is quite fair. The very fact of the Austrian team receiving, hell and home is always easier. In addition, they can not play in a draw, so that the "bulls" will sink a victory. And we'll try to pull along with them ...

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Free forecast for the match Salzburg - "Krasna zvezda": "Victory of Salzburg". Pari-Mat offers a coefficient of 1.5.


Within the framework of the Champions League qualifying matches, the Austrian team Salzburg in the native walls will take the Serbian Crvena Zvezda. The first match of the opposition, held a week ago at the stadium in Belgrade, ended in a draw 0-0, which, in general, arranged for both hosts and guests. In the upcoming game, bookmakers on the side of the Austrians, but it is worth noting that the CZ has enough international experience to resist Salzburg.


Leader of Austria

Salzburg powerfully started in the season, the "bulls" after five rounds of the championship of Austria are on the first line in the peloton table, have an asset of 15 points, 4 points ahead of the nearest pursuer, St.. Pelten. In the qualification of the Champions League Salzburg will play the fourth match, in the first three appear the victory over Shkendia and a draw with Crvena Zvezda.

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For a long time playing

If for Salzburg the upcoming game will be the 4th, then for the Serbs - the eighth. Crvena Zvezda beat out Spartak Daugava, Suduva and Spartak Trnava from the rally. Slovaks were beaten thanks to a goal scored in extra time in the away match. In the championship of Serbia Crvena Zvezda is located on the first line, in the team's assets of 15 points, two points of the handicap from the nearest pursuer, the team of Radnicka.



Salzburg plays well in his native walls, but Crvena Zvezda in the away matches shows a good level of football, and most importantly, that the Serbs are able to achieve their goals, and are not afraid of authorities at all. Considering that both teams have a good defense, it can be assumed that the upcoming match will not work. Our free forecast for this meeting: TM 3.0 1.40


After a goalless draw in the first match, the chances of a pass remain with both teams. The Austrians are more experienced in the European Cup battles, but their pathological inability to overcome the last stages of the Champions League qualification can play into the hands of the Serbs.

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In the championship of Austria, Salzburg is uncontrollable - five wins in the starting five games. During the week, the Red Bulls managed to outplay the Alts with a score of 3: 2. In European competition, they also go more or less confidently. Behind already remained Macedonian Shkendiya, and now the acting champion of his country is ready to take the last step on the way to the group stage of the Champions League.


Similar statistics can boast of Crvena Zvezda. The same 15 points in the five starting rounds of the championship and the confident pass of the Latvian Spartax, Lithuanian Suduva and Slovak Spartak Trnava in the qualification of the Champions League. The Serbs are now on strike, but with really serious rivals on the road, they still did not play.

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The class of Salzburg players is much higher. Despite the failure in the Champions League, in the European League the Austrian club regularly goes into the round of the playoffs. And Crvena Zvezda does it much less. Therefore, we are waiting for the victory of the Red Bulls and their long-awaited passage into the Champions League group.


Salzburg will win at 1.51


The match of the qualifying play-off of the Champions League Salzburg - Crvena Zvezda will be held on Wednesday August 29 at 22:00 (MSC) at the stadium Red Bull Arena.


Bookmakers in this game are betting on the victory of Salzburg.

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In the first match, the Austrian club defended a zero draw and now it will be a victory with any score. To the second leg against Crvena Zvezda, Salzburg fits after the guest victory over Alta in the national championship with a score of 3: 2. The unbeaten Salzburg series now has nine matches, eight of which he won. And in half of victorious fights he managed to score more than two goals. In the Champions League, Salzburg does not lose in regular time from August 5, 2015, when he lost 0: 3 at Malmö exit. After that, he spent 13 fights in the main European Cup and scored eight wins with five draws after 90 minutes of the meeting. And in ten games he did not miss a single goal, and in the other three he missed only one goal. His home-win-win series in the Champions League is 11 games, eight of which were won, if you take into account only the main time. In six meetings Salzburg did not miss a single goal.

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Crvena Zvezda defeated Chukarichka's club in the Serbian championship on Saturday with a score of 2: 1. The Belgrade club did not lose any of the 12 official matches of the season, having won eight wins and four draws. Given the past season, the unbeaten Krvens series has already played 27 games, 21 of which have been won, if we take into account only the main time. Last defeat Belgrade suffered on February 21 this year from CSKA Moscow in the European League. In the Champions League, the Serbian team does not lose 12 matches in a row, having won five wins and seven draws. And her guest unbeaten series has five matches of the Champions League, in three of which she scored exactly two goals. Against the backdrop of such statistics experts site Bukmeker.rf believe that the chances of Crvena Stars in the upcoming game are underestimated. Even if she loses to Salzburg, then with a difference of not more than one ball. So it will be profitable to win the guests with a handicap (+1).

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The victory of Salzburg - 1.46, the draw - 4.19, the victory of Crvena Zvezda - 7.18


Forecast for the match Salzburg - Crvena Zvezda (Champions League, qualifying playoffs, second leg, August 29): the victory of Crvena Stars with a handicap (+1). In the bookmaker office 1xStavka predict the victory of Salzburg with a score of 1: 0 or 2: 0 (coefficients 5.00 and 5.50 respectively). Bets on winning Crvena Stars with a handicap (+1) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.025.

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In one from nai-interesting machovy revenge from last krgg predi group on Champion's league, select on the RB Salzburg and Tsarvena Star will be the measure force. Parviat march in Sorbia adventure without hitting, but for a rematch in Austria is entirely determined by the choice of two seasons of all types of kam. The grupovat phase.


New for Red Bull Salzburg

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Salzburg is more equable than the rival to Tsarven. The star in the spring of the mache will be in Belgrade for me, and then I'll play and pre-tribute the tribune. Austrian Citadel imham and malko kksmet in the region, Catholat mogat yes thank you to your guard Stankovich for kindness nemesi. In the last si, the coyote game of pre-weekend and part from the Austrian Bundesliga, the selection in the RB Salzburg was riddled with a 3-2 visit to the Altai. Timet e with 5 victories and 1 remi in the last 6 seconds of the game, and at home e is helpless with 4 wins from the 4th prez tozi season. Hi-Chang Huang, with national nationality, is so much cheaper than Tosi Mach, and for questioning more Gulbrandsen, Junuzovic, Farkas and Onguen. Check to unlatch the Bet365 bonus for the tozi mache and increase your gratitude when crammed into akumulatori.


Lead for Tsarvena Star

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In the camp at the hotel, the situation is not much good, the track of the catholt is not going to be slow, and the advance is to advance into the village. The next guest of the state was outlined. Prez weekend krbbskayut grand pristanigna victory sresch Chukarichki near the house with the result 2-1 in the sword from pervenstvo to the country. The format on the selection for the last 6 maha shows 4 wins and 2 remotes, from the beginning of the campaign, timt is recorded 2 remotes and 2 wins at the visit. Vssychki in the exit to Tsarvena Star sa sai and prepare for a tozi mache, so that chooses to be sure of success.


RB Salzburg vs. Tsarvena Star

I'll wait three months for them, katatogo statistica show by 1 victory for vseki selection, as well as 1 remi. Golovata distinction is neatly equalized - 2 goals for all. In the tozi, the masculine is defined as the dominance, and the immitance is predetermined. Prezminaliya season "bikovete" stagna until semifinal in the League of Europe, koto nedo nayn-nychnite im orzhiya beycha domikinskite hideouts. Tsarvena Zvezda shche tersi popanenie, with kakoto da vkara in shah its opponent. Head Remi e quite well on the sprites, but they gave it a shit case, we see it. RB Zaltsburg ima vrhu as well as the supergame prezozi season, and the food klassirane in the group on the SL trail semifinal in the LEF is always good to comprehend. Hardly napkininkite will release a chance tozi. Predictions for the victory for Zaltsburg, and for the second option can be pledged for under 2.5 goals in the mache, stay in place and stay locked up.

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trophyPrognosis: 1, under 2.5 goals

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