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On Thursday evening, RB Leipzig will take Luhansk Zarju in his field as part of the return match of the final qualifying round.


Their first meeting ended without goals (0: 0), which leaves chances to both teams. But, let's be honest, "bulls" are simply more powerful ...

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In the first match of the Republic of Belarus, Leipzig completely supervised the course of the meeting, but failed to score the team. Wards Ralph Rangnik dealt 30 hits on the opponents' goal, but they were disastrously unlucky. And in general, the "bulls" on the road do not shine, but at home they beat everything and everything ...


In turn, Zarya struck with its impact, because only through her team stood. In addition, from the 17th minute the Lugansk players played in the minority, but the Doterpels, and in the ending they also conducted a couple of their attacks. However, do not forget that the wards of Vernidub almost do not win, but also lost the last time a month ago - 1: 0 with Alexandria.

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Bookmakers are almost confident in the victory of Leipzig, because in general they are more powerful than Dawn. In addition, the "bulls" of the house play much more efficiently, but at the same time the guests are not inferior in recent times. Most likely, the Lugansk players will play again from defense, so there should not be many goals here ...


Free forecast for the match of RB Leipzig - Zarya: "Total is less than 3.5". On this outcome 1XBet bookmaker offers a coefficient of 1.55.

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The next Thursday at the stadium "Red Bull Arena" in Leipzig will play the return match of the round of the playoff qualification of the League of Europe, in which RB Leipzig will fight with Lugansk Zarey. The first match of the confrontation took place a week ago in Zaporozhye, brought a 0-0 draw, which to a greater extent arranged the hosts, who played from the 16th minute in the minority. Bookmakers in this pair on the side of the home team, the "bulls" will do everything possible to break into the group tournament LE.


After the defeat

It is worth paying attention to the fact that RB Leipzig played the match of the first round of the Bundesliga in Dortmund last weekend, lost to the local Borussia with a score of 1: 4, although the "bulls" in that match were the first to come forward. This situation maximally motivates the guys Rangnik for the upcoming match.


Need a draw

In the last round of qualification of the Europa League, Dawn managed to pass a very strong opponent - the Portuguese team Sporting Braga. RB Leipzig is stronger than the Portuguese, but Zare's positive experience on Thursday will not hurt. It is worth recalling that in Lugansk, Lugansk played a 2: 2 draw, if such a result is repeated in mid-week, then Zarya will go to the next round of the European Cup.

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RB Leipzig started in the season quite confidently, especially for home matches, in which the "bulls" only won. The devastating defeat from Borussia is most likely to anger and motivate the Rangnik team. In this situation, Zara will not be envied. But on the other hand, to dismiss the Zarya is also not worth it, because this is an experienced team. Our free forecast for this meeting:


Victory RB with a handicap -1.5

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On the 30th, the return match of the European League will take place, in which "RB Leipzig" and "Dawn" will compete for a place in the group stage of the tournament. Recall that their first match ended without a goal - 0: 0. What will end their response? We'll figure out.


"Bulls" is clearly stronger, and fully controlled the course of the first match. That's only the implementation of the failed team Gangnik, who dealt 30 blows at the gate of the Ukrainian rival. And in general, with visits from the team is not all smooth, but at home tearing all.


"Dawn" surprised dedication, because the team was able to withstand a formidable opponent, and even in the 10th. Footballers of Vernaduba have not been happy for a long time, but they do not often lose. An extreme fiasco is a loss of 1-0 from Alexandria.

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Forecast for the match "RB Leipzig" - "Dawn", TM3.5. In their field "bulls" are simply obliged to win. But in fact Lugansk team very reliably defends, so do not count on an extravaganza extravaganza.


The first round of confrontation between the Ukrainian and German clubs ended in a goalless draw. So in the second leg the chances will be for both teams, but Leipzig still looks much preferable.


The start of the championship of Germany Bulls completely failed. They lost on all counts 1: 4 Dortmund Borussia. Moreover, the European Cup matches also showed a weak game of Rangnik's wards on the defensive and a poor implementation of the moments. But in the home, Leipzig traditionally plays very powerful, which should help him in the next mid-weekend.

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About the fighting qualities of Dawn already knows the whole of Europe. The heroic passage of Braga is far from the first time when Wernidoub's wards showed their character in European competition. And even in the first game with Leipzig, the Lugansk team could not miss out on the formidable opponent, playing almost 80 minutes in the minority. If Black and White manages to score a goal in Germany, the fate of the confrontation can be decided in their favor.


But against Luhansk the depressing statistics of the performances of Ukrainian clubs in Germany. If at home they regularly win and play a draw with German teams, then on the road they often concede even with a crushing score. Given the huge difference in class between Leipzig and Dawn, no one will be surprised by the confident victory of the Bulls.

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The victory of RB Leipzig with a handicap (-1.5) at 1.6



The German club was unable to print the gates of Dawn in the first match (0: 0), thereby calling into question their exit to the group stage of the League of Europe. At the weekend, Leipzig managed to make his debut in the new season of the Bundesliga, where the club flew in large numbers from Borussia Dortmund (1: 4). Therefore, we can safely say that under the leadership of Ralph Rangnik the team does not start the best way, and RB Leipzig is not yet pulling on the contender for medals and high results in the season.


It seems that the RB Leipzig is now seriously changing against the background of two extreme seasons, and such changes are very painful for the team. But the composition of the German team is still as strong, and in the summer it was joined by a number of interesting newcomers: Sarachchi, Mukile and Cunha. Rangnik took a pause in six months, in order to deal with the available personnel and after that to adjust the composition of the Republic of Belarus Leipzig.



The Ukrainian club continues to create sensations within the framework of the qualification of the Europa League, and following the knocked out Braga (1: 1, 2: 2) the German Leipzig may follow. In the home match for herself, Dawn did not look perfect, but in fighting qualities this team definitely will not refuse. And if the Ukrainian club is able to open an account on the road, the chances of passing on will increase significantly. In the rest, Zarya is a strong collective, in which the lack of individual skill is compensated by a good dedication and an unbending character.

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In terms of composition, Dawn is clearly inferior to RB Leipzig, and Yuri Vernidub, along with experienced football players (Kharatin, Gordienko, Karavaev and Khomchenovsky), has at his disposal a number of promising but inexperienced young people. The club in the current season a lot and worked abundantly in the transfer market, and the extreme acquisition of Dawn was the rental of the Colombian striker Sporting. Leonardo Acevedo was not bad at the youth level, but has not yet revealed himself to the adult.



Bookmakers give full advantage to the Republic of Belarus Leipzig, whose quotes for the victory are 1.20. But the success of the guests is estimated at 19.00, and the draw of the match goes for 7.20. The situation is obvious in terms of the reputation of teams in European football and the strength of their teams.


On the effectiveness of the match in Germany with the average values ​​of total-rates, we have the following odds from the bookmakers: "total more than 2.5" for 1.67, "total less than 2.5" for 2.34.

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RB Leipzig is rightly considered the favorite of the match, but Zarya has already proved to everyone that just competitors in the matches with her just will not be. The Ukrainian club will actively snap, and if even lose in this confrontation, it will do so with a small advantage of the opponent. Therefore, we recommend using a plus for the success of the guests.

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Bet: victory of Dawn with a handicap (+2.5) - kf 1.50.

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