Raufoss - Mölner

Raufoss - Mölner

10.06.2018 17:00
Raufoss Mölner
Forecast: 1
Coefficient: 1.28

The players of Raufoss and Möllner play each other in a collision at the current Second Division Championship - Group 1 in Norway.

The home team's players ranked first with a total of 17 points recorded after 5 wins, 2 draws and one loss during the season, with a total of 8 games scoring 17 goals in their opponents' network and allowing them to score 4 hits in your network. On his pitch, the team played 4 games in which he scored 3 wins, one draw and still has no home loss, scored 9 goals in the opposing goal and scored a goal in his net.

Mölner's guest team took the 7th place in the 15-point table, after 5 wins and 3 losses since the start of the championship, with a 12-18 goal difference in the eight games played. Outside, the team has 4 fights to 2 wins and 2 losses, 4 goals in the opposing door and allowed him to score 12 goals in their net.

In his previous two home games, Raufoss' team scored a 1-0 victory against Alta's team and managed to score a 1-1 draw with Moss FC. In their last 2 away games, Möllner's team fell 0-6 against Bermuda and in their previous visit they won 2-1 against Odd BK 2.