Rashford Rinne wants to buy Manchester United

Rashford Rinne wants to buy Manchester United

The promotion of the new "FIFA 2017" was the occasion newest hope Manchester United and England Marcus Rashford to speak for the first time in his life to in. "Dream." And he hastened to reveal that he was "appointed" Wayne Rooney for his leading adviser on all football matters.

Marcus Rashford (18) is the last resounding discovery of the production line of Manchester United. Months after his debut for the senior team in February so they were swirling that gave him and a place in the England squad for Euro 2016. And the one who helps him cope with all the tension was his captain at United and the national team Wayne Rooney. Received a 7-year school in United Rashford not hide it. "Growing up, I learned of Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, but also Carlos Tevez, while he was at the club - says Rashford. - I've never really spoken to Cristiano, because then I was not in the first team, but Rooney gives me advice . He told me to keep doing what I've always done, and just play my football. He also started playing very young, debuted for Everton on 17, then came to United and was in the same situation as me now. And now helps me a lot because it's gone through all this. "

Viewed from the side, it'll have Rashford need advice Rooney or anyone else. Because he's mature for his age, he is standing firmly on the ground and polite, though still a little shy. And this is a rarity for modern players. Has arrived early. No doubt about it helped him his mother Mel and his older brother Duane and Dane who rode the train from Manchester to "London Stadium" (br, Olympic Stadium, which already households West Ham ) to accompany him on this conversation. If Sir Alex Ferguson still working at "Old Trafford", he would surely shine with joy along that balanced youth.

Visochkiyat teenager appeared wearing a green parka and slipped inside straight past the queue of wanting to play the new game "FIFA 2017". And he had no need assistance to drove. Jump the queue natural result of glory which quickly accumulate with his performances. In June, he confessed that he had seemed unreal when he went into the locker room of the senior national team, then Rooney accompanied him on his first television part. "These things no longer seem quite so crazy, I begin to get used to them," said Rashford. But frankly laughs at comparisons between him and Rooney. Both scored 12 goals in his first 25 appearances for United, and it debuted in European competition with 18-year and immediately mark. Furthermore, they play a handset with a shirt of the Red Devils against Arsenal and mark. A national team debut in matches against Australia and also marked.

"It's a little strange, but I would be very happy if I have a career of Rooney - no secret Marcus. - My ambition is to win the Champions League with United, like watching his career, he has won everything with the club. On the way to broke the club record for goals broke the record for matches and goals for England achieved a lot and can only be proud of. It would be amazing if achieved the same. When last weekend Wayne came to my place straight I could not believe it. But in football is, you should always be ready to play. "

Rashford still lives with his mother and his brothers who bought a new house nestled among green suburbs of Manchester, just a few kilometers from the place where he grew up. An added bonus is that because of his success on the field at home had released him from chores. "There is no dishwashing" does not hide the smile himself. It remains committed to his mother, which are very close, and it continues to exert tremendous influence in his life. The family moved to a safe area when he was 8, and now, 10 years later, the talent is still down to earth. And hours after the first, scoring a hat trick for the youth of England, last month had gone to watch two friends in the amateur game. "I'm surrounded by the right people and it helps me a lot - is convinced Marcus. - Nobody wants to do something wrong. Good my friends know me best, but sometimes I think people forget how old I am now ... They recognize me on the streets, which is a bit strange, but I do not go out so much. This is not a minus, so I've used. "

As Rashford already said players always have to be ready to play. And it proved in February when Anthony Marcial injured the warm-up of eighth-finals in the Europa League against Midtjylland and had to come Rashford. Then he scored 2 goals for the win with 5: 1 and became the youngest scorer in the Red Devils in European tournaments (18, and 117 days). The previous holder of the record is not a random name - legend George Best.

"The biggest emotion for me so far was my debut - says Marcus while driving the new" FIFA 2017 ". - I did not think I will start that game with Midtjylland 3 minutes before the start him. I went into the locker room, put on my shirt and the team already waited in the tunnel. I did not even have time to be nervous, but I think what helped me was a home game and the fact that we were playing in front of our fans. this type of situation refract some players, but football must be strong mentally. this it is among the most important components in which you have to have success. In the United instill in you the mindset of a winner. they learn from these very young to not have to change when you get to the first team. "

Major trophies are full mirage for the club after the withdrawal of Sir Alex in the summer of 2013, but Marcus is convinced that this will soon change. "I am not of those who pursue individual goals, but I want to do club goals - honest is youngster. - We have the necessary staff to fight for the title in the Premier League and other trophies, and this is our priority in view of the past few years. When the change began, I was in the team 15 years but only now realized how difficult it is Turning things. This our stock, however, is more than capable to succeed! "

Rashford debut under Louis van Gaal last season and now he has to work with Jose Mourinho. "We need to impress managers no matter whether they are new - think Marcus. - I hope that in the last few games I have done Mourinho what I can. But not always matches are the right place for proof. You have to do in each workout. there is a place to demonstrate to the manager and other players. You have to win their trust. for me, sometimes it's better to be a level of training and to continue to grow, instead of inserting a game. I work hard every day and challenge it is to keep up the good work. once you've done something to match, fans expect you to do it again. But I do not think they realize how difficult it is to do it all the time. that's what perseverance is the biggest challenge. especially when you're young, going through a lot of things and some of them is easier because they have gone through it 6-7 times. For me, however, is different, because I was still going through all this and still learning. "

Maybe so, but already he has scored against teams like Manchester City and champions Leicester City. But who is the most beautiful his goal? "I scored it 14-15 years - convinced Marcus. - I can not remember which team it was against, but two of our departed after a center that took the ball to each other and I scored. I mean it, be nice to score and in the Premier league! " Perhaps even today in the household of Manchester United against struggling Stoke ...

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