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The Rangers passed from the very bottom of the LE qualification, and each round consisted of a victory and a draw. However, all 3 draws were already in return meetings, after "teddy bears" won in the first matches. In addition, at home Steven Gerrard's players play just superb, primarily in the attack - 8 goals and 2 missed for 4 home games.


Ufa can not boast of such successful results, but also passed 2 rounds of qualification ЛЕ. At the same time, the rivals in the "townspeople" were simpler, and the results are worse - 2 draws from Domžale (0: 0 and 1: 1), and a minimal victory and a draw with Progres (2: 1 and 2: 2). At the same time, Tomarov's wards did not win at home and are unlikely to meet, because their performance leaves much to be desired, and "presses" fatigue .

Ufa in the rivals for the round of the playoff qualification of the League of Europe fell the legendary club Glasgow Rangers. True, the "Protestants" only a couple of seasons as they returned back to the elite of Scottish football, so now even in their league are not leaders. Ufa has recently played on two fronts, it is noticeable that Bashkortarians are having a hard time transferring the difficulties that have fallen on them, so it's not strange that the "rangers" in the forthcoming game are the clear favorites.

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Three rounds

Rangers started in the qualification of the European League from the first round, the Scots were beaten out of the tournament by Shkupi, the Croatian Osijek and the Slovenian team Maribor. It is important to pay attention to the fact that in six meetings played, the Rangers have never lost, three games ended in a draw, three more matches brought victory to the "Protestants".



Last Monday Ufa lost to Moscow Dynamo with a score of 0: 3. In the first half Ufimtsev gave the battle to the metropolitan squad, there was little inferiority, but in the second 45 minutes on the field there was only one team. After the first missed goal, Ufa got undressed, the team does not know how to play the first number, and there are already no forces to massively attack. Ufa needs to wish good luck, but with the naked eye it is evident that future guests have problems with "physics".



Glasgow Rangers current tournament in the qualification of the League of Europe holds an order of magnitude better than last year, the team was preparing a week to Ufa, while the children of Tomarov did not have this opportunity. Our free forecast for this meeting: Rangers will score first 1.52

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In one of the first matches of the decisive round qualification of the League of Europe will play the Scottish Rangers and the Russian Ufa. In their history, these rivals have not met yet. I wonder who will be stronger in the first full-time game of opponents?


In the summer, the Rangers were headed by the English specialist Steven Gerrard. Under this leadership, the hosts held 9 official fights. In these confrontations, "light blue" won 5 wins and painted 4 world, and the score of goals scored and conceded in them was 13: 4.


 In the Russian Premier League 4 rounds were played and Ufa won only one victory in them. This happened in the beginning of August, when Sergey Tomarov's wards were beaten 3: 0 by Anji from Makhachkala. In the last rounds of qualification of the European championship, "townspeople" were Slovenian Domžale (1: 1) and Luxembourg Progres from Niederkorn (3: 4).

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Bookmakers in the upcoming standoff on the side of the Rangers. This is true, because with Gerrard the hosts are now looking at the new and in their field should easily overplay the "Russians".


We offer to bet on the outcome of "victory for the Rangers" for a high coefficient of 1.67



In Glasgow, there will be a match of the qualification of the Europa League between the legendary Scottish club and the debutant of European Cups from the Russian Federation. Given the unpredictability of Ufa's results, anything can happen here.


Rangers started in European competition in the middle of July. The club from Glasgow turned out to be stronger than Macedonian Skopje 2-0, Croatian Osiek 4: 2 and Slovenian Maribor 3-1. In the championship, Blue started convincingly, gaining four points in the starting two rounds. The new coach of the team, Steven Gerrard, still prefers to build her defense game, and this strategy justifies itself.

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Ufa started in the European competition for a round later. First, the Russians at the expense of away goals were Slovene Domžale 1: 1, and then left behind the tournament Progres from Luxembourg - 4: 3. In all cases, Tomarov's wards have achieved the desired result for themselves with great difficulty. In the championship Ufimtsev scored only four points in four games, which indicates the fierce battles of the team on two fronts.


The clear favorite of the first match is the Rangers. Despite the long absence in European competition, the Scots are much more experienced than the opponent in all the criteria. On Thursday they must win on the class, using Ufa fatigue.


Victory Rangers at 1.65

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Tournament: EUROPE - Europa League - Qualification - Final (1st match)



The Scottish club wants to regain its former strength and again fight for the championship in the national championship, well, and shine in European competition. The Rangers are moving in this direction, but doing so slowly, because the financial opportunities of the leadership are no longer so great. In the current season the Rangers have already passed three rounds of qualification, having overcome three Balkan clubs - Skopje (2: 0, 0: 0), Osijek (1: 0, 1: 1) and Maribor (3: 1, 0: 0). In the championship, the Rangers held two matches, and scored 4 points, and also passed one stage of the national cup.

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Interestingly worked for the Rangers and the transfer market, realizing that much inferior in potential to the neighbors from Celtic. After parting with a number of players who did not match their level of play, the Rangers signed contracts with the following newcomers: MacGregor, Goldson, Katich, Barisic, Flenigen, Erfeld and J. Murphy. Also, lease deals were made: Sadik, Kent, Ezharia and Coulibaly. The team is led by the legendary Steven Gerrard.



The debutant of the European Cup with a creaking enters the new season, but still Ufa managed to pass two rounds of qualification and has every chance to get into the group stage of the tournament. Sergei Tomarov received a good team from Semak, who did not in vain get into the Europa League following the results of last season. Ufa plays mainly from defense, tying the opponent back in the center of the field. But the attacking game of the team is absolutely not going right, which confirmed the last match in the championship against the Moscow Dynamo, played with a score of 0: 3.


The composition of Ufa was not strengthened in the summer transfer window, as the club does not have money for sensible transfers. Yes, the arrival of Krugovoy and Biziyak slightly expanded the human resources for the coaching staff, but it is unlikely that these guys will become key figures in this season.

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August 23 at 21:46 at the stadium "Ibrox" in Glasgow will be the first match of the last qualifying round qualification of the League of Europe, in which the Rangers will play with Ufa.


Rangers in the last season finished 3rd in the Premier League in the playoffs of Championships earning 70 points for the championship. During the summer off-season, "teddy bears" took part in 2 friendly matches, which won with a devastating result. "Light Blue" in the 1/8 qualification LE was Madrid Skopje (2: 0 and 0: 0). In the quarterfinals, the Scots defeated the Croatian Osijek, winning a 1-0 home away and dividing the home 1: 1 points. In the semi-final, "Jersey" at home won 3: 1 from Maribor, and in Slovenia they could not open the score 0: 0.


Over the past championship RPL club Ufa earned 43 points and finished on the 6th place in the standings. In the pre-season training, "townspeople" played eight control matches, of which there were 5 defeats, 2 wins and 1 draw. "Townspeople" started qualifying from the quarterfinal round, where they met with Slovenian Dozhmal, both matches played a draw (0: 0 and 1: 1). In the semifinals, the Russians beat Luxembourg Progres Niederkorn with a score of 2: 1 and 2: 2.


In this pair I think the Scots should not have problems with going into the next round, either in general or in the home game. Bet: victory Rangers - P1.

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Forecast: П1 with coefficient 1.7


Match of the qualifying playoffs of the Europa League Rangers - Ufa will be held on Thursday, August 23 at 21:45 (MSC) at the stadium Aibroks.


In this game, bookmakers give preference to the home team, assessing the probability of winning the Rangers slightly above 50%.


The Scottish team is preparing for the match after the guest victory over Kilmarnock in the League Cup with a score of 3: 1 - hat trick was designed by Alfredo Morelos. The unbeaten Rangers series has 12 official matches, half of which they won. In the European League, the Rangers started from the first qualifying round. They consistently beat the Macedonian Shkupi (2-0 win at home and 0: 0 away), the Croatian Osijek (1-0 victory at home and 1: 1 at home) and the Slovenian Maribor (3-1 at home and 0: 0 at home at a party). For the last nine matches in the European League, the Rangers lost only once, four times defeating and drawing in a draw. It's interesting that over the last ten matches in the tournament, the same result has never been repeated twice in a row. And after a goalless draw with Maribor in case the series gets a continuation, the Rangers should either beat Ufa, or lose to it. At home the Scots do not lose five last games in the European League, having won three of them. For the last 16 matches in their native walls in the second most important European Cup they scored eight victories and lost only once. In ten meetings on this stretch, the Rangers did not miss a single goal, and in the remaining six fights they missed just one goal.

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Ufa is the debutant of the League of Europe. She started from the second qualifying round and with difficulty went Slovene Domžale - draw 0: 0 at home and draw 1: 1 away. Equally difficult was her confrontation with the Luxembourg Progress - after a home win 2: 1 on the road Ufa conceded 1-2 and only the fourth compensated minute scored the second goal, which brought it to the qualifying playoffs. By the way, the Rangers lost to Progress last season - after the home win 1: 0 on the road, they lost 0: 2 and flew out of the League of Europe.


Experts site Bukmeker.rf believe that wards Steven Gerrard will win a home match against Ufa. And they will be able to achieve a comfortable advantage in the account and not miss. The most likely outcome of the meeting is the victory of the Rangers with a score of 2: 0.

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the victory of the Rangers - 1.85, a draw - 3.32, the victory of Ufa - 4.26


Forecast for the match Rangers - Ufa (Europa League, qualifying playoffs, the first match, August 23): victory Rangers with a handicap (-1). In the bookmaker office 1xStavka believe that the game will end with a score of 1: 1 or a victory for the Rangers 1: 0 (coefficient 6.00). The bets on winning the home team with a handicap (-1) are accepted with a coefficient of 2.66.


Match of the qualifying playoffs of the Europa League Rangers - Ufa will be held on Thursday, August 23 at 21:45 (MSC) at the stadium Aibroks.



In this game, bookmakers from Leon's office are considered a favorite of the Rangers, taking bets on their victory with a coefficient of 1.72. You can bet on winning Ufa with a quotation of 5.75. And put on a draw in this meeting can be with a coefficient of 3.56.

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Rangers this season had nine official matches and not suffered a single defeat - five wins and four draws. And their unbeaten series in the European League has six matches, half of which they won. And the Scots have missed in these six matches only two goals and four times left their own goal intact. But Ufa does not win three games in a row and in two meetings did not score a single goal. In the European League, she still did not lose, but only four won one of four matches.


Experts from the bookmaker office of Leon believe that she will not be able to cope with the Rangers and she will lose in Scotland without scoring a single ball and conceding at least twice. The most likely outcome of this fight is the victory of the home team with a score of 2: 0.

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