Pulau Pinang - Kelantan

Pulau Pinang - Kelantan

Stops on the league match of this exotic country - Malaysia Super League.

Both teams are in relatively good shape. The hosts are unbeaten in their last six league games, and have recorded three wins and three equal match.

In a lot of matches on Pulau obtained great results. Significantly, and their goal difference is 27:28 in 17 games played. At home they have 2 wins from 8 games, but with a positive goal difference 14:13.

Guests are also marking the team and receiving a lot of goals. Outside, they have 1 win from eight matches and a goal difference of 12:14.

Looking at the statistics of both teams is striking that they do not present a very convincing as host and guest respectively. On the other hand, however, insertion and receiving goals from both teams suggests a productive match.

Interesting is the fact that in the last 12 games between these, 11 have completed at least 3 goals.