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A loser in the first round of PSV in this match will try to beat Milan "Inter", only returned to the Champions League. We propose our forecast for this meeting.



PSV is amazing in the Dutch Championship. "Red and White" won all seven matches in Eredivisia, not missing a single ball in the last four matches. Even the devastating defeat of "Barca" did not confuse the team of Van Bommel. PSV in the next meeting defeated Ajax (3-0), and then defeated Bredu (2-0).


Although the statistics of this team in the Champions League is hardly pleasing to its fans. Before this season, PSV could not win eight fights in a row.

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There are no injuries in PSV. However, the question of the upcoming duel is the participation of Ryan Thomas, Ramon-Pascal Lundquist and Maximiliano Romero.



"Inter" in the first round was able to achieve a strong-willed victory, scoring the last desyatiminutku two goals to the English "Tottenham" (2: 1). This triumph had such a positive impact on the team that "Inter" won all three subsequent matches in the championship. "Neradzuri" beat "Sampdoria" (1: 0), "Fiorentina" (2: 1) and "Cagliari" (2: 0). Although before that, "Inter" in Serie A won only once in four matches.


In the Champions League, Inter did not participate for seven years. In the 2011/2012 season, the "black and blue" withdrew from the group, but flew to the 1/8 finals of "Marseilles".


The Italian team has damage only from Shime Vrsalco.

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PSV won 10 of 11 previous fights.

Home winning series of "red-white" is equal to four meetings.

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In 10 out of 11 PSV matches this season, the "total over 2.5" bet was played.

The winning series of "Inter" is equal to four matches.

In the Champions League, "Neradzuri" won two of the last five fights.

"Inter" beat PSV in both meetings in the 2007/2008 season - 2: 0, 1: 0.



In general, in Eindhoven, two promising and full of hopeless hopes will come together. "Inter" in the first round of the Champions League won, but PSV now looks much more promising. Of course, Series A is stronger than Eredivisia. But if PSV with a score (3: 0) makes "Ajax", so a major defeat at the "Camp Nou" can be attributed to the fact that the team burned out. Given the success of PSV this season, as well as the recent failures of Inter, we will put here on the hosts.

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Our forecast - PSV victory with a handicap (0) for 2.27



Champion of Holland began his career in the Champions League extremely unsuccessfully. In the first round of the most prestigious European tournament, "PSV" lost a lot to "Barcelona" at the "Camp Nou" (0: 4).


Regarding the remarkable moments, we can say that the "peasants" evenly distributed their forces for the match (6-7 for the blows), just the second half was more successful for them (0-2 on the shots on target). Plus, we managed to earn a removal for the opponent's centerback.

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However, this proved to be of little use. The reason for this outcome, most likely, lies in the absence of competitors in the domestic championship.


In the Eredivisi, Mark van Bommel's team still did not lose and broke away from "Ajax" by five points. Along the way, the "red-white army" holds the championship on goals scored - 26 goals for seven games.



The insulting defeat of "Parma" in the fourth round of the championship of Italy inspired Luciano Spalletti's wards to the heroic comeback against Tottenham in the Champions League. Losing in the course of the meeting, "Inter" played four minutes before the end, and in the compensated snatched victory.

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This "victoria" also served as a catalyst for the subsequent three victories in the domestic championship. According to the games, we note that the "Nerazzurri" continue to allocate a single time in each game.


However, each time Spalletti focuses on different halves, so you can foresee only by analyzing not the game of "Inter", but the game of his opponent! That is, the weak point of the opponent will indicate the future choice of Senora Luciano.


But since "PSV" usually evenly distributes the forces for the match, and the home team van Bommel attacks incredibly frisky, we think that the mentor "snakes" will not risk and bet on blitzkrieg.

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We predict that the game will abound with moments, but not goals, and most of them will be in the second half.


Forecast: "Total match: 2-3 goals"

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The last six matches of "Itera" with confidence confirm this - 9 out of 10 fights have ended with a performance of up to three goals.


Look at the game "PSV" in the championship of Holland do not see the point - there, "the peasants" everything is given too easily. Therefore, starting from the team of Spalletti, we bet "Total Match: 2-3 goals" for 2.06

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October 22 at 22:00 at the stadium "Philips" in Eindhoven in the second round of the group stage of the Champions League PSV will play with Inter.


PSV after 7 rounds in the new championship of the Major League took the lead with 21 points in the arsenal. Over seven matches, the Red and White Army won against Utrecht (4-0), Fortune (2-1), Evola (2-1), Willem II (6-1), Den Haag (7-0), Ajax 3: 0) and Breda (2: 0). In the final of the Super Cup "peasants" met with Feyenoord, the meeting in regular time ended with a score of zero, but after a series of penalties PSV lost with a score of 0: 1. In the 1/32 finals of the Dutch Cup "peasants" won with a score of 4: 0 from Excelsior Maslisleys. In the final of the Champions League qualification, the Dutch beat the Belarusian BATE with a score of 3: 2 and 3: 0. In the first round of the group stage, the Dutch PSV lost 0: 4 to the Spanish Barcelona.


Internazionale (Inter) in the Italian Serie A tournament for 7 rounds scored 13 points and settled on 4 positions. The Serpents lost to Sassuolo and Parma in the new Serie A season with a score of 0: 1, played the world with Torino (2-2), and also defeated Bologna (3-0), Sampdoria (1-0), Fiorentina (2-1 ) and Cagliari (2: 0). In the first round of the group stage of the Champions League, the Italians outplayed with the result 2: 1 English Tottenham.

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In 2007, the teams met twice in the group stage of the Champions League, and both times won Inter, with a 2-0 home score and 1: 0 away. I think, this time the teams will not play effectively. The rate: TM3.


Forecast: TM (3) with a coefficient of 1.7


Wednesday will please the central opposition of the Champions League, in which the "Tottenham" will take "Barcelona". In the summer rivals crossed and then managed to win the Spaniards, but on a penalty 2: 2 (5: 3). Will the English get their revenge? See the forecast.

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"Spurs" show not quite stable football in the current season. So far, the team lasts a segment of three consecutive wins, but the victories are given to them quite hard. In the first group game the team was disappointed, as it bounced 1: 2 from Inter.


"Blue-pomegranate" quite confidently started their performances, but now slow down the pace - 2 draws and a loss from 2: 1 "Leganes". But the beginning was chic - 6 wins in a row. In the champion league the Catalans defeated 4: 0 PSV.


Forecast for the match "Tottenham" - "Barcelona", TM2 from the guests. "Spurs" know how to hold a blow. Most likely, that the "blue-garnet" will not be able to repeat the scoring extravaganza of the first round.

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The third day will be the meeting of the second round of the group stage of the Champions League, in which PSV will host Inter. In general, the pair is quite interesting, but who will be able to record the victory at their own expense? Let's understand.


"Peasants" are still leading in the championship, as they won in all seven rounds. The team deservedly held qualifying matches for the tournament, and in the final it was possible to beat "BATE". In their first round of the group stage, the Dutch met with Barça, and suffered a 0-4 defeat.


"Snakes" within the championship earned only 13 points in seven rounds, so they are located on the fourth line. In the first match in the group segment of the Champions League, the team managed to beat 2: 1 Tottenham, which certainly surprised me.


Forecast for the match "PSV" - "Inter", TM3. Owners need glasses to keep up, and guests, to secure at least a second line. Clubs understand the importance of scores, so they will not run up against goals.

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Match 2 round of the group stage of the Champions League PSV Inter will be held on Wednesday October 3rd at 22:00 (MSK) at the stadium Philips. In this game, bookmakers slightly higher estimate the chances of Inter. Wards Luciano Spalletti in the first round defeated in his field Tottenham with a score of 2: 1. And the Milanese conceded 0-1, but first in the 85th minute leveled the score - Mauro Icardi scored, and already in the compensated time Matias Vesino scored the winning goal. After that, Inter held three more matches in the Italian championship and won each of them: 1: 0 at Sampdoria's home, 2: 1 at Fiorentina's home and 2-0 at home at Cagliari. This season Neradzurri had eight official matches, having won five wins and having lost two meetings. At the exit, Inter won two of three fights, losing only once and conceding only one goal. By the way, in general this season the team Spalletti only one match missed more than one goal - when played a 2: 2 draw with Torino.


PSV started in the group stage of the Champions League with a major defeat from Barcelona with a score of 0: 4. After that, he won three consecutive victories in the championship and the Dutch Cup: with a score of 3: 0 was beaten by Ajax, 4: 0 on the road was defeated by Excelsior Maassluis, and last Saturday Eindhoven defeated on the NAC exit with a score of 2: 0. Since the beginning of the season, PSG has played 12 official matches and scored ten victories in them, losing only Barcelona in regular time. In seven meetings, he did not miss a single goal. In general, in 8 of 12 PSV matches in all tournaments this season, at least one team did not score. Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that in the upcoming game against Inter such a team will become the PSV - Inter will beat him without missing a single ball. By the way, in 2007 PSV and Inter already played in the same group of the Champions League and then the Italians won twice without conceding goals - 2: 0 at home and 1: 0 on the road.

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the victory of PSV - 3.02, the draw - 3.53, the victory of Inter - 2.33.



the victory of Inter; at least one team will not score. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.50). In second place in popularity, Liverpool 2: 1 victory (coefficient 8.50). Bets on the fact that at least one team does not score, are accepted with a coefficient of 2.45.

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PSV started the group tournament with the loss of Barcelona 0-4, and this says a lot about the team’s chances of getting into the playoffs. The Dutch team was initially seen as an outsider of the group, and such a start only consolidated its status. In fact, PSV was not as helpless as it might seem in the bill. But Lionel Messi's hat-trick happened at the wrong time for Mark Van Bommel's team - there was no opposition. In Inter geniuses, independently deciding the outcome of matches, is not observed, so in this regard, the PSV should be easier.


Moreover, the team is in really good shape. In the championship of the Netherlands, the Eindhovens have no rivals - PSV goes according to the schedule of Juventus in Serie A. Seven wins in seven rounds, a fantastic goal difference of 26: 3 and three wins at home with a total score of 13: 1. Another thing is that the last success within the framework of the Champions League group happened in December 2015. And the last group tournament in which PSV took part (2016/17 season) ended for the team with two points and the last place.

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Inter returned to the Champions League six years later, and the match with Tottenham became a catalyst for improving the results of the Nerazzurri. The team Luciano Spalletti unevenly started the season, took four points in the first four rounds of the championship, lost to Sassuolo and Parma. Inter lost to Spurs too until the 85th minute, but turned the tide and took three points. Since the Milanese are only winning.


On account of the victory over Sampdoria. Fiorentina and Cagliari do not seem convincing: 1: 0, 2: 1 and 2: 0. With Samp and Violets Inter really was difficult, but the team showed character and seriously improved the realization of the moments that had problems at the start of the season. With Cagliari, the Nerazzurri looked the most confident, and this despite the fact that Spalletti left not using Shkrinjara, Asamoah, Vesino and Brozovic, and Ikardi with Perisic came out only as a substitute.

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The main Nerazzurri players rested before the meeting with PSV, and this suggests that Inter is making a big bet on the match. It is logical, because in front of two games with Barcelona. The victory in Eindhoven will seriously increase the chances of Nerazzurri to exit the group, and Inter is able to take three points. Spalletti has no Messi, but there are players who are superior to their colleagues from PSV. The main thing is that it did not work out as with Parma - Inter possessed a huge advantage, but did not hit the goal, but missed after a counterattack and a long-range strike.


But it seems that Inter players are gradually gaining form - should do without sensation. It is unlikely that Nerazzurri will arrange for PSV to be as defeated as Barcelona, ​​but they must confirm the status of the favorite, which their bookmakers have awarded.

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