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In the third round of the UEFA National League Poland October 11, 2018 at 21:45 will play against Portugal at the stadium "Silesia".


Poland managed to play one match in the third group against Italy, which ended in a draw. This helped the national team to score their first point in the tournament, playing away, so that it is on the second line. After this confrontation, the Poles held one friendly match at their stadium, with Ireland. Here the players repeated their result again and went 1-1.

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Portugal, in its first round of the League of Nations, also played against Italy, but at its stadium. With the support of native stands, the players managed to achieve an excellent result and beat the opponent with a minimum score. Thanks to this Victoria, the Portuguese occupy the first place in the table, with three points scored. After that, the team no longer played, and waited for the next tour.


Poland has not lost in its stadium in the main time of Portugal, for four matches. Naturally, the Portuguese are superior to their rival in status, but the Poles are also not far behind in composition, so the match will be equal and not productive, the teams are worthy of each other. Bet: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.14

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On Thursday evening, the Polish national team will take the Portuguese national team in the group stage of the League of Nations.


The last time these teams met during the Euro-2016 playoffs was when the Portuguese made it further thanks to a penalty victory - 1: 2. I wonder if the Poles will be able to take revenge in the new tournament?


The Polish national team failed at the 2018 World Cup, which is why the head coach left the team. As a result, Adam Navalka was replaced by Jerzy Bjenchek, who is still unable to bring the team to the senses. However, the "white eagles” even ceased to fail. So in September, the Poles managed to double in a draw - 1: 1 with Italy in the League of Nations and 1: 1 with Ireland in sparring.

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But the Portuguese national team also did not shine in the past World Cup, but the national team even played in the playoffs. In any case, the performance at the 2018 World Cup was unsuccessful, but Santos continues to train the national team. It is worth noting that in September, the "team of the elect” played a draw with Croatia (1: 1) in the framework of a friendly match and beat Italy (1: 0) in the League of Nations. However, it should not be forgotten that Cristiano Ronaldo will not take part in those or in the next matches.


Bookmakers do not allocate any of the teams at all, which is quite reasonable. In fact, the Poles and the Portuguese have their own problems, and the strengths can manifest themselves at any time. In their meeting it is better to put on a "grassroots” outcome, since both teams love to play on defense ...

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Free match prediction Poland - Portugal: "Total less than 2.5". At this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.63.


In addition to a number of friendly matches, next Thursday there will be a couple of those that can be called official. In the reporting day, the national teams of Poland against Portugal will face each other. The event will be held in the city of Chorzów at the лlёнnski stadium. Local spectators will fill the stands in order to see Ronaldo with his own eyes, and he will not come to the camp of his own national team again.


Based on the fact of the absence of the main star of the guests, the bookmakers put out a virtually equal line. From this point of view, you can and do not agree, because in the camp of European Brazilians, in addition to the player Juventus, there are a sufficient number of original players who can easily replace Krish in the national team. In any case, you need to understand this difficult situation.

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The team failed the World Championship. We begin our analyst with the memories of how it was. The guys without qualification passed the qualification, but problems started in the main group. First, our today's heroes unexpectedly lost to Senegal, then surrendered to Colombia, and only in the third round they outplayed Japan. However, that triumph meant nothing, Lewandowski and the company ran to the hotel to pack their bags.


All the way the guys can’t find themselves after that shame. In the opening match of the League of Nations, the Poles painted world 1: 1 on enemy territory with the same crisis Italy. "Pasta" frankly lucky, because Zhorginho equalized the score already closer to the final whistle. After that, there was also a freight train against Ireland, in which the world 1: 1 is also listed. As we can see, future owners have certain problems in the front line.

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European Brazilians at the world forum also did not achieve great success, after which Cristiano decided to temporarily stop playing for the national team. Of course, this strike will last until the next major tournament. After returning from Russia, the team even managed to play a friendly match against Croatia. World Cup finalists have not been able to overcome our today's heroes - a draw of 1: 1.


In the starting round of the League of Nations, the Portuguese met against Italy. "Heavenly" failed to keep their own gates to lock. Andre Silva managed to score the only goal. Away, the Pyreneans look quite good, just recall the qualification for the World Championship, where the guys lost only one away match out of five.

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Prediction for this match

Under the Portuguese flags gathered young and promising guys who are hungry for football. But the Polish squad football players already ate enough, the results recently only confirm this fact. In this situation, you can put on the guests.


The bet is the victory of Portugal.

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Polish national team can not win for two games in a row, but probably today will try to rectify the situation. Will the hosts be able to beat Portugal? The answer is in our forecast.



Polish national team after the failure of the World Championship broke up with Adam Navalka, who did not admit his guilt for the failure of the team. He was replaced by Jerzy Bzhenchek, who at one time played 42 matches for the "white-red”. In the first match of the League of Nations, the Poles lost points in an away match with Italy - Petr Zelinsky led his team ahead at the end of the first half, but the Italians played already in the end of the match with a penalty.

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The Portuguese national team after the World Championship gave rest to its main star - Cristiano Ronaldo is trying to settle in Juventus and will not appear as a member of the "team of favorites” by the end of the year. In the League of Nations, the team Fernando Santos played just one bout in which he beat the Italian team 1: 0 at home - Andre Silva's goal from the penalty area was the only one that was victorious.



Poland scores in each of the last three matches

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Only in one of the last four matches with Portugal did the Poles fail to score

Only in one of the last four matches Portugal did not miss



The Polish team was unable to beat the Italians in the first match, but it looked very solid. Bzhenchek has at his disposal excellent players in the attacking line - Robert Lewandowski, Peter Zelinsky, Arkadiusz Milik, any trainer would envy such a selection.


Another scorer joined the constellation - Krzysztof Pentek, who scored 13 goals for Genoa this season, clearly deserves a place in the national team. The Poles at home are quite capable of confronting on an equal footing the European champion, and as the result of the match does not end, the Portuguese will be virtually unrealistic to remain dry.

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In our opinion, the owners will be productive. The forecast - the individual total of the Polish national team is more than one goal. In 1xStavke such an outcome is estimated by the coefficient 1.95


On the 11th, a confrontation will await us in the framework of a friendly game in which Poland and Portugal will measure themselves against each other. Extreme confrontation between them is considered to be a playoff duel on the past Euro, in which the Portuguese got the penalty on penalties. What will the Poles answer now? We'll figure out.

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The "White Eagles” failed at the World Cup, so the management dismissed Navalka. Now the team is instructing Bzhenchek, who so far has not been able to tune the team to the desired mode. Last month, the team kept the Italians 1: 1 and the Irish with the same score.


"European Brazilians” also did not do well in the World Cup, but at least they could get out of the group. After the tournament, the players of Santos had two matches - 1: 1 with the Croats and 1: 0 beat the Italians in the League of Nations. It is important to note that CR7 will not take part in the fight.


The forecast for the match Poland - Portugal, TM2.5. Now both teams have their own difficulties, so you should not count on a beautiful, attacking football.

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Both teams have earned a positive result in a meeting with Italy, and now in a full-time duel should determine the likely winner of the League of Nations group A3.


The Poles played poorly at the World Championships, taking there only the fourth place in the group with Colombia, Japan and Senegal. But after that fiasco, Cadre no longer lost - two draws 1: 1 with Italy and Ireland. Now Brzecek’s wards are second in their League of Nations group, but they certainly don’t put up with it.

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Portugal also did not perform well in the world championship, having flown from Uruguay at the 1/8 final stage. After that, the most stellar player Cristiano Ronaldo temporarily suspended his career in the national team, concentrating on adaptation in Juventus. Without their leader, the Santos wards held two matches - a 1: 1 draw with Croatia and a 1: 0 victory over Italy.


It is very difficult to determine the favorite of this confrontation, since there are two teams worthy of each other. Most likely, they will play cautious football and will not delight their fans with a bright, productive game.

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Total less than 2.5 at 1.62

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