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In the coming Thursday, spectators are waiting for a number of not very interesting European matches. As part of the starting stage of the selection of the Europa League, Partizani will compete against Maribor. The battle will thunder in the city of Tirana at the stadium "Selman Stermashi". Albanian fans for the sake of propriety fill the bowl of the arena, but even mothers of players from Albania understand that their sons have virtually no chance.

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The favorite are guests and with this argue - it's like proving a brick wall that it is made of plastic. You can agree with the bookmaker quotes that literally scream that the Slovenes will win, but there are a couple of factors that call into question such a position. The battle will be held in Albania and local players do not want to demonstrate weakness in their native public.

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The team has a pathos nickname - "Red Bulls", but in spite of such a big name, in this pair they can be baptized as a sheep that goes to a dense forest where Red Riding Hood has already disappeared. We look through the screen in the regular Albanian championship, and there our heroes today took the fifth position after thirty-six rounds. The result is not bad, but this does not speak of the power of future guests.


Still, the team touches the European atmosphere, we all perfectly understand that the squad Shkender Gega will fly off in the selection. Nevertheless, the guys will bring the holiday to their native "Selman Stermasi". Since we are talking about the arena, let's clarify that last season the Reds rolled eighteen games in their own stadium and won in eight cases, there were also six losses and four world ones.



"Purple" clearly want to break into the Europa League, so an obvious conclusion can be drawn by looking at the matches in which our heroes participated on the eve of the reporting match. Coaching staff did not sit idle and found for the wards as many as eight opportunities to test the strength. In one of these sparring Slovenes did not lose. Only two draws with Copenhagen and Vardan, all the rest are victories.

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Darko Milanic and his team probably want to break into the second most prestigious European tournament, and the pockets will be filled, and the respect parameter will not fall. In the first round, one should not expect a worthy opponent, and he did not get caught. Guests are obliged to pass for the sum of two matches, but the conservative team in the first round will certainly not rush to the scaffold, but will play calmly.


Forecast for this match

Collectives are on the same ladder, but these are completely different steps. Despite all the seemingly obvious, the home team has great opportunities to grab for a draw in a home match. Do not expect bright football stuffed with goals.

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The bet is a total less than 3.0.


Guests who perform more successfully in the international arena have more chances to continue the struggle. The hosts are unlikely to be able to compete for getting into the group stage of the competition. Analysts of the site made the forecast for the match Partizani - Maribor.


Partizani not very shining in the local championship, being only on the 5th position. Thanks to the Skenderbau disqualification, the team was once again entitled to represent Albania in the international arena. Previous attempts to break into the fall of the European Cup competition ended in failure. It will be difficult for the Reds to realize their ambitions this time too. Coach only recently led the team. In the only control match it was difficult for the players to get the necessary conditions.

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Maribor also did not please his fans in the domestic arena, losing to the title of Olympia. Serious personnel shocks did not happen. The team in the regular mode was preparing for the season, spending a lot of friendly meetings. Of course, it was not possible to obtain optimal conditions for purple, but against the background of the current rival they should look much more preferable. In Europe, the wards of Milanich reached a certain level, below which they will try not to drop.


More responsible for the preparation for the upcoming fight was Maribor. Slovenes got the necessary game practice. Their opponent limited themselves to the training process. It will be difficult for Partizani to find counterarguments in a meeting with a strong European Cup fighter. The forecast from the analysts of the site for the match Partizani - Maribor: F2 (-1) coefficient BC Marathon 2.12.

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The match between Partizani Tirana - Maribor will be held on July 12 (Thursday) at 18:30 at a meeting of the Europa League qualifiers. Partisans have a difficult task ahead of them when they have to overcome Maribor with more than two matches to reach the next qualifying phase of the Europa League.


Partizan Tirana's Odds Factor 5.00. Equality in the collision is estimated at 3.60. Maribor's winning odds are 1.57. See the TV Match Program here.



These two teams have not met before.

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The best chance for the hosts is to put a good defense game and try to load the pressure. But Maribor will come here to win, and it is very difficult to overcome this team with so much experience in European competitions.

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Maribor will probably be brave and will play with two in the front and will attack from the first moment. This can leave gaps and we will support the team that will win, but we will support both teams they will mark, even if the household does not have the same qualities. We need to see an open game because Maribor will dictate the pace here, and that can cause the Partizani to open too.


In the above mentioned four months, the target audience was not the most interesting European mat. В рамках стартового этапа отбора Лиги Европы сойдутся Рудар срещу Партизана. A bout in Montenegro, in the countryside, which is proudly called Plevlie, and esli is the absolute name, it is the arc of the city arena. Local residents stadium under the dome of the stadium, docks favorite in the streets and in the stadium LE.


Сербская команда выступает явным фаворитом, чтобы понимать это не трябва да получать диплом в областта на анализа. Belgrade is ready to qualify and ready for the European Championship to fight the enemy and ego toll. The single-handed camouflage can be used in the enemy arena. Give yourself the opportunity to work with this role.

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«Шахтеры» - не самый сильный представитель страны under the name Черногория. Столь очевидный вывод можно сделать, посмотрев на итоги сезон 2017/2018. Carefully browse tournament tables, we can be the best of our best poker players. Then thirty-six thunder ribbed a knot of nine. Примечательно, что отстраний от шампиона Suthese sotsiеlеt целых тридцать баллов.


Mirko Maric has been given the opportunity to be a member of the European Parliament, who has been in the mood of humor with the fact that he has not loved it. A distinction in the class between the sunsets enormous, "шахрамам" нечего противопоставить гостям. Stadium - Factor not persuaded, even to the native "Urban" rebate private, but this European qualification, нервы на пределе ...

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«Чёрно-белые», so the season has been inaugurated in the championship, not the positive ones, but also the symphony biila kunda melodicheni. The rebels played Цернене Звезде во внутреннем забеге целых семнадцать очков. In a nutshell, the Montenegrin championship did not compare, but it was a solid whistle, which apparently hinted at a domineering "army" in the Serbian Championship. Miroslav Djukic told reporters that he was in a new season, not in old age ...

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"Groomers" have been extensively prepared for the periodic process - for the period of the rebellions, they have been the control of the matrix, in which three raises and two victories have won. Лузы значатся в схватках с луганской Зарей, Гонведой и Ростовом. Переиграть удалось Горицу и Краковию. Soprano is not the only one, but it is all about the sunrise.


Prediction of this game

Serbian guest in Chernogorje, the main opposition to the main points of football with no football points of sight. How bы us хотелось хозяевам consider sebа крупной рыбой, but в сетке они не удержаться. Guests are welcome to study all sporting and paramedics.

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Rate - win Partizan.


Guests, in the field, are successful in the international arena, and they have a good chance of doing business. I hope to get a good shot about getting caught in a grouping. Analysts at reported a match at Partizani - Maribor.

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Partizani has not blown into the local championships, he has been in the 5th position. Thanks to Disqualifications Skenderbeu command in the audience was granted the right to represent Albania in the international arena. Prepare the probes in the eighth part of the Eurocup for the arrest of the defeat. Sophisticated bucket beauty realizes its own ambitions and goals. Trainer is not a good headmaster. In a single controlling matrix, complicated soccer football conditions are needed.


Maribor did not like his pilgrimage to the arena, the Olympian championship title. Серьезных кадровых потрясений не показа. Command in the gearbox is ready for the season, and the quantity of the load is in the range. It is not possible to do so, but it does not matter if it does not matter, but on the other side of the world, it is preferable. The European suboptimal Миланича опреденого уровня достигна, nеkе которого они требютсся не опускаться.

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He was blamed for the preparation of Maribor for the time being. Словенцы получи необходимую игровую практику. Их соперник ограничился тренировочным процессом. Sophisticated Buddhist Partisans of the most counter-terrorist groups with the European boycott. Forecast from analytics site on Matches Partizani - Maribor: Ф2 (-1) кофффикант БК Марафон 2.12.


The last season of Partizani finished at the 5th line of the championship of Albania, which should be considered a failure. It is interesting that it will fall to the 5th line "red bulls" had to because of the unsuccessful ending last season. And the new season, Shkender Gega's wards started not so much (the team did not look very good in the guns) ...

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But for Maribor also failed last season, because the team took only the 2nd place in the championship of Slovenia. Yes, this is a failure for this team. By the new season wards Darko Milanich began to prepare a very long time, so now are in good game tone. In fact, for 3 weeks "purple" spent 8 matches, winning 6 of them (2 more draws).

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Bookmakers are completely inclined to win Maribor, which is quite reasonable. Guests are already superior to the hosts, but here they also scored a good game form. Most likely, early training should help "purple", so I'll put it on them.


Free forecast for the match Partizani - Maribor: "Victory of Maribor". On this outcome, the bookmaker William Hill offers a coefficient of 1.55.

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