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Lazio is gradually gaining shape and rising higher in the standings. The first rounds for the team Inzaghi fell on the matches against Juventus and Napoli, in which the Romans were expected to be left without points. But after that 6 victories in 7 matches followed, while Lazio unexpectedly looks very well in defense. Last year's Lazio was hilarious and clearly imprisoned for attack, but now Lazio has played zero three times already. It happened in the last game against Fiorentina - both teams have powerful attacking potential, but in fact the game came out pretty boring. Moments turned out not so much and they came out not the most dangerous. The Lazio players turned out to be luckier - Immobili scored the only goal after a corner.

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Parma played against Genoa and dismissed the head coach of the Genoese club. Parma missed the first (Pentek, it seems, just can not stop scoring), but after that, Genoa began to make mistakes all - defense, goalkeeper, and Parma for half an hour scored three times. Victory for Parma became the fourth in the last five rounds, three times Parma played to zero.


Parma has a lot of losses, the main ones are Dimarco, Gervinho and Grassi. Lazio has no problems with the composition.

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Both clubs are in good shape and consistently win last month. The favorite of this meeting is obviously Lazio, so I will build on the team Inzaghi. Lazio misses a little, consistently wins in the class. Lazio also plays at a party where Lazio has never scored more than two goals this season. This does not fit last year’s Lazio, but now I will bet on the victory of the Romans in class. Bet - Lazio will win and no more than three goals will be scored in the match.



"Parma”, having survived the stage of bankruptcy and exile in the lower divisions of Italy, managed to overcome a difficult path back to Serie A. Once in the elite division, "Crusaders” strengthened in the offseason, signing Bruno Alves, Bastoni, Rigoni, Roberto Ingleze and Gervino.


In the first official duel of the season in the framework of the Italian Cup, the jalloblu suffered a minimal defeat against Pisa (0: 1). Then, in the first championship game, they painted the world with Udinese (2: 2) at home.

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After that, the wards of Roberto D'Aversa did not know victories in three more fights, including one friendly. The fourth round in which they sensationally beat "Inter” on the road (1: 0) became critical: this game began a series of four victories in five fights, which allowed to rise to ninth place in two points from the Champions League zone.



"Lazio” finished last season on the fifth line, and this season started not very successfully, having suffered two defeats. True, the rivals in these meetings were Juventus and Napoli, which the Romans lost with a score of 0: 2 and 2: 3, respectively.


This was followed by a five-match winning streak. It began in the third round, when Simone Inzaghi's wards took home a newcomer to the Frosinone elite and beat him with a minimum score of 1: 0.

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With this form of "Eagles”, a major defeat in the Roman derby from "Roma” (1: 3) ended, after which the salt on the team's wounds was added by the failure in the Europa League match against Eintracht (1: 4). Nevertheless, the club went into an international pause in a good mood, beating Fiorentina (1: 0), thanks to which it rose to fourth and last place in the Champions League.



Bookmakers naturally give preference to the guests, whose winning coefficient is 1.63, while the home team’s success is estimated at 5.25, and the draw at 4.00.


We recommend betting that Lazio will win, and both teams will score for 3.20.

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Parma started the championship most powerfully of all the newcomers of Serie A. In eight rounds, the Crusaders won four times, scored 13 points, and ranked ninth - just two points before the Champions League. Parma already has victims - after the defeat of the jalloblu (1: 3), Genoa's Davida Ballardini was fired. Especially this result was indicative of the fact that the match was held in Genoa, and the guests were not played by the main strikers: Roberto Ingles and Zhervino.


Most likely, the Ivorians will not be based on the match with Lazio either, and this is a great relief for the defense of the Romans - no one has the defense team of Simone Inzaghi as fast as the former player Roma. Serious loss after all on the account Zhervino three goals in five games.


Parma won four of the last five league games, and Lazio won two losses in the last three matches, considering the Europa League. Roma and Eintrachta laziale lost with a total score of 2: 7, partly rehabilitated by a modest victory over Fiorentina (1: 0), but you need to continue to win, to mark the claim to the first four. Much depends on Ciro Immobile - the top scorer of the last championship is gaining shape, scoring five times already, and brought the Eagles three points in the last match before the pause.

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Parma Lazio is not losing seven games in a row - five wins, two draws. The prize in 2012 is the only one for the Crusaders for 13 years. Even now they are far from favorites, but it seems that Lazio can create problems. Parma scores quite a lot, and the defense of the bianchi-celles problem.

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Only in three games out of ten (including the LEs) Lazio did not miss, and Parma scored in six games in eight rounds. The Crusaders distinguished themselves in all home matches of the season, scoring even Juventus - it will be extremely difficult for the Eagles to play zero. Another thing is that their attack is also working properly. Not missed from Lazio this season only Juve


"Lazio” is still kept in the Champions League zone, but its position is very fragile. Will the "eagles” be able to beat "Parma” and not fall in the table? The answer is in our forecast.



"Parma”, despite all the pessimistic forecasts, feels confident in Serie A, having presented several loud sensations during the championship. At the moment, the Roberto D’Awers team is on the ninth line in the table, behind the Europa League zone by just one point. In the last round, the Crusaders beat Genoa with a score of 3: 1, winning the fourth victory of the season.

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"Lazio” confidently started in Serie A, although it frankly failed a few fights. Now the team of Simone Inzaghi is on the fourth line with 15 points, but in the case of just one failure, he may lose several positions. In the last round, the "Eagles” beat in the difficult match "Fiorentina” with the score 1: 0 on the "Olimpiko” - the only and winning goal was scored by Chiro Immobile.



In the last seven mats, Lazio does not lose to Parma - five wins and two draws

In the last six matches of Serie A "Lazio" won five wins

In the last eight matches, Lazio scores at least one goal.

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"Parma” played well with "Genoa” in the last round, but now it will face off with a more status and class rival. The Eagles lost to Roma in the derby and Eintracht in the Europa League, but in the last match with Fiorentina they showed that there was no crisis in the team. The Romans will surely come to Ennio Tardini for the victory, and they have all the prerequisites for this - the team is on the move and badly needs eyes, and the class clearly surpasses the "crusaders”.


In our opinion, the owners of points will not take. Forecast - Lazio win. In BC Marathon, such an outcome is estimated by a factor of 1.70


According to the results of the starting segment of the championship, both teams go to the top of the standings. But if this could still be expected from Lazio, then the newcomer of the elite Parma was seriously surprised by its playful form.

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The Crusaders are in ninth place with thirteen points in the asset. In the last five matches, Parma won four victories. D'Aversa's wards suffered Inter (1: 0), Cagliari (2: 0), Empoli (1: 0) and Genoa (3: 1). And the last defeat of the Tuscans was from the current vice-champions of the country Napoli - 0: 3.


Lazio scored 15 points and ranked fourth. The Eagles also boast four victories in the last five games - over Empoli (1: 0), Genoa (4: 1), Udinese (2: 1) and Fiorentina (1: 0). The only defeat wards Simone Inzaghi had to derby with Roma - 1: 3. In general, the Bianco-celeste indicators are more than worthy.

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The class of Lazio players is much higher, so the Roman club will be the favorite of this confrontation. But Parma has repeatedly this season demonstrated its desire to fight to the last. So it will not be easy for the Romans for sure - the teams will surely exchange effective strikes.


Both score at 1.74

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