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In the first Lisbon confrontation between the vice champions of Portugal and Greece, the guests achieved a completely acceptable result for themselves (1: 1). Although before the 76th minute Benfica was in the score (1: 0) and confidently controlled the course of the game.

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But, nevertheless, fifteen minutes before the end of the regular time of the match left at the beginning of the second half to replace the Egyptian midfielder Amr Warda scored the return ball, and therefore radically changed the development of further events in the confrontation of this pair.


After all, now, in the upcoming return match in their arena, Razvan Lucescu's team will even arrange a zero draw. Recall, the new Greek championship started only in the last August weekend, and in the very first round, in a home match against the club Asteras, the vice-champion of the national Super League won (1: 0). And now here, at the stadium "Tumba", the owners for 90 minutes of the game will try to keep their already achieved advantage over the grandee of Portuguese football.

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In the previous third round of the qualification of the Champions League, the "Lisbon eagles" also held their first fight against the Turkish Fenerbahce in their "Estadio da Luz", and won this meeting with their favorite score (1: 0). And only then, in the return match in Istanbul, the team of Rui Vitoria achieved a draw result (1: 1).


Undoubtedly, after a penalty shot in the 45th minute into the goal of his current opponent, Benfica's coaching staff counted in the second half to repeat the scenario of the match with the Turkish club, that is, to play to retain its minimal advantage.

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Alas! This time, Rui Vitoria's plan did not work. But, in the long run, Benfica can and in the arena of the opponent to decide the question of his qualification in the autumn group tournament of the European club championship. Let's remember, in the recent guest confrontation with Fenerbahce (1: 1), it was the Lisbon club that first led the score.



What happens? The result of the first Lisbon meeting sets the hosts on keeping their achieved advantage. That is, in the return meeting the main task of the vice-champion of Greece will be the security of their own goal. Of course, in this situation the game will be under the control of the guests, hence quite logical quotations of the main outcomes: P1 - 2.90, P2 - 2.35.



For his exit into the main net of the Champions League, a victory or an effective draw (2: 2, 3: 3 and so on) will suit the guests. But when the account - 1: 1 will be appointed overtime, that is, an additional 30 minutes of play. But, in any case, the most realistic scenario of a return encounter implies the penetration of the standard total 2.0.

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PAOK miracle did not lose in the first match, and even the goal can be called a little illogical. In any case, the wards of Razvan Lucescu is well outpost and pulled out such an important draw with a goal on the road. One should not forget that on these days off the "two-headed eagles of the North" sank the first match of the champion of Greece and they simply can not cope with the two tournaments at once. In addition, the team will simply press the bridle for some reason ...


But Benfica in the first game of showing his own level: domination and attack. However, for some reason, the "eagles" missed, the whorls were completely unclear, and they could not score more. And that's really a problem for Rui Vitoria, some of the team started to score a little ...

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On the eve of the match bookmakers are more inclined to win Benfica, which is quite fair. Indeed, the guests are powerful, and the hosts are consistently missed. Undoubtedly, at home PAOK is able and vlazat, but more often the class should make its own. I'm waiting for the next dominant match from Benfica, and, as a result, a couple of goals from them.


Free prediction for the match PAOK - Benfica: "Individual total Benfica more than 1". William Hill, the bookmaker, offers a 1.58.

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Probably, the most interesting match of the nearest Wednesday will take place in Greek Thessaloniki, where the local PAOK at the stadium "Tumba" will take the Portuguese Benfica in the return match of the playoff qualification of the Champions League. The first duel of the confrontation, which took place a week ago in Lisbon, ended in a draw 1: 1, which is 100% beneficial for the Greeks. In turn, Benfica in order to select a ticket to the group tournament must now at least once to score, and at the same time, it is very desirable not to miss.


Championship start

In the past weekend opened the championship of Greece on football and the first opponent of PAOK was the club from Tripolis called Asteras. Vice-champion of Greece with some difficulty, but defeated the enemy with a result of 1: 0. It is worth recalling that PAOK, before meeting Benfica, knocked out of the tournament Swiss Basel and Russian Spartak.

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Second Round

Benfica also has successes in the qualification of the Champions League, the "eagles" in the previous round knocked out of the tournament Turkish club Fenerbahce. Lisbon achieved victory in the first game 1: 0, on the road brought the match to a draw 1: 1. In the Portuguese championship Benfica held three meetings, in two victories: Vitoria from Guimaraes and Boavista, on the third day of the game, the "eagles" with Sporting finished the match in a draw 1: 1.



PAOK managed not to lose in Portugal, but the bookmakers still believe that Benfica will eventually be able to break into the group stage of the Champions League. Perhaps, it will be so, but in the forthcoming game it's more profitable to bet on the home team, which looks very good at the start of the season. Our free forecast for this meeting: PAOK will not lose 1.63

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The first round of confrontation between these teams ended in a draw 1: 1. Now Benfica for the passage to continue to score, otherwise it will for the first time in many years remain without the Champions League.


The opening match of the Greek championship PAOK succeeded - they defeated Asteras 1: 0 in their native walls. But the season for the wards Razvan Lucescu began a long time ago. In the qualification of the Championships, they consistently knocked out of the tournament Swiss Basel and Moscow Spartak. In many respects due to a strong game in native walls.

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After two consecutive victories in the championship, Benfica played a 1: 1 draw with Lisbon Sporting. But if at a long distance this looks not critical, then a similar account in the qualification game of the Champions League compels the players of Rui Vitoria to think solely about the attack. They have the potential to score at least once, but the defense of the Eagles recently lapses frankly - the Portuguese club has consistently missed out in four of the last five games.


With the support of the tribunes, PAOK will try with the best efforts for the first time in many years to reach the group stage of the Champions League. Given all the weaknesses of the current Benfica, this is more than realistic.

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PAOK will be held in the next stage at 2.1The match of the qualifying playoffs of the Champions League PAOK - Benfica will be held on Wednesday, August 29 at 22:00 (MSC) at the stadium Tumba.


In this game bookmakers put on the guests, although they estimate the probability of their victory below 50%.

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At home, Benfica could not beat PAOK - the meeting ended in a draw 1: 1. And after the goal, Pizzi from the penalty spot, she led 1-0, but allowed the opponent to recoup - as part of the Greeks, Amr Warda scored. Now Benfica needs to score in Thessaloniki - it will suit a victory with any score or a highly productive draw with a score of 2: 2 and larger.


On Saturday, Benfica held a match of the championship of Portugal with Lisbon Sporting and played with him a 1: 1 draw. This time, she was in the role of the losing side, conceding a goal from the penalty spot, but left the defeat at the very end of the meeting. This season, the "Eagles" had six official matches and have not lost yet - three draws and three wins. In the Champions League Benfica won just one of the last ten matches, having suffered seven defeats. And on the road she lost six of the nine previous fights, beating only once. And in five matches on this stretch Benfica did not score a single goal, and in six meetings passed at least two goals.

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PAOK is preparing for a return match with Benfica after a home victory over Asters with a score of 1: 0. Like Benfica, this season he still did not lose in official matches - four wins and two draws. In the Champions League win-win series of Greeks have five matches, three of which were won. It should be noted that in eight of the last ten matches in the main European Cup PAOK scored and passed. In his field he won the last two matches in the Champions League, but at the same time he missed seven previous meetings in his native walls, including six more than two goals.


Analysts of the site Bookmakers.rf believe that the chances of PAOK in the upcoming game are underestimated. The team can not only avoid defeat from Benfica, but also beat it and secure a place in the group stage of the Champions League. In this case, the bet on winning PAOK with a handicap (0) will be profitable.

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the victory of PAOK - 2.98, the draw - 3.26, the victory of Benfica - 2.38

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Forecast for the match PAOK - Benfica (League champ


Time for the second round from the playofnata, the deuce behind the flute in the group for the Champion league between Timovete at PAOK and Benfica. Two-thirds of the recordings are 1-1 before the week in Lisbon, and in the middle of the day they will determine the winner from the bicommunate at the Peking House.

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