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Orlando City in the last meeting played with Los Angeles on the road and it was thought that everything there would be extremely simple for the then owners of the arena, that they will beat Orlando City very easily and at ease. But everything turned out quite differently, Orlando City even led the match in the course of the match, having lost only with the score 3: 4, having delivered a lot of problems to the opponent. Defense as usual was a failure, did everything figuratively speaking in order that the club stumbled once again, but here the attack pleased, and pleased in general the spirit of victory. So at home Orlando City can and type with this game already points.


New England is now in such a state that you can completely take off your glasses, let's just say. The team does not win in the last four fights, and the last three matches the club lost at all, from here and you can wait here for a weak game and lost points. And in all the lost matches, New England did not miss less than two goals.

Free soccer tips


"Orlando City" is lit all in a row, so we do not even recommend "Dogon" to bet on winning this team. "Lions" have already lowered to the penultimate line of the tournament position of the "East", and it seems that they do not have to rise, as the "manatees" can not start playing even after the change of mentor. Given that the castling on the coaching bridge not so long ago, but without result, we strongly advise not to climb into the rates "on Orlando". Most advantageous, play on the line of non-winning "Revolution", because guests in case of defeat can leave the zone "playoff" in the table, which they, of course, can not be allowed.

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Free soccer tips

Yes kef is not very big but I will not risk it. I believe that in this match there can be seven balls. How can I not play more if there is a 7,4,4,4,4,3,4-goal in the match. the teams play poorly in defense, one misses 1.5 goals in the match, the second is more than two, but not a lot of 1.5 goals in the match, but to whom they are looking for more than one, I think the three goals will be to cheer

Orlando had a tough schedule. Five matches to a number of top teams of the championship. I managed to win at Toronto, which now looks not the best way. New England, also, does not shine with stability. The team did not win for eight meetings already (4 defeats, 4 draws, I came to this conclusion on the basis of personal meetings (playing in Orlando) .They had four (2 home wins and 2 draws) and always, punching total 3.5. in the distant 2015 New England, playing at home, beating 3-0.

I think .. 1x and TB 2.5 is the best option for this fight.

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