Only a fool Mourinho did not recognize the talent of de Broglie

Only a fool Mourinho did not recognize the talent of de Broglie

2011 season begins creepy for Kevin De Bruyne. He flew with the Belgian national team for Baku, but did not play in qualifying with Azerbaijan. "Very quickly you get tired and your face turns red" - he says Mark Vilmots, then the second coach of the national team. In a subsequent matches Genk Kevin is constrained by cramps and replaced. The analysis of blood shows mononucleosis. The same day Kevin understands that in England died 80-year-old grandmother. He goes to the funeral three weeks and was unable to return to Belgium - sleeps 18-20 hours a day, but still feel tired. And constantly vomiting.

Two months later de Broglie returned to the field, but in the beginning was knocked out of the match with "Serkal Bruges." She gets a headache, but toward his memories are blurred, fans invaded the pitch, goalkeeper Kurtua watered with champagne Verkauteren coach and defender Nadson waving the Brazilian flag. For all this Kevin learns from his cousin Karel, when evening arrives at his parents concussion erased from his memory game in which Genk became champions.

His path to the big football began 11 years earlier, when he finds himself in Ghent, spotted by scout Jan van Tros ( "I immediately recognized the talent, although running in mud up to my knees" - is proud Van Tros). Rather winning children's Cup Belgium. Grandfather Player of Ghent Iurie Queen (with Iurie 13-year-old Kevin makes internship at Arsenal) has photographed the tournament and now the record is stored in the parents of Kevin. In them is his biggest trophy - 6-pound bowl victory in the Paris tournament among children's teams. "It was so big that I could not even raised it. I was a year younger than his teammates, and they - a year younger than our rivals. I was elected the best player among the 350 players" - says de Broglie in an interview.

When talent becomes 13 years old, his persistence had enough coaches. Workouts make him run zigzag, from cone to cone, but it splits straight hit all worked with the inside of the foot - he fights outside. Scream at him, trying to tame him, but eventually left Kevin Ghent. Seek it from Bruges and Anderlecht - half an hour from his home - but Kevin chooses the farthest option - Genk. Set to a boarding school where the only athlete. Countries from neighbors dinner when everyone already asleep, failing to find friends and suffer from loneliness.

Finishing school, de Broglie began to live with a foster family. Comes true happiness: no barracks atmosphere, no loneliness, only family atmosphere and neighborhood with his colleagues from Genk Arne Nilis and Kenneth Stalens. Arriving home for the Christmas holidays, however, Kevin heard from her parents: "You can not go back to that family. They no longer want to live with them." "But we so warmly parted. On the way out told me:" Until we meet again. "

De Broglie first encounters with hypocrisy. He was not drunk, not led the girls but was secretive, silent, at times testy. Consider it a difficult teenager, although not say it in the face.

His parents found a new foster family for Kevin. There already finds full match of character, no one violates his privacy and there is no cause for hysteria. Sometimes at night his bleeding nose, but he secretly washable linen, fearing angry landlords. Kevin grew up, frequent muscle injuries not give him a contract but he is back on the field and scored 5 goals in one half falls on the first composition of Genk. Two weeks later, he played 10 minutes in winning cup final.

The new coach Frank Verkauteren inculcate counter-attacking football and Kevin must be readjusted because never played in a 4-4-2. Gradually stepping on his feet even once erupting against Israeli midfielder Elyaniv Bard because of his stolidity. A Bard's '10 larger than him.

Soon Kevin interest manifested Chelsea, but he is not ready for the Premier League and begs to be leased. With Werder Bremen sdushva Elia and Arnautovic, but like coach Thomas Schaaf, who is conservative and motivate players calling "Fight for the fans" and "Play for the emblem." In Bremen, Kevin realized that his girlfriend Carolina, which were 2, is slept with goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois during a trip to Madrid. Carolina itself explains that it did, because earlier krashnal Kevin himself with her best friend. Aback de Broglie gets two days off to come to their senses, and "Nike" sends his new boots. Kevin upload them on Facebook and journalists accuse him walk to the shops instead of training.

However, it is recognized as the best young player in the Bundesliga. He received an invitation from Borussia Dortmund and agrees with Jürgen Klopp, but Jose Mourinho insists: "You will stay at Chelsea." In the 13th minute of his debut match against Hull de Broglie gives Goal pass of Oscar and became the best player in the game, but then nailed him on the bench. Mourinho explained that played below the level of the others.

After transfer to Manchester City for 70 million. Euro fans two months in a row choose Kevin for player of the month and these days Guardiola told the BBC: "de Broglie is one of the best players I have worked with. Messi has its own table. no one sits. Kevin could easily take next. " For opponents of Kevin season starts creepy.

His mother, Ann Kaplan was born in Africa, he grew up in England and returned to Flanders when marrying Ervig de Broglie. Her father, the grandfather of Kevin, and today lives in Ealing, West London. The favorite club of family de Broglie is Liverpool. In his childhood, Kevin annually received Christmas gifts from England - pajamas, blanket, ball sweatshirt - all with the emblem of Liverpool. While kicking at his first club, de Broglie equaled by Owen, trying to score as Michael against Argentina World in France.

"When I turned 12 years his class went skiing, but my son stayed home. And explain this with the fact that the contract of Michael Owen was a ban on extreme sports, which means that Kevin should not set foot on skis - says father Ervig. - on '10 did not go to the birthday of her best friend because at the same time had a workout in Drongen. And on land sown with potatoes! "

After the first goal against Standard Liege Kevin older dogs led him in a nightclub. He argues that it is still young and not let him, but ultimately it castle. That evening, de Broglie with the national team of Belgium sprayed € 4,000 - more than the monthly salary of his father, who worked in the works.

After rigorous habits in Belgium and Germany transfer him to the island it revived. Kevin is shocked that in England permitted to drink Coke in the dining room, eat pizza in the club coach to play music in the dressing room and also does not force you to train without the ball.

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