Olympics: Football men predictions

Olympics: Football men predictions

This is a semifinal for the Olympics and Honduras came here surprising. Neymar Brazil are favorites for the title itself and no doubt their strength, and the strength of all Brazilians is clear.

Honduras reached this stage, but this is definitely the end. There is no way and no power to escape the Brazilians with this game.

Brazil defeated Denmark 4-0 and Honduras are much weaker team and should beat them with a serious difference. Neymar factor should not be forgotten as one player can easily engage opponents 4-5.

The favorite for the title of Brazil expect to win with a difference and not concede. I do not think anyone thinks otherwise, and there is little argument about it.

For semi-final goals are not tradition, but the team of Honduras rather lose weight and look forward to admit quite hits.

Match Olympics as this is the second game after Brazil - Honduras. As I said, I expect Brazil to be the first finalists, but this match will most likely much more interesting. Nigeria have very good players and coincidentally are semi-finalists, while we all know the power of Germany.

In this match I have no favorite, but a slight lead Nigeria have since performed very well and deserve finish. Africans generally have a strong football. Aggression does not lack in two teams and have a lot of problems until they reached the door of his opponent.

I think aggression will not be allowed to play a lot of quality football and goals the game will not be more than 2 in this game.