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August 24 at 19:00 at the Kiev stadium "Dinamo im. Valeriy Lobanovsky "will be the sixth round of the new season - 2018/19 Premier League, in which Olympic will play with the Donetsk Miner.


Olympic held last season in the relegation zone of the Ukrainian Premier League, and with 36 points finished on the 9th position of the table. During the summer off-season, the "Olympians" held 4 friendly matches, which ended in 2 victories and 2 losses. On the home field, "Junior Donetskers" in 2018 took part in 9 matches, of which in 4 games they won, lost 3, and in 2 tied. As part of the new season, Olympic defeated Chernomorets 2: 1, victory with Vorskla 1: 0, and the world with the Carpathians 2: 2, with Lviv 1: 1 and Zarei 0: 0.

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Shakhtar Donetsk scored 75 points last season and finished 1st in the Ukrainian Premier League in the Championship playoffs. In summer, the miners played 5 control sparring, which ended in 3 wins with 2 draws. In the final of the Super Cup of Ukraine Donetsk Shakhtar lost to Kiev Dynamo 0: 1. At the exit "moles" took part in 9 guest matches, they have 3 losses and 6 wins. In the five previous rounds of the new season, the "orange-black" lost only Dynamo Kyiv 0-1, but defeated Desna 2-0, Arsenal-Kiev 3-0, Vorskla 4-1, and Lviv 2-0.


In the last games Shakhtar Donetsk won, home - 2: 0, away - 4: 2. Now I am again waiting for the victory of the "miners" in a few balls. Bet: Shakhtar win with a handicap - F2 (-2).


Forecast: F2 (-2) with a coefficient of 1.9


Open the sixth round of the UFC will be a duel, in which the "Olympic" will take the "Miner". In the past season the teams crossed twice and then the "miners" were stronger - 2: 0 and 2: 4. Will the hosts break this series? See the forecast.

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"Olympique" is not happy with his game, but they can not be called a failure either. Behind the players Sanzhara 5 rounds, and get them turned out 6 points. If you take three recent meetings, they all ended peacefully, and the rivals were not easy.


"Miners" so far in the lead, but just "Dynamo" had fewer matches. If you take five confrontations, the team of Fonseca 4 times took the upper hand and suffered 1 fiasco from Kiev. It is interesting that the team managed to score 11 goals, but they themselves missed only 1 goal. With visits they have difficulties with the implementation of the moments.

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Forecast for the match "Olympic" - "Shakhtar", F1 (+2.5). All-knowing in this pair on the side of the hosts, that's only they win on someone else's field is not so devastating, and we advise you to pay attention to the choice of the bet.


Open the 6th round of the new season of ULP will Donetsk derby match in Kiev - Olympic will meet with Shakhtar.


Last season, these teams re-searched only 2 times, and both matches remained for the "miners" - 2: 0 and 2: 4. I wonder if the champions will be able to continue their winning streak?

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In the new season, Olympique looks not very confident, but this is not a failure. In just 5 rounds Roman Sanzhar's wards scored 6 points - victory, 3 draws and defeat, while the total score was 5: 5. However, the last 3 matches of the Donetsk team ended in a draw, while the opponents of the team were "strong" - the Carpathians, Lviv and Zarya.


But Shakhtar broke into the first line of the ULP, but in fact Dynamo can easily bypass the team. For 5 matches, Fonseki's wards defeated four times and lost to Dynamo (1: 0). In the victorious 4 matches, the "miners" scored 11 goals, but they themselves missed only 1. But on the way the team is not so effective - 0: 2 with the Desna and Lviv.

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Bookmakers are almost sure of the victory of the Miner, as Olympique is inferior in all respects. Undoubtedly, the "miners" are more powerful and will dominate the match very much, but now their rivals are playing neatly on the defensive. That's why you should not expect defeat ...


Free forecast for the match Olympic Donetsk - Shakhtar Donetsk: "Olympic victory with a handicap +2.5". The bookmaker office Pari-Match proposes for this outcome a coefficient of 1.53.

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The sixth game day of the championship of Ukraine will open Donetsk derby, between the representatives of which there is a huge difference in the class. But Olympic will try to impose a serious competition to the star miners.


After five rounds, Olimpic is located in the middle of the standings. In his assets, one victory, three draws, one defeat and the current four-match unbeaten series. With each new match Sanzhar's wards are gaining more and more confidence. She should help them to fight against the champions.

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The miner is still leading the table, having won four wins in five games. The only defeat of the players Fonseca suffered from a principal opponent - Kiev Dynamo. Also Poltava Vorskla and three newcomers of the elite - Desna, Arsenal-Kiev and Lviv were defeated. These games are unlikely to give an assessment of the current opportunities of the Miners. In theory, they are close to the optimal form, since already in three weeks the start of the Champions League.


The undoubted favorite of the match is Shakhtar. But, given the current results of the opponent, the Miners are unlikely to defeat devastatingly. And they themselves are used to winning in the domestic championship, not showing their maximum.

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Olympic victory with a handicap (+2.5) at 1.58


Two Donetsk clubs, which have not played in their hometown for a long time, will meet in Kiev at the Dynamo stadium on the Independence Day of Ukraine.


Roman Sanzhar in one of the interviews complained that the team will try very hard to get into the top six, because in the spring it was very difficult for him to adjust their guys to the matches in the "depressive" stage of the losers. At the start of the new season the team still confirms their intentions, after not quite deserved defeat from Chernomorets, the Donetsk team has a successful series of four fights.

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In the last round, the "Olympians" stood in Zaporozhye. Dawn played a diluted composition, Yuri Vernidub gave some of his leaders some rest, but still looked better than the guests. There was an impression that the Donetsk team came to play 0-0, and they still got it. The hosts did not realize their moments, the fatigue from the busy schedule and the uneasy departure to Braga affected their actions. Olympique in the attack in general did not show anything, never even hitting the target for all 90 minutes of playing time.


The miner before this tour leads the triumvirate of the leaders, ahead of Alexandria and Dynamo at the expense of the best difference of the goals scored and conceded, however, the Kyivites have one game less.


Last weekend, the "orange-black" did not experience any problems in Lviv. They undividedly owned the initiative in the match and scored a goal in each half. After the break, they could differ and more than once, but Alexander Bandura saved the hosts from the rout.

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In the confrontation of the Donetsk clubs, there is no reason to expect a sensation. The miner is advisable not to lose points, as soon as the Premier League matches are added, and international fights, the schedule will be more difficult. The wards of Paulo Fonseca, except for the meeting with Vorskla, demonstrate pragmatic football with total dominance in possession of the ball. So I expect from them another victory on the classroom through the bottom. The champion has recently been much stronger in the second half of matches, so I'll try to risk in the third option for a good ratio.


In the coming Friday starts the next, already the sixth in a row tour of the Ukrainian national championship. In one of the matches Olympus will compete against Shakhtar. Both teams represent Donetsk, but this game will be held in Kiev at the stadium "Dynamo" named after Valery Lobanovsky. Residents of the capital will be difficult to appease the stadium to view this creation.

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Solidarity with bookmakers who consider "moles" to be the clear favorites of the fight. Fonseka's squad is no longer allowed to lose points, because Dynamo Kiev starts to break away. Nominal hosts would be foolish to underestimate, yes, the guys started the season with a defeat, but along the way they got a decent form. Let's try to find out whether Ukrainian football will be able to give a sensational result.


Olympic Donetsk

"Olympians" began the season in disrepute. In the first round our heroes of today were confronted by the Odessa Chernomorets. The battle took place in Odessa, Donetsk tried to squeeze out the result, but the hosts were stronger with a score of 2: 1. It was silly to get upset, because the path to the Ukrainian championship has just begun, Roman Sanjar on the move was able to give his team a more reliable outlines.


You can remember the strong-willed victory over Vorskla with the score 1: 0. And then the Ukrainian mentor remembered how in his childhood he watched a cartoon about the cat Leopold and decided that it was necessary to live together with all. In sparring with the Carpathians, Dawn and Lviv, draws were drawn. The perfectionist rejoices when he looks at the situation before the match - before the sixth round the "Olympians" have six points that allow them to be in sixth place.

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Obviously, the "miners" tournament situation is better - at the moment the guys collected twelve points in five rounds played. An experienced mathematician will notice that, most likely, the team won four games and lost once. Such logic will turn out to be damn true, the only pocket was fixed in the battle against the eternal enemy - Kiev Dynamo. In all other cases, we managed to score three points.


Fans certainly are not happy, because at the start of the season, "moles" have twice lost to the principal rival. Not far off and the start of the group stage of the championship league, which will take a lot of strength. Paulo Fonseca understands that it is contraindicated to lose points. In the future match, the exit status is leveled, because the arena is alien to both teams.

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Forecast for this match

Parting with Ferreira and Fred was painful, but it passed. Now the team is original and ready to achieve results. From the nominal guests it is necessary to expect active games in the attack and traditionally many dangerous moments. In this situation, the leader must confidently win.


Bet - the Miner's victory with a 1.5.

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