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Norway will take Bulgaria in the match for the first place in the League of Nations Division C. The hosts lost to the guests in the first match in Sofia and are now forced to attack and go ahead.


However, Scandinavians are pretty strong in their field, which resulted in 2 victories over Cyprus and Slovenia. In duvh matches, the team created enough moments, but realized only their small fraction. Nevertheless, the Norwegians were reliable in defense, which is good and that Lagerbäck recently instilled in them, nevertheless the deficit is three points from the guests and they will be forced to attack a little more than usual. sure.


The Bulgarians in Sofia can be said to have swiveled. The victory with one moment for the realization against the guest assault looked uncertain and on the road everything should fall into place. Nevertheless, of course the progress of the Bulgarians is obvious, but for me Norway still plays more balanced and attractive.

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By the way, the teams met in the selection for Euro2016 and then the hosts won 2-1 in Norway. Now they have only become stronger, it remains to tighten the implementation of the moments and then there will be no gap. Victory with a negative handicap will be the main choice, while ITB Norway as an alternative


It was not a good deal. Will the Germans be able to play with France? The answer is in our forecast.



It’s a cool football game. The "tricolor" have already been played. It was unhappy to play in the first round. Holland 2-1 and came out on top.

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In the last match, France was very relaxed and was almost defeated by Iceland. The Icelanders are on the 58th minute of the match. However, the tricolors were beaten twice and escaped. Floryan Toes was injured in that bout, who will not play with the Germans.



The German national team has failed to overcome even the group stage. However, the "bundestim” of the fans didn’t make a difference. It has been confirmed that it has been the last time that it has reached its end.


However, he was disrupted. He started to find out.


After the corner it was rained out for the 87th minute, but it was traditionally missed.


It was not a good idea to play with the French.

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France couldn’t score

The goal is in the last two matches.

Germany scored just one goal

Scores the last three away




The French team until the last match. However, a draw with the Icelanders is probably worried Deschamps, but it suddenly turned out to be a problem of "tricolor" in the defense. For the Germans, this is a good sign.

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In Holland, "bundestim” failed to take away from Amsterdam at least one point. It is a little bit more attacking.


In our opinion, there will be goals in the match. Forecast - both score. In the Betting League



This year the Norwegian team is performing quite successfully. Absolutely in all friendly matches, the wards of Lars Lagerbäck won, beating Australia (4: 1), Albania (1: 0), Iceland (3: 2) and Panama (1: 0).

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According to the results of three rounds played in the League of Nations, Scandinavians rank second in the standings.


First, Norway beat Cyprus (2: 0), then lost to Bulgaria (0: 1) and, finally, prevailed over Slovenia (1: 0).

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Most of the main players in the national team of Norway are in the location of the national team. After injuries, only Birger Mehling and Christopher Ayer are restored.



The football team of Bulgaria in 2018 also suffered only one defeat when they lost to Bosnia and Herzegovina (0: 1). In another friendly match they defeated Kazakhstan (2: 1).


In their group of the League of Nations, the "lions” lead the standings following the results of three rounds.


The Bulgarians dealt with Slovenia in turn (2: 1), Norway (1: 0) and Cyprus (2: 1).


There are no serious personnel problems in the Bulgarian national team either. Due to injuries, only Mikhail Alexandrov and Ivaylo Chochev did not come to the camp.

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In the upcoming match, the bookmakers give an advantage to the hosts: the victory of the Norwegian team - 1.73, the victory of the Bulgarian team - 5.50, a draw - 3.40.


First of all, it must be emphasized that the meeting is important for both teams. The hosts need a victory in order to reach the first place in the standings, and the guests - in order to strengthen the leadership.


An important fact: the Scandinavians traditionally play better in their field, while the "lions” have problems in away fights.


Yes, the Norwegians minimally conceded in Sofia, but it was they who had a competitive advantage, owned the ball more and beat the goal more often.

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Forecast: Victory for the national team of Norway


Votes: 11

Based on the foregoing, we recommend that you bet on the victory of the owners, who are likely to continue the fight for the promotion in the classroom.


Forecast: Norwegian national team will not lose and the total is less than 2.5

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The alternative is "the Norwegian team will not lose and the total is less than 2.5” for 1.82. In such an important match, we do not expect high performance.


In the 4th round of the UEFA League of Nations League From October 16, 2018 at 21:45, Norway will host Bulgaria at the Ullevol Stadium.


Norway is on the second line in group 3 and scored six points, for the last three confrontations. Surely, the football players manage to play on the home field, where they won the last two matches, and did not even miss the ball from the opponent. Indeed, the national team has excellent performance with the support of its stands, but at a party, not all is obtained.

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Bulgaria is the clear leader of the league table of nations, because the team is in the first line and won all three past confrontations. The last time the Bulgarians played away against Slovenia and achieved Victoria 2-1. The national team confidently acts on all lines and can show excellent results, even in games against giants.


At its stadium, Norway won the last two confrontations in Bulgaria with the same score 2-1, and the last time the Victoria hosts occurred in the 2014th year. Footballers of the guests look very collected, which helps them to achieve success time after time in the League of Nations, and Norway successfully plays on the home field, so the match should be equal and not very productive. Bet: TM2.


Forecast: TM (2) with a coefficient of 2.08


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In group C3 there will be a match between two teams that are excellently spending the year 2018. But the place in the next stage and the guarantee of improvement in the classroom will remain only for one of them.


After three rounds of the League of Nations, Norway scored six points and ranked second. She won victories in home matches with Cypriots (2: 0) and Slovenes (1: 0), and the only game on the road the Vikings lost to the Bulgarians (0: 1). That defeat - so far the only failure wards Lagerbäck in 2018, which indicates the magnificent form of the Norwegians.


Four last games in all competitions the Bulgarian national team completed successfully. First, the Lions won 2: 1 in a friendly match against Kazakhstan, and then won the League of Nations three times in a row - Slovenia 2: 1, Norway 1: 0 and Cyprus 2: 1. So far, it is Khubchev's charges that are the main contenders for winning the group.

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But in the near confrontation the Norwegians will be the favorites. They have been playing at home excellently for a long time and should score with the Bulgarians at least once. But on the other hand, the defeat or scoring extravaganza from this game is not worth waiting for.


Norway will score 1 or 2 goals at 1.63


Today, on Tuesday, October 16, at 21:45 (Moscow time), the UEFA League of Nations group stage fourth round match between the national teams of Norway and Bulgaria will take place.

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The game will be held in Oslo on the field of the stadium "Ullevol".


Earlier, it was expected that the Bulgarians would be the favorites of the meeting, but due to internal changes and the indisposition of the head coach Petar Khubchev, the guests will play half-backed. It is worth noting that the guests have practically secured a victory in their group, as they won three matches and scored nine points, so the probability of a dry and boring game in Norway is very high. Lack of motivation can play into the hands of the Scandinavians, because the wards of Lars Lagerbka follow the Bulgarians, losing only one match in Sofia. It is possible that the hosts will do everything in order to gain an advantage from the first minutes, so the coach puts on the game a reinforced reference line in order to be the first in rebounds. The advantage in growth will allow the Norwegians to win martial arts on the second floor while drawing standard positions, and Betfair betting exchange expert Dan Fitch is in favor of Lagerbecker's obligatory home success. The bookmaker offers to bet on the victory of the Norwegian team with any score at 1.67.


The times of the Bulgarian national team are long ago in the past, since as late as the late 90s of the last century it was this team that set the tone for the second echelon of European football power. Names like Hristo Stoichkov and Jordan Lechkov won the hearts of millions, but after completing their careers, the Bulgarian team surrendered in its dynamics and rarely appeared in major tournaments. The qualification for the World Championship in Russia was overwhelmed, as a result of which the Bulgarian Football Federation carried out a personnel purge and, on the advice of the coach Petar Khubchev, dismissed almost the whole core. The team is noticeably younger, so purely because of the more powerful dynamics in the League of Nations were representatives of Slovenia (2: 1), Norway (1: 0) and Cyprus (2: 1). Naturally, on-site players of the former socialist camp are not so mobile, so Betfair experts rated Khubchev's chances of winning in Oslo at a rate of 5.50. Recall that while the Bulgarians do not lose anything and may well dry out the game in the hope of one away point, so if the teams tied with any score, then the rate at the rate of 4.00 will play.

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Speaking about the real situation, you should know that there are several visible gaps in the compositions of both teams. With regards to Norway - this is a bad organization of withdrawal to the defense after a counterattack, and the Bulgarians often create panic under heavy pressure. Given the relatively equal class of opponents, analysts at Betfair predicted mutual success and recommend putting at a factor of 2.50 on goals from both sides.



home win with any score, both teams will score

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