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In the duel of the first round of the English Premier League will play Newcastle United and Tottenham. In both meetings of the teams of last season, the victory was won by the "spurs". I wonder if the hosts will be able to impose an opponent on the upcoming game?


Last season, Newcastle took the 10th line of the Premier League standings, earning 44 points in 38 rounds played. After a short summer break, the "magpies" held 5 friendly matches. In these confrontations, the wards of Rafael Benitez won only one victory, playing in a draw and losing by 2 times.

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Tottenham, in turn, put in a piggy bank for 30 points more and took the third line of the Premier League standings. After leaving the vacation, the "spurs" played four control meetings. In these matches, the team from London won 2 wins and suffered 2 losses, one of which in overtime.


Bookmakers in the upcoming game on the side of Tottenham, although they give to his victory a very high ratio. This is true, because in the last friendly matches the "magpies" did not act in the best way on the defensive, so it would be reasonable to put on the guests' victory, but with a small handicap.


We propose to bet on the outcome of "Tottenham's win with a handicap (0)" for a high coefficient of 1.48

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Like last year, these teams meet each other on St. James Park in the first round. Then the victory 2: 0 celebrated Spurs. Now their chances of success are far from obvious.


In the first season after returning to the Premier League Newcastle managed to occupy a high tenth place. Now Benitez's wards will try to improve this achievement. In Forty there are no bright stars of the first magnitude - they take their high level of discipline and tactical training. The team never gives up, and to defeat it on the football field is incredibly difficult.


Tottenham finished in third place and got the right to participate in the group stage of the Champions League. Mauricio Pochettino continues to demonstrate his high coaching skills. He constantly manages to keep Spurs in a cohort of leaders. The only bad thing is that it does not bring any trophies. In the summer off-season, Londoners have not conducted a single transfer, which can adversely affect the team's game.

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The favorite of this match is Tottenham. But it will not be easy to defeat him, because practically the entire Spurs team has not yet gained the optimal shape after the World Cup. This can take advantage of Newcastle, which is extremely important to successfully start.


Newcastle will not lose (1X) at 1.78


Experts of the information and analysis site Bukmeker.rf gave a forecast for the match of the first round of the championship of England Newcastle - Tottenham, which will be held at St. James' Park on Saturday, August 11, beginning at 14:30 (MSK).

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In this game, bookmakers put on the victory of the guests, assessing the likelihood of such an outcome is just below 50%. Last season, Tottenham finished third, scoring 77 points. He was four points behind the second-place finisher Manchester United and two points ahead of Liverpool. In the final round, "Spurs" beat Lester 5: 4, although they lost 1-3. The Moscow team won only half of the last six matches in the Premier League, losing twice, although before that it won six consecutive wins and did not lose 14 matches in a row. At the exit Tottenham lost just one of the last ten matches, winning six times and three times drawing a draw. And this defeat was from the final in the Championship West Brom.


Newcastle last championship in England finished in tenth place with 44 points scored. In the final round, he defeated the Chelsea home, sending three unanswered goals to the opponent's goal. Before that, the "Magpies" lost four games in a row with a total score of 1: 5. By the way, they have not played ten games in a row in a row - five wins and five defeats. In his field, Rafael Benitez's wards lost just one of the nine previous matches in the Premier League and won five wins in their last six meetings in their field. Also I must say that in five of the last nine matches in the native walls in the championship of England, Newcastle did not miss a single goal.

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Last season, Tottenham won both Newcastle matches in the championship of England - 2: 0 away and 1: 0 at home. And before that Newcastle won two matches in the capital's club in the season 2015/16, when he flew from the top division. The last draw in this confrontation was recorded in October 2011. Then they played 2: 2, after which they played against each other 12 matches in all tournaments, seven of which won Tottenham and five - Newcastle. That draw was the second in a row. And except for this pair of draws on the segment in the last 37 matches between them there was not one in which they would not be able to identify the winner. It is worth noting that in 10 of the last 13 official matches between Newcastle and Tottenham hammered more than two goals.

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Despite the small number of draws in this confrontation, the specialists of the site Bukmeker.rf believe that this is how the upcoming duel between Newcastle and Tottenham ends. In this case, the bet on winning the home team with a handicap (+0.5) will be profitable. In the bookmaker office 1xStart predict a draw 1: 1 (coefficient 6.00). Highly quoted victory Tottenham 1-0 (coefficient 7.00). Newcastle wins with a handicap (+0.5) are accepted with a coefficient of 1.82.



the victory of Newcastle - 3.79, a draw - 3.44, the victory of Tottenham – 2.06

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Newcastle in five friendly matches scored just one victory, which was the very first, and the last two games in general lost, conceding five unanswered goals. In general, the Newcastle attack is silent for the last three meetings. So it is not especially encouraging for the off-season, especially against the background of the first opponent. And if you remember the last championship, then the Benitez team was not particularly successful in quality. In composition, the star players of the Spanish coach is not observed and now, while the "forty" for the favorites on the home arena can not be considered.


Tottenham Hotspur played four friendly matches in the offseason, three of which fell on the International Champions Cup, where one of the best European clubs was collected. And it should be noted that there the Londoners looked very solid, never losing, if you take the main time, won twice, and you had to play with Barcelona, ​​Milan and Roma. The fiasco 1: 4 from Girona in the last match - a surprise, but in fact the composition was not combat.

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Rafael Benitez over the past season turned "Newcastle" into a home team. Just think: in 19 games at the St. James Park, the Magpies were allowed seven defeats and scored 28 points. While in foreign stadiums "black and white" managed to get only 16 points and suffered a defeat 11 times.


It is significant that in their field "tun" missed 17 goals, and on strangers - 30. Not for nothing team Rafael Benitez four preseason matches of five held on the road. True, the Magpies did not find much success, just one victory.

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The non-European club won the European top08 / 08/2018

Key statistics. As a result of last season, "Newcastle" took third place in the number of games on TM 2,5 - 22 matches of 38. And if you only consider matches at St. James Park, then 8 out of 19 were on TM 1.5 (the second figure in the league).

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Tottenham Hotspur

Team Mauricio Pochettino during the meeting held four friendly matches. Three of them - in the International Cup of Champions.


Londoners immediately "zhahnuli" Italian "Roma" 4: 1, setting all goals in the first half. In the second game, the "spurs" were in no way inferior to Barcelona, ​​but were able to pull a draw (2: 2) only after replacing the team from the Catalans.


In the last match wards Pochettino minimally beat "Milan" (1: 0). After the Cup was still a game against the "Girona". But the score 1: 4 is not so much frightening, as makes us doubt the seriousness of the attitude of London football players for this match.

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Key statistics. Can "knock down the program," but the fact - "Tottenham" spent just one "riding" match more than "Newcastle". 21 games last season in the "spurs" was on TM 2.5.




Both teams will not be able to count on the main players. Centrbek "Newcastle" Florian Lezhen broke the cruciform ligament and can do without football for this championship. In "Tottenham" problems with the knee have Winks and Wanyama, Sissoko soon has to restore the tendon, but until the game can not.


This gives reason to predict a cautious game. Also, we add that last season both teams were noted for their tolerance towards their rivals.

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"Newcastle" received an average of 1.39 yellow cards, "Tottenham" - 1.34. We propose to take a risk and play the express outcome of "TM 2.5 + cards> 4" for 3.10.


The English Premier League is back, on the coming Saturday the first round of this tournament will continue. On the reporting day, we expect a sparring between Newcastle and Tottenham. The battle will take place in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne at the stadium "St. James Park." The local stadium, like Sasha Gray, puts everyone in, even in the most simple games in the stands there is nowhere and the apple to fall.


An obvious favorite in this confrontation can be found for a kilometer, bookmakers predictably put the winner's coefficient on the London guys. However, we must not lose sight of the fact that the "Magpie" has always been famous for a confident game in its own arena and periodically is such that even the guys selected points from the leaders. Let's try to understand such a difficult situation.

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"Black and White" were fruitfully preparing for the start of the championship, but it's hard to say that the guys came to the line in good shape. During the summer period, our heroes today had five friendly sparring matches and only managed to win in one case. Such a significant event occurred in the battle against St Patricks Athletic. In the battles with Porto and Hull City worlds appear, but against Augsburg and Braga defeat.


Rafael Benitez begged transfer Yoshinori Muto, who moved from Mainz, also came Shchyor and Sels. The team has left a number of players, but the bosses are in no hurry to spend the accumulated money, the Spanish specialist will have to squeeze all the juice from fruits now present. Already in the first round was not lucky to meet against one of the favorites for the title.


Tottenham Hotspur

"Lily-white" on to the major preparing for the start of the season - London team traveled to the United States, where they took part in the International Chemapionov Cup. Over the ocean, the guys skated three games, we understand that you hate to know the results of those zarub, therefore keep - victory against AC Milan and AS Roma 1: 0 and 4: 1, respectively, the world in regular time against Barcelona and losing in a penalty series.

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Upon arrival in the familiar Europe, the "spurs" met with the younger Catalan brother - Girona and beat those with a score of 4: 1. Mauricio Pochettino did not wait for movements from the bosses in the transfer market, can Janssen's loss be considered an activity? The team will again fight on all fronts and can fail in each of them, as it was last season.


Forecast for this match

"Spurs" - the main donor for the national teams of Belgium and England, therefore, a significant part of the players simply will not be ready for the first round of domestic championship. "Magpies" are well defended, there can be no doubt that the cunning Rafa Benitez will simply close in itself, like an offended teenager.


The bet is a total less than 2.5.